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#4403228 Warriors broken? this game is dogshit

Posted Zzx on 21 March 2015 - 02:59 PM

View PostLolflay, on 21 March 2015 - 02:13 PM, said:

I've posted maybe 2 weeks ago that Fury execute has to be bugged, to which our resident warrior Flavours replied that it's not.

So either it's intended that they're hitting me for 100k+ whenever RNG decides it's time to, or it's bugged as fuck. And to the rest of your claiming "peel", just fuck off and stop being biased basement dwelling cunts.

You all claim Mages are aids as fuck to play against, guess what - their damage and control is at least scripted as fuck, you know WHEN EXACTLY the cooldown on their damage is up and can plan according to it, RNG damage ( f.ex. Ele Shaman s8/s15 ) that randomly ends games is not fine at all.

It's not bugged it just never got nerfed when arms SD got nerfed. They reverted it. Now the warrior has Erage, both trinket procs, avatar, recklessness. shaman extra mastery, AT power from hunter, double mastery proc and then subsequently hit the sudden death jackpot.

The mage doesn't block, and you're surprised that he's dead?

Do I have to post a video every time a combat rogue gets redbuff all cd's all procs and kills someone? Oh and can't be peeled?

maybe it's better if the rogue doesn't literally sit watching the game in stealth whilst the warrrior pops every single one of his cc's on the mage, just maybe, if you cheapshot him, he might, just maybe, not kill your mage

game 2: mage stands in open as a BM hunter and fury warrior get 10+ seconds of uptime, doesn't have bock, and is surprised when he dies to a warrior with every single cd up and a bm hunter

:c:c combat rogue mage not stronk enough! maybe oh i don't know, blinding the warrior before your mage dies might have been worth even though he has trinket, or i mean even just blinding the hunter

like how does a fury warrior get that much uptime, he isn't on stun dr why aren't you running over to kidney him on all his burst? instead you're doing dps to hunter, effective meaningful damage, could crippling poison him?? nope too busy getting that 8k single target dps on hunter

warrior is full bis fury gear: http://eu.battle.net...reanni/advanced

#4395308 Blizz opens exchange between gold and real life currencies

Posted Thaya on 02 March 2015 - 07:37 PM

what lesson from D3? how is this similar to anything that existed or exists in D3 at all?

the exact same thing works fantastically well for EVE Online, maybe that's a lesson you should learn

#4391010 Blizzard Rewarding system

Posted Datacuss on 21 February 2015 - 09:37 PM

#4378412 Things that are secretly OP

Posted Tuoppe on 01 February 2015 - 08:42 PM

Off-topic or not, a restodruid complaining about other specs being able to use stuff while locked/silenced is truly disgusting.

#4328304 fury - 1h - haste-multi

Posted Hidden on 02 January 2015 - 08:19 AM

View PostRevolol, on 01 January 2015 - 11:07 PM, said:

Yeah mastery is real nice until you play a druid with a brain or any BM hunter and they dispel every enrage and your mastery is useless.

In which case having 5% more crit is totally going to help you because they'll have to dispel 5% more often and you're not going to do any significant damage anyway.

#4310784 Shit players who cry about Kidneyshot.

Posted Okayenhance on 21 December 2014 - 11:30 PM

View Postprokillur, on 21 December 2014 - 10:15 PM, said:

reflection is not even used for the other two specs, the only reason it's good for Combat is because it lines up for double kidney. if you nerf regular kidney then no one takes reflection, it is therefore in effect a double nerf. you should always change the newest thing that has been introduced (like with rets 2 piece etc.) and see where things stand, not gut the spec of something it has had for 2+ expansions because a few cry babies don't like that combat is suddenly viable.

Ever think that the meta of the game has changed massively with the reduction of CC and the increase of healers and casters casting that has made a spec that has garrote (silence), cheap shot (stun), kidney (8 sec stun), gouge (incap), kick (long lockout) and deadly throw to stop casting has made the spec too good at killing healers? Ever think that having a buff in your sustained damage while keeping an ability that makes you unpeelable and immune during your CDS (Killing Spree with Cloak after) and being unpeelable ever by snares because BoS might make you overpowered?

Ah of course not. Clearly its fine because it was around in MOP where every healer had umpteenthousand ways to instant heal and every caster had instant CC and instant damage.

#4308054 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Dills on 19 December 2014 - 11:54 PM

View PostPouncedd, on 19 December 2014 - 11:24 PM, said:

It's K cuss survival doesn't have kill shot.

Edit: I knew people would complain eventually about how broken survival is. Everyone was on the kill shot waggon at the start of the expac and now everyone is looking at survival.

Attention needs to be given to shit like an 8 second CC that you can dmg into and then just do another Drd version of it after. Combat rogue just completely deletes a healer atm.

