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#4213345 Generic>Abdou

Posted Ayrasaurus on Today, 06:36 AM

daily reminder who arenajunkies best rapper of all time is

dead but not forgotton

#4212337 2014 NA Regional Drama Wrap-Up

Posted Capstone on Yesterday, 01:47 AM

reminder for all hunters, there is another blizzard game, and it DOES have a hunter class

no strategy needed, it is just like wow. you pick hunter every game and attack until you win. other classes have to aim and do things with their hero powers, but with hunter, you just press it and it shoots the other player. basically, it is the same as wow

i just started playing a couple weeks ago, and through lots of picking hunter, i obtained legend today

Posted Image

if you are a hunter reading this, DO NOT HESITATE to play hearthstone and obtain your free legendary card back. DO NOT queue for arenas in WoW until you have gotten your complimentary hearthstone rewards. i repeat, hunters, DO NOT queue for arenas in WoW and go play hearthstone

thank you all for your time


Posted flannelsoff on 18 September 2014 - 01:09 AM

View PostSlavens, on 18 September 2014 - 12:54 AM, said:

ur picture pisses me off

#4209397 So... new undeads

Posted Synkz on 17 September 2014 - 03:07 AM

:P :P

#4208155 Life advice

Posted Esiwdeer on 14 September 2014 - 10:53 PM

Anyone who tells you there are alphas and betas in a social system containing both 1) the internet and 2) women who have been attractive for their entire lives is mistaken.

In the first place, I'm sure most of you identifying as "beta" know of at least a couple of women you could have been involved with. You probably think you're above them or, I don't know - do you really think the problem solving process that is life is just.. not present in your mind?

Think about it this way: actually, your ego is so large that you're basically saying "my thoughts are so powerful and original that they're overtaking my natural instincts to be a pattern-identifying mammal" - are you serious? Or, if you'd like to compound the negativity: modern theories surrounding cancer suggest that cancer is an individual mutation, essentially a mistake in the beginning of the same process scientists think slowly transcribes unmet evolutionary requirements into our transmittable DNA.

When you surrender to depression, you're essentially saying that the complexities of your fatalism are more severe and worthy of thought and consideration than what we know about evolution - like, we know less than 10% of the beginning of the process but you can easily understand how cells divide so really you're like yeah, my mind is super great so I just know that my mind is more important than evolution and, oh yeah, the other 90% which somehow created me from an amoeba.


I think the problem you have is: you don't know what you want. This is directed at anyone who thinks they're "beta" or incapable of doing the same thing(s)as everyone else.

No matter your personal situation, here is your solution:

1) do you think you are intelligent? Be honest. When you think, "How smart am I compared to other people?" do you stack up favorably? I bet you do. Like, when you're just around somewhere in public - driving, walking around a city, do you assume other people are as important and as intelligent as you? If not, why not?

2) do you routinely engage in some sort of activity near one of your thresholds? I mean to say, do you do anything or attempt anything that you might not accomplish? Examples of this would be anything you'd be proud to achieve, be it a woman or degree or Special Forces tab - something esteemed by you, your peers, your social support system.

No matter how smart you are, you can't ever change the actions of another person. You can manipulate them maybe, but you can't ever control another person's mind. Therefor, other people deserve respect - "treat others as you'd like to be treated." This seems unrelated or simple, but I think that starting with your close personal family (perhaps your mother doesn't want you to be such an underachiever) and then slowly working out at treating other people the way you want to be treated is a great first step.

The second is, do something at the threshold of your competence. Do an activity every day that engages you. I know, you're a great smart human whose fatalistic world view is more justified than the trillions of souls who perished before you - but check it, if you were a dog, and you were misbehaving the first thing the vet would say is: what do you do for exercise?

Exercise is a euphemism, I don't mean to just work out. I mean to do something which engages you. Something that requires your attention, something that engages you. Obviously you're not going to be happy if you don't do anything that might cause you to fail.

Start doing those two things: treat the people you interact with every day the way you want to be treated, and do something for a fair portion of every day which engages you the same way any service dog is engaged in any service dog activity(I don't think it's a hard comparison, an activity that you either succeed or fail at)

If you're healthy, I believe these simple philosophies can make an improvement in quality of life. If they don't(or you know you're not healthy) then you need the help of a professional who will certainly demonstrate to you that your problems aren't unusual and have solutions.

Look at yourself more like a dog and less like you deserve an ego. That seems insulting, but it isn't. If you were someone's dog, would you be happy?


edit: the other thing is, when you get professional help you learn how to set up patterns which are successful. It's easy to be like "well I just want to be happy and feel confident and not have anxiety" but it isn't easy to first identify and then implement a pattern which won't be effective for several weeks. Science works, that's why professionals are useful.

Don't think about the advice I gave. Just ask yourself the questions and set yourself to task and try to behave differently regarding your answers/ideas. You're not as unique of a snowflake as you think, and there's really a lot of literature available about how you specifically can stop feeling the things you specifically don't want to feel.

#4208143 ISIS behead American reporter

Posted Esiwdeer on 14 September 2014 - 10:30 PM

It's a hard choice for me, honestly. On the one hand, being beheaded isn't as bad of a way to die as one might think. All the best scientific research suggests euphoria sets in almost immediately, although it is a gruesome thing to consider.

