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#4081636 AAJCI: Week 1 - Discussion

Posted Snuggli on 17 March 2014 - 02:04 AM

I enjoy having a CD on dispel so it isn't mindlessly spammed but I agree 8 seconds is too long. I think (as Aces said) 4-6 seconds would be a good middle ground - although this could potentially hurt a lot of melee/caster/healer comps that maybe don't have dispel protection.


-subterfuge is already fixed for wod no remarks on it
It's been announced that in WoD Subterfuge no longer keeps the Rogue in stealth, but still acts as a mini shadowdance.. which is the change we've all been asking for since it was implemented.


-heart of the wild should have 15 sec duration or no longer work in arena
I actually really like this. HotW lasts farrrrrrr too long, and I feel like you should be able to CC a Druid while its up enough so that it falls off if he was stupid with his use of it. Keep it at 45 seconds in PvE, but in PvP a 15-20s duration would be much more effective. It'd also mean Rdruids would have to start thinking whether they want HotW (a mini burst CD) or NV (better healing over a long game).

#4081648 AAJCI: Week 1 - Discussion

Posted Brandnewftwarmorforsleep on 17 March 2014 - 02:59 AM

While I can't speak to the game when it hits Warlords (I haven't looked at every single change), it would be really nice to see that third DR on some stuns be removed. It's really frustrating in the current game to go from (for example) Cheap Shot -> Kidney -> 1 second cheap shot. It leave a lot of players in that awkward situation we've all been in on whether to trinket a one second stun at 20% health to get that link or a deterrence.
That may be a small part of the problem, when in reality, what I'd really like to have taken out without be the overabundance of small interrupts. Things like Ghoul Gnaw, Paralytic stun, and other stuns from classes that already predominantly have them can be a great tool in min/maxing your effectiveness in an area game, but right now they're used as the '3rd or 4th' way to stop a shaman casting while cleaving them down.

The last thing I'll say needs to be changed is the whole 'hybrid' mana situation. Hybrid healing has been bought up by some other posters here, and while their healing can be a great and necessary tool to their survival and uniqueness, the only spec that gets ruined by the prospect of mana are Spriests. Would be great to have to see hybrids use their healing effectively, instead of seeing Eles casting Healing Surge the second  trap lands and their partner is at 85% health with full hots already.

I think a lot of the frustration about the state of the game stems from the ability of some classes being able to single-handedly create a 3 v. 1 scenario, while others have ways to make it so v.s. most classes it's impossible to create such a scenario by making use of extremely easy and abundant mechanics (Tremor totem, excess trinkets, etc). I know that's why I hate fighting almost every LSD.

#4081606 AAJCI: Week 1 - Discussion

Posted Celaurthor on 17 March 2014 - 12:38 AM

I only glanced over Capma's post but I didn't see it so. Why is tricks of the trade still in arena? Especially with how rmd was last season and the way rogues are looking to turn out in a few weeks.

#4081495 AAJCI: Week 1 - Discussion

Posted sarma on 16 March 2014 - 10:36 PM

Instead of making a new post ill just elaborate abit on topic that i made like 4 months ago regarding concerns and suggestions i had for wod. You will notice alot of things I mentioned here are already implemented.

1 . casters should cast again , instant casts should be rare
- they said it will be fixed in wod

2. castable CC spells should not be affected by haste or cast slow debuffs

- we are speaking about 15+% difference between starting and last season in xpac. Latency etc also has great impact here not everyone can play on 10ms. Way it is now it just promotes people to use interupt bots etc since 0.5 sec cast clones are impossible to kick with 50 latency. Kicking should be a mind game not way it is now either you prekick or you get a clone in your face with a kick on cd

Im pretty sure every caster can get 30% passive haste from gems and gear on end of xpac. Why should a fear poly or clone be 30% easier to get off on end of xpac then it is on start of it?

