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Former 2400 player struggling in 1700's

02 April 2014 - 05:08 AM

Howdy everyone!

I've seen some very helpful responses in the Ask a Gladiator section so I figured I'd make a post here.

I recently resubbed to WoW after a long break (three years or so) to get back into arenas and play with my roommates. They've never done serious arena in the past so their skill level is probably around the 1600-1700 bracket now that I've helped them out with the basics (binds/macros/etc)

However, it really seems like I have lost any understanding of the game I once knew so well. My highest rating as a frost mage was ~2467 running RMP (which wasn't so easy before smoke bomb!). I also had a rogue who I was able to get to ~2260. Nowadays, I'm having trouble getting to 1900, and it's quite frustrating.

I feel as if the flow of the game is completely different now. Hunters and warriors who S-key on the reg are eating my mage alive and instead of shatter combos I guess I'm supposed to just mash lance...?

I guess my question is---is my extreme rustiness the cause for my inability to get the rating I used to or is it legitimately difficult to get 2200? I used to use the term "1700 bads", and now I'm the 1700 baddie :(