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#4372976 RBG Tournament: Battle of the Atlantic Worlds Reveal Show

Posted Korzul on 27 January 2015 - 02:34 AM

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#4370111 Real 6.1 changes:

Posted Feliclandelo on 24 January 2015 - 04:29 PM

Revert the game back to WotLK. Start to balance the game there. Shit would literally be the best it ever was.


#4368227 Real 6.1 changes:

Posted akatyrone on 23 January 2015 - 06:08 AM


edit: i always enjoyed games that ended because the better healer used more efficient heals and got off solid drinks, instead of "auto-losing to a scripted pve encounter after a certain amount of time"

Tanking Specs
Tank specs are now no longer allowed to queue for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 arena


Concussive Shot: the cost of concussive shot has been increased to 50 focus, up from 0.

Reasoning: this will in turn eliminate the need to keep burst of speed in the game, and also requires the hunter to choose between doing damage and playing like an acne covered virgin

Frozen Arrow: removed

Freezing Trap: Revert the arm time of trap so they can be eaten more consistently, poly can be kicked/stunned/silenced/gripped/gouged how do you stop yolo traps on a consistent human level? You cannot and this needs to change.


Burst of Speed: removed

Killing Spree: you can now be cc'd while Killing Spree is active

Improved Shadowstep: if used to step to a friendly the cooldown is reduced


Silence: removed from disc

Spectral Guise: removed

Angelic Feather removed

Inner focus: baseline for holy and disc, gives strength of soul buff 45 sec cd

Shadow word: Death: now available for holy and disc, this abiltiy also does damage back to the caster equal to 20% of the damage done

Psychic Scream: the cooldown has been reverted back to 27 seconds for all specs

Prayer of mending: now instant cast again

Renew: now available for disc

Mana Burn: reintroduced to all priest specs

Power Word: Shield: gives the priest freedom for 5 seconds


Forbearance: now lasts 1 minute, up from 30 seconds


Displacer Beast: removed


Frenzied Regeneration: this ability is actually retarded op

Faerie Swarm: slow removed, possibly make typhoon baseline or something


Living Bomb: now available for frost, fire, and arcane specs

Arcane Explosion: now available for frost, fire, and arcane specs

Blizzard: now available for frost, fire, and arcane specs

Ice nova: no longer stuns, no longer dr's with sheep

Blazing Speed: choose this or alter time


Resummon pet > Command Demon: if when you summon your new pet and your old command demon was on cooldown it increases the cooldown of your next Command Demon by 1 minute, basically you are taking out a loan on an interupt from the future, instead of the old buy 1 get 1 deal

Unstable Affliction: no longer always deals critical damage when dispelled

Demonology: considered a tank spec and no longer allowed in arena

Imp Dispel: you sacrifice 100% of your hp empowering your demon to dispel all magic effects from your target

Fear: Now breaks immediately from any instant damage, a few dots will not break the effect

i am still salty about this class, someone else will have to balance it


Tweak damage and healing (lower)

dark sim affects all abilities?

Death Stike: now removes all of your damage over time effects from your target and converts them into healing


Executed live on stream

Future Patches

blizzard discusses with its community what needs to change for pvp on a weekly basis, when and IF they plan to change things at all

Interupts Removed

Skull Bash
Counter Shot
Spear Hand Strike (mistweaver)----------------------------------------------------------------to be continued


#4369706 Is Holinka the worst thing that happenned to WoW PvP ?

Posted Hofflerand on 24 January 2015 - 01:35 PM

Holinka wasn't there for the development of MoP and its first season was perhaps the worst season ever. MoP actually improved throughout, even if it still wasn't very good by the end. Hard to turn lead into gold, you know. Personally I think WoW PvP really began its downward slope in Cata.

#4368668 Burst of Speed nerfed

Posted Redefined on 23 January 2015 - 04:18 PM

1. It's a fine and acceptable change, imo. BoS in its current form is extremely strong and still will be quite powerful, but just a bit less.

2. Faerie Fire needs to be changed. That ability is so broken beyond belief in the sense of ridiculous ranged slows *and* stealth protection without a CD.

