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#2730473 How to fix nameplates

Posted Hellsdevil on 19 October 2010 - 01:12 AM

Sorry if this was already posted here somewhere, but I just found out about this fix for the disapearing nameplates bug and wanted to share the information!

Just type this console command in game:
/console bloattest 1

This are some other commands for the nameplates:
/console spreadnameplates [0, 1] - Makes nameplates overlap.
/console bloatnameplates [0, 1] - Makes nameplates larger depending on threat percentage.
/console bloatthreat [0, 1] - Makes nameplates resize depending on threat gain/loss. Only active when a mob has multiple units on its threat table.

Works perfectly fine for me, hope I could help some of you!

#2651613 Destro Spec in Cata?

Posted Ollakka on 26 September 2010 - 08:00 PM

31k Conflag on priest on ptr :D

Tho on mage i got 71k arcane blast but meh... That sure gets nerfed.