3. cast slow debuffs should be reduced to 10% in pvp or removed from game
- this went through already on live

4. all crits should be reduced to 150% of normal dmg in pvp
- they also implemented this in wod

5. Offensive cd stacking should no longer exist because all specs shoul have 1 offensive cd on 1-3 mins

We all seen how bad cd stacking was in mop. Doubt anyone will disagree on this one

6. Removed should remove blankets

- Already done for mop

7. Fear and poly should share same dr

-Some people would disagree on this one but way it is now its impossible to keep a fluent game with 8sec dispell. They can either put those spammable cc on same dr or add CD on them which is more likely.Either way i think this is going to be fixed somehow

8. Armor penetration should be removed from pvp or greatly nerfed

Example : sub dmg is really bad with no restealths and insanly good with openers. If openers can be countered rogue dps is laughable. This just provides frustration both for rogues and their enemies. If arpen is up to stay in pvp it should be no more then 30% for any class that use it. Compensate dmg elsewhere

9. Melle specials should no longer do 400% more then autoattacks do

-400% + dmg obliterate for example? You cant predict when its going to happen twice or 3 times in a row resulting in a 3 gcd death

10. Necrotic strike healing debuff should be based on weapon dmg not ap procs

I had said this million times so far. NS should no longer be based on attack power because it scales much better for unholy then for frost.Also with abusing of tailoring+orc racial+engineer gloves + trinket on proc it could skyrocket in s12 for example more then doubling the absorb of a normal ns.

11. frost strike , envenom , chimera shot and all hunters/melle dmg abilities that do non-physical dmg shold get scourge strike treatment

-Armor should matter in pvp. Nowdays it doesnt mean anything because of how those attacks i mentioned work.

12. mages,locks got some additional dmg reduction from ranged physical attacks

- I dont belive there is anyone here that thinks that hunters dmg on mages is fine.

13. They should reduced number of stuns each class have (example : shockwave and stormbolt in same tier)

-already done

14. They should reduce number of defensive cds for dps specs

-With removal of cd stacking defensive cds should chill as well. There is no reasoning behind resto druids have 8 major defensive cds they can rotate infinately. That is just an example

15. They should reduced healing of hybrid classes can do and they actually got some utility spells instead

Healing on hybrids is really bad thing. Either its too strong and promotes turtling or its too weak making those specs broken and weak.
Giving them more utility spells and limiting heals to minimum is a fair tradeoff i belive.
Example if a ret pally can do 1 instant flash every 30 seconds but that heal is like 20-30% of someone's hp thats ok.But then give them something else. Hand spells can actually harm instead of help etc.
I think that they can do this and keep niche of a certain spec but limmit it to couple 20-30 sec offheals. Please do not get me wrong! Im not saying that every hybrid spec should be the same or every ret should become arms war with 1 heal they can use every 30 sec on teammates.Im just saying that defensive healing hybrid with burst was proven to be bad. Its either op or really really weak.

16.They should reduced number of instant cc spells or put them on a very long cd.

They already making this happen

17.They should reduced frequency of instant heals , smartheals and their efficiency in pvp

This is also being done as i read.

18.They should reduce almost all self-freedom or snare removing mechanics undispelable snares should matter way more in pvp (chains of ice,hamstring,piercing howl,concussive shot)

This is crucial part. With dispell being 8 sec cd roots and magic slows are almost impossible to dispell.Magic slow should never be stronger then a non magic one. IT use to be that since day 1 of world of warcraft. Now magic slows are much better due to dispell change
Undispelable snares should matter way more then they are now.

19. They have to reduce number of all mini trinkets in game

CC is taking a big hit. Breaks have to do it as well.There is no need to have multiple trinkets if cc is reduced they way it is going to be

20. They should remove all double gap closer/excape spells

If they fix mobility and undispellable snares there is no reasoning to have multiple gapclosing or gapmaking spells. Melee will have uptime with only 1 gap closer and casters can kite with just 1 gap maker.

