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No one will die when 5.4 hits?

13 August 2013 - 10:57 PM

So everyone knows now that Blizz increased base Resil to 72% making it a 20% reduction in damage. But I've also heard reports that with full Resil gem /enchant people are hitting 79% Resil on PTR?

That makes a total of 40% reduction from live. Everyone will be walking around with a permanent Shield Wall.

Even with how stupid damage is I don't think anyone will die when the patch hits. Even with the new Battle Fatigue reducing healing by about 20% as well (people get topped instantly once CC ends, 20% wont stop that much). The new Resil is balanced around the people on PTR running around in much higher ilvls where damage and healing have far out scaled health necessitating the change.

But in full Tyrannical? I'm not looking forward to seeing "The Crowd Chose You" half my games...

It may need to be a gradual increase?