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So legion suggestions - share your thoughts

08 October 2015 - 01:57 PM

What would you think they should do to game pvp pve?

Sharing few thoughts here , feel free to follow me

- Pve

- Removal of leveling - this thing is so 2005 - new system for progress to acess new spells ,faster progress for more skilled veteran players (must do fun lore quests)
- All zones are "max lvl" some are easy for newbie players some really hard for veteran players
- More tutorials added in game to make it easier for new players to undestand game mechanics , rotations and so on
- Daily quests tied to different zone each week - something is happening in the zone factions have different tasks and fight eachother (pvp) or work toghether agains legion influence (pve)

- Removal of LFR - LFG Takes its place

- 2 raid difficulies only - Normal (first bosses trivial , then puggable easy to last few bosses, last boss somewhat challenging) and Mythic (dungeons , raids) very hard i really liked ulduar model way more then anything else but thats maybe just me

- Removal of LFD - LFG takes its place
- 2 difficulties for dungeons , normal quite easy tied to reputations - some epics on exalted
Mythic quite hard and its loot almost on pair with normal raid loot

- Linear scaling of gear (10-15 ilvls per raid tier max)
- Very rare gear drops with cool extra proc effects or cosmetic effects - No more warforged or prismatic loot with higher stats
- return of justice/conquest progress - or something done with dungeons to be more challenging with new raid tiers

- Return of crafting and materials grinding - more reasons to be in the outside world


- More rating tied pvp cosmetic rewards and mounts
- Gladiator mount token (pick any mount from s1-current season)
- Ground mounts for rivals , chalengers and duelists , flying ones for gladiators
- All old elite sets available on vendors again (2200+ rating required)
- Removal of premade rated bgs (those are proved to be not working model)
- Random bgs have rating tied to it - solo duo or triple premade is possible
- Upgraded standard ui - insignia cd visible - Movable and scalable arena frames -  Option to make only Short term buffs and magic buffs/debuffs visible (things like horn of winter, feral crit buff and so on are just a bloat and there is too much of those things nowdays)

- Make 2v2 and 5v5 fun again - No matter what , every class should have atleast 1 viable t1 2v2 comp - no hardcounters between t1 comps , healer vs dps (at the moment nothing is happening before 30% damp atleast) fix this

- Current rating system is really bad , league or csgo ranking system is way better - get rating decay instead of inflation
- Remove dampening - or make it a tie breaker

- figure out atleast 2-3 t1 comps for any class (hybrid dps 1 comp) , rock paper scissors are ok as softcounters - hardcounters in t1 comps shouldnt exist

- Increased mana cost of healing spells in pvp mode is must

- Increased mana cost of offensive dispel is must

- increased cd of defensive cds and make them more meaningful reduce number of def cds for all dps / healers

- mobility greatly nerfed for majority of classes , expecially healers - remove no cd sprints

- selfhealing on dps classes nerfed greatly or atleast if we have them then those need to be great dps loss and those should waste resources way more then they do Nature vigil and guidance are prime examples of what shouldnt be in the game

Now example how it should be (instant healing touch costs 5cp instead of nothing) for feral and increases healing by x% with every cp

- removal of all no brain extra trinkets or make them atleast pre emptive - peels replace extra def cds and they will be effective due to extra breaks removal

- option for no cd dispel , 8 sec dispel or 2 charges of dispell

- make classes have unique kits and spells again , every class feels almost the same now