21. Agility and str should no longer provide parry/dodge for non tank specs. ****

This is crucial as well. Not a single melee is having fun hitting someone that has 20-50% passive parry or dodge on end of xpac.Its too much rng and with expertise being removed i dont see reasoning for this to stay. Mitigation is tank thing not dps thing. Evasion and other things are cds. Those should matter but passive mitigation should take a hit

22. Getting polyd with pummel on cd and spellreflect should not happen anymore
This is lattency issue but with longer casts and haste not affecting cc spells it should happen very very rare.

23. shapeshifts should no longer remove snare effects and provide  immunity against polymorph effects, resto druids can rootbreak but not snarebreak

Once again snares should be more important in pvp.Giving someone 30 sec minifreedom is ok even to every healer spec but total immunity or no cd removal of snares is just bad game mechanic in my oppinion.

24. Hunters cc is completly reworked they cant keep healer in cc 50% of arena game anymore

This is already being done but Im not quite happy how it looks for now as well

25. Tremor totem - See removal of minitrinkets tremor is one of them that needs to go or have a 3+ min cd

Ill also add a lis of spells and abilities that in my oppinion need a overhaul

If they need some sort of stun protection they can give 10-30% reduced dmg in stuns.Or shorter stuns or anything. Compensate on any possible way but total 2.5 sec immunity on 10 sec cd is just too much. This means you cant put a hamstring after charge etc.

-void tendrils not having a dmg treshold is really bad , If they want to make them undispellable but killable its fine but not having dmg treshold is just bad

-psyfiend is another one which should take a hit. Either its too op or just too bad like now anyone can 1 shot it by just an autoattack or whatever

-feathers and body and soul should be reworked .Too easy to get fears

-spectral guise should have much longer cd but they should compensate and make it a 2 min oh shit button for a priest.Means removes slows dots etc and you vanish for 6 sec reposition even get a winning fear with it but if you use it bad you will be penalised

-symbiosis should be banned from arena

-sotf should no longer increases cast time of cc spells , already explained this before

-heart of the wild should have 15 sec duration or no longer work in arena

-ring of frost should have a longer cd and they can compensate on it making it bigger or even changing its radius every sec meaning you can easier get people or use it to reposition teams

-frozen orb generating procs should be looked at

-demonic gate should get nerfed even more or removed completly from arena

-subterfuge is already fixed for wod no remarks on it

-disorienting roar should be looked at

-double time should be looked at they alredy stated that warbringer will be mandatory

-msr should replace sr - think this is already done

-disrupting shout should replace pummel - think this one is already done as well

-safeguard should no longer break roots - alot of cc breaks should go this is one of them

-monk glove bonus should be removed - snares should matter

-double grip bonus should be removed- Retarded mechanic i doubt anyone will disagree on this one

-sparring and glyph of sparring should be removed- Rng and it provides frustrations for both monks and melle hitting them

-tigereye brew  should be looked at

-stampede , wild imps and forest of totems should no longer be usable in arena and you can actually see something around you once they are up

This is just a annoying mechanic. Makes you lag and you cant see clearly whats happening with 10 pets on you.They also do 25% dmg in arenas why allow them anyways then?

-double freedom,sac,bop should go as well - see too much defensive cds

P.S if can someone can edit this for typos it would be great since my english is really bad . Thanks

#4081312 AAJCI: Week 1 - Discussion

Posted Elorxo on 16 March 2014 - 08:34 PM

item level scaling is WAY too high with each season and gear dependency is insane. 28 item level change in gear in one season is dumb

#4080541 Day 2: PvP Live Tourny Disucssion thread

Posted Regent on 15 March 2014 - 09:02 PM

View Postswarmss, on 15 March 2014 - 09:01 PM, said:

i like how there is a dc every other game

This is the most ironic thing I have ever read coming from you.

#4080520 Day 2: PvP Live Tourny Disucssion thread

Posted Nadagast on 15 March 2014 - 08:51 PM

Mother fuckin burb.

#4079179 WoW on MLG again?