12 sec trap is good but that's pretty much the only thing survival has going for it.

Idk having a mechanic that makes the game unplayable, or unfun for the other team is really silly, just ccs like this shouldn't exist, especially with traps being a lot harder to avoid now. Maybe survival could have it's bonus changed from instead of having 12 second traps, to having 20 seconds, or 24 seconds with freezing and ice traps not sharing cds with each other. It should still be a utility spec around kiting and peeling, but when it gets to the point that you just mongo trap>stun>retrap, it's a problem.

On top of that I think they need to do something about BM's purge. The fact that BM actually just uses crows+bestial wrath off cd, and then outside of that they just spam pet attack and tranqshot (hell yoske when I talk to him about BM says sometimes he tranqshots when they dont even have a buff up on them because it's better to predispel) and still do very high damage, mainly because 1) BM hunters abilities actually do jack shit for damage (using kill command, arcane shot, etc is a waste in all honesty, all your damage is just pet autos and crows since your mastery gives a lot of damage to both) and 2) You just have so many passive ways for focus due to your pet autos having a 15% chance to give you back 20 focus, which is enough for a tranq shot, and on top of that when you have bestial wrath up your focus costs are cut in half.

This makes 2 of hunters specs regardless of their strength have really flawed designs, regardless of their actual strength. Survival has an overabundance of control, and BM is a purge bot that spams pet attack. On one hand survival has a lot of options in it's play because of so much control, but at the same time it's way too broken if you use it properly, and it's a lot easier to do what's needed because the new trap design is flawed.

Personally I feel marksmans design is better for the game, especially if traps are adjusted slightly (smaller activation radius, current one is way too big and forgiving as well as it needing an arm time back into it at the very least for close range traps. You could potentially keep traps arming while traveling through the air, so that shooting a max range trap would activate on landing while still accounting for the 3 second travel instead of it taking 5 seconds to activate, 3 from travel and 2 from the arm.) The spec feels like it's balanced, and even though it's potential is somewhat limited to a few comps (Hpally jungle, and Rdruid thug with your rogue as sub), but the way those comps play out seems better for the game, since they rely on setting up 3v1s for kills, rather than the other 2 specs that either just shoot 420 traps a game, or the other that spams purge and afks pet on the kill target.

TL;DR blizz prob won't change something tho : ^ )

#4285786 Warrior

Posted Capers on 05 December 2014 - 02:22 AM

View Post~Invictus, on 05 December 2014 - 02:15 AM, said:

Previous iteration of Arms had issues too, such as trivialization of signature moves (Overpower, Execute, MS) and overloading the kit with utility, thing that "plagued" us throughout the expansion.

I'd rather be "plagued" with utility than have absolutely none lol.

#4285766 Warrior

Posted Braindance on 05 December 2014 - 02:05 AM

View Postcivelli, on 05 December 2014 - 01:10 AM, said:

warrior is fine atm i hated the mongolid mop playstlye they just need to nerf the other melees rather than buff warriors

only changes i wish for:

- remove ww with a single target style just like ret has with crusader strike and the alternative aoe thing
- increase rage generation in defensive stance
-sweeping strikes not affecting ccd targets for example sheep.
-rework lvl 100 talents
What the fuck are u on about? MoP was x10 less mongoloid - this is by far the most mongoloid state since bc. The ONLY thing you do and provide is damage ROFL

#4285540 Warrior

Posted shunke on 04 December 2014 - 10:05 PM

View Post~Invictus, on 04 December 2014 - 10:00 PM, said:

That Pawzz comment was the exact same one that was around for the whole extent of the last Cataclysm seasons.
"Warriors are fine, it's the other classes that are overpowered".

The difference between then and now is that at least then the class and spec were fun to play.

Only fun thing so far has been with prot and Spellnotifications addon that tells me what i purged.

#4086121 Poll: Scummiest Comp of Mists of Pandaria?

Posted Zekrom on 24 March 2014 - 06:59 PM

Greetings friends. As this expansion comes to a close, we have experienced 3 full seasons and 1 that is currently underway.  The purpose of this thread is to gather a wider opinion on what the playerbase as a whole considers to be the scummiest comp in MoP. I intend to, at the end of the expansion, make a top 5 list to crown once and for all THE scummiest 3v3 arena comp of Mists. Please attempt to keep discussion civil.

General criteria to be considered "Scum of MoP":
1. For purposes of this thread, MUST have been relevant most or all seasons of MoP (12-15).
2. Ability to get decently or very high rated.
3. Less setup required for a kill.
4. Ability to easily produce high amounts of damage.
5. Extremely effective turtling
6. Extremely gimmicky kills (IE Swifty One Shots, 100-0 in Bomb, etc.).
7. Infinite, unbreakable CC chains.