3. Yes, please buff Shadowstep. It is such a cool ability with a ton of play-making opportunity.

#4368596 Burst of Speed nerfed

Posted Hobbesqt on 23 January 2015 - 02:58 PM

View Postprokillur, on 23 January 2015 - 02:45 PM, said:

please shut up


O baby talk to me dirty with that productive constructive talk.

#4367624 Arms nerfed again.. 21-01-2015

Posted Dizzeeyo on 22 January 2015 - 02:22 PM

Why is there an "again" in the title of this? Your mastery is still 29% stronger then it was before the initial hotfix :)

#4368050 Overpower hype?!?

Posted Pinka on 22 January 2015 - 10:37 PM

Just make whirlwind the aoe filler. Overpower single target filler. Plz blizz. This is what we need.

Overpower 30 Rage cost. Rend ticks makes overpower cost 20 rage. Best way to fix it without being forced to rend first if you just want to go for a quick burst when rage is no issue.

Or Mortal strike enables the use of two overpowers. And leave rend as a dot.

#4368026 Overpower hype?!?

Posted Knaittiz on 22 January 2015 - 10:12 PM

bring back unrelenting assault aswell warriors need it right now

#4286379 Primal Glad Mount

Posted Filthpig on 05 December 2014 - 02:17 PM

Hoping they make the glad mounts look exclusive again this expac instead of the shitty excuses of mop mounts.

I want a big red yeti with armor and chains dragging some feral and ret corpses.

#4285962 Primal Glad Mount

Posted Marshmellow on 05 December 2014 - 08:07 AM

Blizzard has opted to not make new gladiator mounts this season, the reason being feral druids can already move at mount speed passively

#4285934 Primal Glad Mount

Posted Vamel on 05 December 2014 - 07:39 AM

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cant blizz for 1 time   make something nice and put those SICK and COOL drakes as Glad mounts?

98% of wow will be happy
2% wont be

#4363816 How are you dk mains still playing this class?

Posted Ownu on 18 January 2015 - 09:35 PM

To OP: I play my warrior more than I play my dk these days :\

The longer Dks have exist, the more they have been stripped of their ability to provide support for their team

#4362928 New 6.1 PTR notes

Posted Saikx on 17 January 2015 - 09:55 PM

  • Life Cocoon Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy, absorbing [ 3,116.4% of Spell Power Power + 0 * (1 + $@versadmg) ;] damage and increasing periodic healing received by 50%. Lasts for 12 sec. Monk - Mistweaver Spec. 2.4% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 2 min cooldown.

#4362202 Arms buff

Posted Messman on 17 January 2015 - 12:09 AM

View PostDraax, on 16 January 2015 - 11:14 PM, said:

Str 3.39
Mastery 1.65
Haste 1.4
Versatility 1.25
Crit 1.21
Multistrike 0.79

Currently the best gearing setup for Primal Gladiator's pieces according to the stat weights someone posted earlier in this thread are as follows (only obtaining the 2pc bonus):

Primal Gladiator's Plate Helm (Haste/Crit)
Primal Gladiator's Choker of Cruelty (Mastery/Crit)
Primal Gladiator's Plate Shoulders (Mastery/Haste)
Primal Gladiator's Plate Chestguard (Mastery/Versatility)
Primal Gladiator's Girdle of Victory (Mastery/Versatility)
Primal Gladiator's Plate Leggings (Mastery/Versatility)
Primal Gladiator's Warboots of Cruelty (Mastery/Crit)
Primal Gladiator's Armplates of Cruelty (Mastery/Haste)
Primal Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets (Mastery/Haste)
Primal Gladiator's Signet of Cruelty (Mastery/Crit)
Primal Gladiator's Signet of Accuracy (Haste/Multistrike)
Primal Gladiator's Badge of Adaptation (Mastery)
Primal Gladiator's Insignia of Victory (Versatility)
Primal Gladiator's Cloak of Cruelty (Mastery/Haste)

Giving up 4 set bonus is a very bad idea.