Posted Snuggli on 14 March 2014 - 01:50 PM

  • Blizzard developed a working client for MLG to use
  • Blizzard allowed WoW Arena to be played on 'private servers' (or LAN) for these events
  • Blizzard updated the Battle.net launcher to show schedules/streams of such events
  • Blizzard actually pushed to make it all happen and made an effort

Then we could actually see Arena back in MLG, and imo it'd be sweet as fuck.

#4079092 WoW on MLG again?

Posted stalebagel on 14 March 2014 - 11:22 AM

Posted Image

#4079026 WoW on MLG again?

Posted Diasleramo on 14 March 2014 - 09:06 AM

A lot of people aren't aware of the real reason WoW was dropped from MLG. It wasn't because MLG didn't think it was suitable as an esport. The real reason was beacuse WoW didn't re-create a client for MLG to use that was caught up with the current WoW season patches.They were only able to host MLG DC for WoW because blizzard helped them with the creation of a tournament realm for patch 3.3.5. Blizzard simply didn't re-register WoW for the next MLG, and didn't help them by making a special tourney realm for them to use. Therefore it was dropped. MLG was more than happy to keep WoW on the circuit, but they had no means of a proper realm to play on. Lee Chen, Senior Vice President at MLG, told GameAche.com that MLG "fully intend to finish their 2010 WoW season and that they are working closely with Blizzard to coordinate timing and availability of the Arenas in World of WarCraft: Cataclysm".

#4078669 WoW on MLG again?

Posted Nyeshyo on 14 March 2014 - 12:22 AM

Looks like we might see WoW back on MLG soon again


Would be cool with more LAN-tournaments

#4078213 An Arena Junkies Cooperative Initiative

Posted Pawzz on 13 March 2014 - 01:55 PM

Yeah, Blizzards (WoWs) problem is they dont act fast enough.
Also the suggestions thread will be heavily moderated.

#4078135 An Arena Junkies Cooperative Initiative

Posted Pawzz on 13 March 2014 - 12:44 PM

I'll make a thread on Sunday.
Post well written topics/questions on PvP Balance until Tuesday, thread will be locked and a new topic/poll made to vote for the best/most important questions.
Thursday we'll link the "winning" questions to Holinka and hope for a response.

How does that sound?
If it works out, we can keep doing it.

#4077814 An Arena Junkies Cooperative Initiative

Posted Pawzz on 12 March 2014 - 11:23 PM

We can give it a try.

#4077700 An Arena Junkies Cooperative Initiative

Posted Regent on 12 March 2014 - 07:50 PM

Life Story: Earlier today I was getting some lunch and overheard a group of people loudly complaining about Obamacare and how it was apparently ruining the country. After a few moments, one of the guys who had been quiet said something like, "You all sit here and complain about it, yet you offer no alternative, you complain instead of trying to offer solutions or start real discussions." This got me thinking, and while I ate my burrito, I realized that this could describe the WoW community pretty well (albeit not exactly.) I tried to think of ways we could improve and came up with this idea.

Problem: High rated WoW players are frustrated with imbalances in gameplay, but tend to complain aimlessly instead of working together to provide a strong argument. Blizzard doesn't have a good pipeline through which to communicate with the experienced arena community. While Holinka does have an active twitter, the platform is severely limited in length and can be confusing to use.

Proposal: Every week, starting on monday, a thread will be put up where players can go and post questions or points of discussion. On Wednesday, the top posts from that thread will be put into a new thread with a poll. The AJ community will then vote the top 5 questions/discussion points.

We approach holinka (some mods here know his personal contact info possibly?) and ask for him to commit to answering the 5 questions every week sometime between friday and sunday. Once he answers, the Q&A will be posted to the news feed on the front page of AJ. Then on monday the process starts over.

The Goal: To generate better discussion of the game, while limiting ourselves to the things we find most pressing. To better the relationship between players and developer(s). Reduce the general complaining seen on Arena Junkies (we are all guilty of this.) Five questions a week is not a large commitment, but would be very helpful in increasing the dialogue.

If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the idea, let me know!