I’ve gathered opinions from many different people, melee, casters and healers alike, and I’ve compiled their feelings on the comps that they felt met this criteria. I’ve also attempted to represent most of the classes equally, however, some classes have just been redesigned in Mists to play more like scum than others (see “warrior” and “hunter” versus “ret” and “priest”).

For those unfamiliar with any of the comps listed, I'll explain each a bit and why it’s placed here.

KFC ( :warrior: / :hunter: / :shaman:)
My personal contender, KFC has been prevalent and strong seasons 12 - 15, with a small dip in prevalence in season 13. Warrior Hunter synergy has been undebatebly strong the whole expansion. KFC often had trouble beating some caster teams when they played with paladins, and by season 13 had started largely playing with Resto Shamans. The infamous "sham goat" strategy largely involves throwing all their instant CC at the healer while training one DPS target with heavy single-target pressure. Some will go on healers depending on the comp. Largely, a very scummy comp with a scummy strat.

LSD ( :warlock: / :shaman: / :druid:)
With heavy buffs rolling in for ele shamans in 5.2 and 5.3, LSD emerged as a strong caster comp beginning in season 13 and remains strong to this day. This comp has earned its scum status by being nearly unkillable plus having the rot with the RNG one shot from the ele. LSD has been favored largely by the addition of Dampening in Season 14. Many comps have a hard time being able to beat LSD, and the games generally always last longer than 10 minutes. No one enjoys facing LSD and it can be played at rank 1 levels.

Beast Cleave ( :shaman: / :hunter: / :priest: or :paladin:)
Buffs to enhance in season 13 increased the prevalence of this comp and has made it strong ever since. With the strength of hunter CC and burst damage, combined with Ascendance one shot, beast cleave has been known to train mages to the ground and one shot them before hypothermia (Ice Block debuff) is off cooldown. However, Beast Cleave's high single target sustained damage and insane burst damage plus hunter's ability to perform a long CC chain makes beast cleave's strategy of training one target with intense damage fairly scummy. Beast Cleave is largely played to counter caster teams, especially mage teams.

Kitty Cleave ( :druid: / :warrior: / :paladin: or :priest: or :shaman:)
A comp known to have virtually no CC and extremely high single target constant damage, Kitty Cleave's strategy is by all definitions of the word "scum". High rated and low rated kitty cleaves alike will all start on one target and finish the game, win or lose, tunneling the same target. Largely, they will train resto shamans who can't escape their grasp, or less mobile casters like shadow priests, or squishy casters like mages. Their CC abilities can generally be counted on one hand, shockwave, cyclone, and whatever their healer may bring to the table. However, Kitty Cleave's skill cap generally doesn't allowed it to be played at extremely high ratings, and its prevalence has varied largely throughout Mists.

God Comp (Shatterplay) ( :mage: / :priest: / :druid:)
Strong since the release of Mists and still to this date, God comp has been seen all throughout Mists, with the largest dip in prevalence during Shadow's week season (14). A comp with buttloads of CC at its disposal with high burst damage, God Comp has been known to CC the other team down to a 3v1 and burst and almost always force the other team's cooldowns or trinkets or both. This comp could almost always be played to really high ratings and is strongly disliked by the many teams it counters.

PHP ( :paladin: / :hunter: / :priest: or :shaman:)
Gaining large popularity in season 13 and being a ret's signature comp since, PHP has been known to only land traps off Fist of Justice and pop all its cooldowns the second the trap lands, sometimes if it's not successful. The idea of the global kill hasn't been stronger, only being seen as strongly in beast cleave, and is considered scummy by all those who die in half a second from 50% to 0.

PHD ( :deathknight: / :hunter: / :priest: or :shaman: or Monk)
Being the go-to comp for a DK for the expansion, PHD was viable to rank 1 during MoP and was buffed mid Season 14, making PHD a team almost guaranteed to force cooldowns during the 30 second window that the DK uses his Gargoyle and Unholy Frenzy. The games are generally extremely short as someone is bound to die, due to a lack of peels that DKs have, or the just intense amount of damage coming out plus hunter and priest CC. Many healers and casters really hate this comp due to its high sustained damage and ungodly burst.

Turbo Cleave ( :warrior: / :shaman: / :priest: or :paladin: or Monk)
One of "those" comps, Turbo Cleave has been more or less a good train one target comp throughout Mists, just like Kitty Cleave, and a few people have managed to secure decent rating as it. A fear class's nightmare, some people just really hate the idea of turbo cleave and wanted me to include it here.

RMD (RMP) ( :rogue: / :mage: / :druid: or :priest:)
Emerging as of Season 13 again, the notorious RMP has been degraded strongly into a gimmick comp, with cheap shot/tricks/orb being able to kill something in a matter of mere seconds. Rogue mage synergy has become god-like again by the end of Mists, and RMP/RMD has reclaimed its position as a strong comp, but has more recently been noted as an extremely gimmicky one.

