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What's everyone up to these days?

15 July 2016 - 09:51 PM

I know people mostly use the irl pic thread to talk about stuff like this nowadays but I thought it might be cool to have its own thread.

I remember when RR started dying someone made a similar thread. It turned out to be really interesting because when the board was created, people were in a completely different phase of their life than when it came to its "end" and seeing how people's lives changed over that course of time is pretty cool, and I think it's a similar deal here with OT.

When I started posting here I was in high school still. Now I'm 22 and working at a local government/ISP tasked with just about the biggest variety of IT work I could think of at this point. It's pretty lit and I've learned a lot over the year and few months I've worked here and pretty glad to feel comfortable with making a career out of IT.

Anyway, other than that nerd shit my life is boring. What's everyone else doing?