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Cataclysmic Gladiator Warac Return?

03 January 2014 - 12:56 AM

Hey guys, I've been gone for some time now... 6months?

I plan on making a huge comeback.
I don't have my desktop sent here yet.
Living in a beautiful area, Asheville NC

Once I get everything settled in.

I plan to go straight to the TOP all over again!

Tutorials, Guides, and all the knowledge of one of the most dominate paladin's World Of Warcraft ever knew.

Special thanks/wishes

Spicychops (sj) (Best Player, Friend the worlds ever known)
Beckinsalex (help)
Pancakes (worst priest us)
Illoon (Fujiwarac <3 Illoonchan 4 ever)
Drizlet (lil mijo)
Tosan (The que popped?)
Tupaclol (Derekcrows) (bitches love crowsa)
Zaddo (RIP in LoL Heaven)
Jahmili ( Double Shadow Priest Paladin #1US )
  • Chanimals (Getting 2.4 for Wusteaks first time was tons of fun)
  • Flannelsoff (We Arthas Cleaved Hydra) (No Lube)

http://twitch.tv/warrac1 http://youtube.com/waracadin

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