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#3918786 Season 13 Glad Mount?

Posted andrew1 on 27 July 2013 - 03:28 AM

View PostWallirik, on 27 July 2013 - 03:20 AM, said:

It's really too bad they didn't make the glad mounts heavenly, like the (imo) better looking pve snakes.

Posted Image

This looks WAY cooler than the three in the post above you.  If this had armor it'd actually be a decent mount.  The glad mounts this expansion look so lame...not enough armor.

#3917476 5.4 feral clone nerf

Posted andrew1 on 24 July 2013 - 02:40 AM

Taking cyclone off of predatory swiftness, when combined with the removal of the 20s CD, could be a buff.  If people want to train me all day and let my partner/healer free-cast that seems fine to me.  You have to remember that if they want to train me, I have control of their positioning.  Healing/dps spells are longer range than a lot of interrupts, and it just means you'll have to cross CC while trained, which you can probably do at least every 20s (this means it's not a nerf when compared to our current PS).  I'd like to keep NS, just because I think it can separate more skilled players, but I'm fine with seeing it go as long as other classes are also brought into line.  Losing treants just means everyone will go for incarnation and do even more damage, but the treant root may be useful if it turns out that people just keep ranging our cyclones.  I don't anticipate this problem because I think cyclones will be strongest as cross CC.  The biggest nerf is the loss of HotW+NS.  This is a severe smackdown on our utility, but hopefully the cyclone change will help us peel.

All in all, ferals are too strong atm, so we needed something taken away.  I'd recommend keeping the cyclone change and keeping the treant change (cuz those stuns are tooooo good).  If ferals could just cast cyclone while in cat form, I'd be happy.  If Blizz wants to take away HotW, leave NS in the game, otherwise take out NS and nerf the healing on HotW.


Posted andrew1 on 24 May 2013 - 11:52 PM

View PostVoksen, on 01 March 2012 - 02:05 AM, said:

The only improvement I would make would be to condense (re-normalize) mmr at the beginning of a season to make it more in-line with reset team rating.  So a top team would map from 3k to 2k, a bottom team from 800 to 1000, and everyone else proportionately in-between.  This would help stop runaway mmr and make things a bit easier for the outliers.

This is exactly what should happen.  If you renormalize mmr at the start of each season so that all mmr's are between 1500 and 2k rating it will just make arena more interesting for the first few weeks and still allow the less skilled players from getting rocked by r1's.