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#3226618 Cata = boring?

Posted by stormheraldd on 07 May 2011 - 06:33 AM

Pretty much what Fadez said, except that s5/s6/s7/s8 were all fun in their own way, because people who you played with in TBC were still around for the most part, and game was insanely fast, so in a way it was fun the same way Counter Strike used to be fun before ( you suck ? boom headshot ) - although, that headshot was not always avoidable due to nature of WoW and how easy it is to do damage/healing ( just target something and mash your spells ).

A pretty huge deal breaker is how beyond broken the PvP playerbase attitude is, too. Now combine all that with a game that has nothing new to offer, you get the point.
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#3189750 Is RMP overpowered right now?

Posted by stormheraldd on 18 April 2011 - 04:04 AM

How about all these heroes who defend RMP stand down for a while, cause no justification is valid in RMP's case at the moment.

RMP, KFC, LSD2 at the moment - all the same shit, players defending their precious overpowered combos, and guess what, all the lines which are used to defend them now were already heard in the past - feels like it was yesterday when people were defending s6 TSG/RRP/RMP, s7/8 shatterplay/shadowmournes/etc., with those exact same words. Same words, different comps/players affected.

You people just don't fucking change, that's so sad :)

Oh and I'd expect few angry responses, so I'll just say upfront that I only play to pve/collect achis and occasional arena, I play for fun, yet you people on forums... seems you just play to frustrate each other. As I said, sad.
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