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#4461899 Trying to contact Megatf

Posted ernest on 29 July 2015 - 10:36 AM

Recently I was looking through some old harddrives and I came across this.

If anyone has any way of contacting Megatf, please get this link to him. I saw him on the forums lately as Megatfjr, but I can't post there atm because my subscribtion ran out.

Tell him I said, "My bad."


Edit: Also, if someone could post this onto the forums for him to find I'd appreciate it.

#4024417 Maximizing dps as a hunter?

Posted Ruddx on 04 January 2014 - 02:22 PM

Use every Ability as soon as off CD. Welcome to World of Warcraft competitive Arena PvP.

#3965293 Wintrade ddos 5v5 lord "Eros" finally caught red handed

Posted Bigmoran on 16 October 2013 - 12:48 AM

did someone say rep ratio?

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#3925050 5.4 notes updated 8/2/13

Posted fant0m8 on 11 August 2013 - 04:11 AM

MM needs to use Aimed Shot more, without a doubt. That's how you get them back to feeling unique.

First step is 100% chance on master marksman. Second is to nerf arcane shot, add back chimera - serpent proc, and buff the other signature shot damage too.

I might even go so far as to increase the focus cost and damage of Chimera, similar to what they want to do with Arcane next patch. Marks should be about just a few shots at a time, with downtime in between. Bring back the real burst.

All this would actually bring us maybe back towards the old mana playstyle, which I loved. RIP in peace AotV. :(

#3922117 Smoove

Posted Smooviex on 03 August 2013 - 09:52 AM


This video is purely for entertainment.


All of the footage was taken from my twitch stream because I can't fraps, quality isn't top unfortunately.

So here's my first video, just made it for fun. This was always something I wanted to do. I'm not the greatest editor, and it's my first time working with model viewer, a few letters got cut off at the end also cause I'm bad at rendering, but I think it turned out alright.

Originally I intended on showcasing only windwalker, but once blizzard made it so you could purchase conquest through honor I tried out mistweaver and really enjoyed it. Ended up getting some entertaining clips and figured I should include that spec as well.

Track list:
- Zara Larsson - Uncover (Richello Remix)

- John De Sohn - Long Time Ft. Andreas Moe

- Gentlemen's Vibe - Brass Knuckles & White Tees

- Kat Krazy - Siren Ft. Elkka

- Nicky Romero Ft. Krewella - Legacy

- Kara - Dream Catchers (Massive Vibes Remix)

- Daughter - Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Best regards,

#3921318 Next Expansion: What changes are you hoping for your DK?

Posted Fizion on 01 August 2013 - 05:30 PM

You just joined zerlog on my ignore list.  There are two on it and considering the years on AJ, that's an accomplishment (not a good one, either).

#3920582 Watching Mes sit in roots all day makes me a sad DK.

Posted Renaissance_Man on 31 July 2013 - 04:31 AM

View PostZerlog, on 31 July 2013 - 03:53 AM, said:

my troll posts

If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, bin Laden, and you, I would shoot you twice.

#3921777 5.4 Destro or Demo?

Posted Tya on 02 August 2013 - 05:13 PM

How exactly is aff becoming unplayable?

#3921324 S8 all over again

Posted mckevrx on 01 August 2013 - 05:35 PM

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#3920282 Fuck off, wizard cleave and Blizzard

Posted snugglebunny on 30 July 2013 - 06:32 PM

View PostNadagast, on 30 July 2013 - 06:22 PM, said:

This isn't intended as a personal attack on Zilea, but he is by far the most bias/deluded WoW player that I've ever spoken with.

this isn't intended as a personal attack on Zilea, but i'm about to personally attack him

#3916614 The commentating on today's Bleached Bones tourny pls pls

Posted Isumi on 21 July 2013 - 11:10 PM

View PostPayback, on 21 July 2013 - 11:09 PM, said:

Look I know Rylez is trying really hard and all that. I'm not trying to hate on the kid but I just couldnt watch the tournament today with him commentating. I don't know why bleached bones keeps bringing him back. I understand english isnt his first language and all that and I get it but I just think for the english stream, you all should get maybe top US players to commentate like Swifty, hotted, bajheera just players that are popular in the US. I know rylez will eventually become a good commentator but please guys just stop. Having to turn off the stream to go watch something on TV is really really bad. Anyway just my two cents I wanted to share with you all. good luck.


#3907859 Deee Fuq?

Posted amaixliu on 03 July 2013 - 08:06 PM

are you dumb?

this is the compromise between PVE and PVP (BM/SV hunters complaining about no interrupt in PVE). BM/SV still don't have silencing shot, won't take this glyph because hey we still need scatter to help land traps, and even if anyone DID take this glyph for PVP, it's a lockout only and no silence. meaning you have to catch someone midcast with it, or it'll have no effect

i don't see what the problem is here, you are complaining just for the sake of complaining about hunters

#3902197 Well my DK brothers 5.4 notes released and DKs well

Posted vacantt on 19 June 2013 - 08:29 PM

This thread is an amazing example of why the class forums should still have access restricted.

#3899544 5.4 notes updated 8/2/13

Posted fant0m8 on 13 June 2013 - 11:30 PM

Mana was far better than this steady shot shit, tbh. You had to constantly evaluate the game and decide if you should be pressuring or regening, and sneak in extra mana regen hits whenever possible.

I think I went OOM maybe once or twice in the entire expansion, though I know that most other Hunters I watched would sit Hawk *way* too much and run out of mana at the worst moments all the time. It was something that separated a lot of players and I'm still sad to see it gone from the game.

Focus is basically not even a resource, I feel like a fucking pet or NPC. It lacks the flexibility of mana, since there is a hard cap on the abilities that can be used in a given damage window. I think without that decision making (should I keep damaging here or let them heal and reload for the next try) the difference between 2 hunters is not nearly as large as it used to be.

#3899712 5.4 notes updated 8/2/13

Posted LiveFreeOrDie on 14 June 2013 - 11:21 AM

View Postbandet, on 14 June 2013 - 12:11 AM, said:

The real problem with focus is that it is a resource that you build up, but the damage from the abilities that use it is rather weak. So instead of building it up then ka-powing for something, you build it up and then spam a shit ton of buttons to tickle them to death.

It is like a halfway done rogue system. We should have some secondary resource, like combo points.

Yeah that real marksman-ish burst feel from wotlk is still missing right now... spamming meh damage instants all day is extremely boring/dull... the 5.4 arcane shot change is a good start, but aimed shot and MM mastery are still dog shit and chimera needs its old serpent sting proc...

IMO they should remove auto-shots (and wild quiver) from hunters and make them more bursty like ele shamans or mages... an archer/ranger class who carries a bow or ancient "musket" shouldn't shoot projectiles like a modern full auto machine gun...