I think I'd prefer to be beheaded in a minimally gruesome manner as opposed to being hunted by drones for the next several years. A life filled with explosions has to be one of the least peaceful ways to live, ever. The threat of an anonymous, eventual, terrible death gets pretty heavy. Imagine how ruthless America must seem when the entire world around you is just collapsed to rubble and you were never even confronted by an enemy.

Although, if I may be slightly less American for a moment: Muslims have been making murder videos for like 20 years. That guy's death was(I assume) awful. I never watch those videos after the Nick Berg thing, but the death isn't any more graphic than death is any other time. People don't realize that. I've seen more than a few people go from healthy young men with no ailments to permanently missing several parts or mortally wounded in an instant. The terrible realization like, when a person realizes nothing they can say or do will change the outcome. It's always the same, some people are just less shocked and terrified than others.

Not only that, but getting beheaded happens all the time. How can a population be simultaneously gleeful to see a video like this(Qaddafi) and then outraged/disgusted to see the exact same video.. from/by opposing allegiances.

Pretty obvious solution: if you want things like this to stop happening, the only logical choice a singular being has is to eliminate its interest in seeing other beings suffer. But most people won't ever realize that, so terrible acts of violence like this will most likely be a reality until the end of time, or until technology enforces some type of ultimate accountability.

#4207750 i challange glonglon to a rap battle

Posted Rilor on 14 September 2014 - 01:31 PM

Good evening offtopic,

Here is my contribution to this thread:


Seeing as I just buried Topgay(rip), I will formally be taking on all challengers. Come at the King, if you ain't a bitch nigga.




Posted Lolflay on 13 September 2014 - 07:32 PM





#4205845 living on campus

Posted HAZEDo on 10 September 2014 - 03:17 PM

View PostBreadstick, on 10 September 2014 - 09:08 AM, said:

adding onto this

this helps a lot more than you'd think. thanks for the reply

just wana confirm im not into anime :)

#4205872 living on campus

Posted Brian_Emo on 10 September 2014 - 03:43 PM


happy birthday tom-kun :~)

just dropping by 2 say ur voice gets me aroused~

#4205695 living on campus

Posted Ayrasaurus on 10 September 2014 - 09:45 AM

View PostBreadstick, on 10 September 2014 - 09:08 AM, said:

"Cheeky battlegrounds"


#4205581 living on campus

Posted Ayrasaurus on 10 September 2014 - 07:43 AM

View PostHAZEDo, on 09 September 2014 - 06:26 PM, said:

i'm moving to university this weekend.

I have just paid for 1st term rent on an en suite room (alone) , however the flat i will share with 3 others

The university has a fb page so I can see who i will be living in close proximity with, I checked on it to see if i could find my roomies and for my flat only one person posted, the other 2 were MIA, whereas every other flat had the whole group meeting up on FB for the 1st time

so i will arrive not knowing 2 of the people who ill pretty much be living with for the year

i'm basically a kissless virgin, never been to a party in my life, socially inept omega with no charm, my hobbies include sitting on the PC or lifting

I really don't want this to be highschool again, I jsut hope i dont fuck up my 1st time meeting my flatmates

anyone have tips, I dont intend to stay in the room much as ill probably go to a local gym as much as possible + work as ive applied to numerous entry level placements for students in the area

I know everyone will be scared/nervous but for me it's just a whole nother level because Im pretty much an awkward mess at all times


autism free of charge

#4203079 The "Hottest Girl" Thread

Posted Thaya on 06 September 2014 - 08:31 PM

Posted Image

#4202857 Life advice

Posted Zaephyr on 06 September 2014 - 10:14 AM

View PostSlashgiggle, on 06 September 2014 - 02:29 AM, said:

You just need to increase your MBPH (Models Banged Per Hour, obviously).

Assuming your MBPH is on the low side, say 15, just double it for about a week, then add 5-10 each week for 8 weeks and you will get the results you desire.

Alexis can post a before/after pic of himself if you want to see how effective this simple change can be.

Yeah couldn't agree more with this post

I was averaging a low ~20 MBPH for a while and I was being teased at school, bullied by even my parents and my brothers. I spoke to Dan one day though and it kinda changed my life, he'd been running at ~100 for the past 20 years and i've never seen someone in better peak physical form.

So yeah, I gradually increased over the years and now I'm hitting a respectable, but still pretty low ~60 MBPH. I'm still working on it though. I can only recommend that you give Dan (Slashgiggle) a private message and he can provide you with information for the purchase of the textbook/other life info.

He also wrote the book - "How to deal with a dick that's BIGGER than the rest of your body" - So if you need any advice on that then you can directly contact the author right here - which I think is pretty cool.

#4202725 Life advice

Posted Slashgiggle on 06 September 2014 - 02:29 AM

You just need to increase your MBPH (Models Banged Per Hour, obviously).

Assuming your MBPH is on the low side, say 15, just double it for about a week, then add 5-10 each week for 8 weeks and you will get the results you desire.

Alexis can post a before/after pic of himself if you want to see how effective this simple change can be.