MLD (MLS) ( :mage: / :warlock: / :druid: or :shaman:)
“I just wanna play the game!” is probably the most common thing said when facing this comp. A universally strong comp, avoiding CC is nearly impossible when facing MLD/MLS, and as such has become hated by many. With a destro lock, the comp’s burst is extremely large and will nearly always force cooldowns. The idea of MLD/MLS being scum, however, is debatable, but some felt the need for it to be in this list.

WMD (WMM) ( :warrior: / :mage: / :druid: or Monk)
Being “that” flavor of the month comp, WMD takes 3 overtuned classes and just pops damage with mage CC and cyclone to kill its target. Similar to KFC in design, WMD has been seen as being largely unskillful and thereby scum, especially considering that warriors and mages have not normally been two classes to synergize well at all, and just rely on pure damage to land kills.

Ele/Mage ( :shaman: / :mage: / :priest: or :druid:)
“Did they even cast anything to kill me?” is probably the best question to ask when you lose to this comp. This comp is another that has taken 3 overtuned classes and put them together. Especially when playing with a holy priest, this comp completely embodies the “castless casters” that MoP has been known and hated for. For this reason, this previously nameless comp, comprised of more flavor of the month classes, has occasionally been referred to as names such as “instant scum” or similar.

TSG ( :warrior: / :deathknight: / :paladin: or Monk)
Last, but certainly not least scummy, TSG has actually been played at rank 1 levels and has been seen since the beginning of MoP. With the re-emergence of melee cleaves with monk healers by Season 14, TSG can commonly be seen at decent ratings. Many feel TSG largely exemplifies “no skill” as they brainlessly train one target and pop all cooldowns to force major defensives off the other team, and will eventually land a random kill from their intense single target pressure.

If you think I’ve missed something, please feel free to comment below. If your argument is compelling, I may include it here.

#4076320 Time to remove paralytic poison.

Posted ottishen on 11 March 2014 - 12:26 AM

I know that this is completely off topic, but I just hate it when people are defending stuff that is obviously dumb:

View Postdj_abdullah, on 10 March 2014 - 10:16 PM, said:

I've never understood this argument.

Was it fine for warriors to have god-mode damage and better lockdown than a rogue for the majority of MOP or mages since the dawn of time?

People just hate dying to rogues, its been like that since Vanilla.

I don't understand THIS argument. Was it fine for warriors and mages to have god-mode damage and control? Of course not, and everyone apart from a small group of biased mages and warriors saw this and agreed that it was OP. You make it sound like no one said anything about it, but that is simply not true.

For some reason, a lot of rogues seems to be of the opinion that when rogues are really strong, people complain "because every1 hates rogues". What if I told you that it is because getting crit for 2x 150k back to back while being (close to) unpeelable is not okay for ANY class, rogues included? And an rng stun that could completely change the outcome of the game is also very stupid, no matter what class has it?

I just find it laughable when rogues tries to justify their class by saying that "no one complained about class x when they were op" when pretty much every thread since the release of MoP has been about what is currently op and that it should be fixed.

#4057787 Dis Shout

Posted kazuhmeer on 19 February 2014 - 10:47 PM

View Postkannetixx, on 19 February 2014 - 10:27 PM, said:

yeah it got old the first 90 kfc's i played against ...

the change was to stop warriors from just button mashing and missing a pummel but then sitting there with another AOE INTERRUPT just waiting for someone to cast something it was a joke and im glad it was fixed.

not defending disrupting shout at all but

basically every good mage team just kills a warrior 100-0 without casting anyway.  disrupting shout was only a real pain in the nuts because resto sham get so incredibly fucked by 2 kicks (who knew a class that casts).  mages dont cast.  seriously stop complaining.

#4057805 Season 14-15

Posted Seu on 19 February 2014 - 10:57 PM

View PostAdmoney, on 19 February 2014 - 09:13 PM, said:

I have no hope for this game anymore. The Jews at blizzard are trying as hard as they can to kill this game, $60 for lvl 90 is a joke along with another 8+ MONTHS (length of season) until WoD? Rofl who is making these decisions?

Don't expect much development from WoW unless it involves the in-game store and more ways for Blizz to make money off of a game we already pay $15/month for...

I remember back when mounts were rare drops, rewards for random shit, etc... Now you just wipe your ass $30 and POOF you have your new mount, pretty epic!

Edit: I wonder what all the PVE people will do... They have already been farming the same content for months at this point, and there will be NOTHING new for over 8months, wtf?

wod arena and raid changes look incredible and I am all for them devoting the vast majority of their dev team to make it great, its pretty obvious there is no hope for mop anyway. the proposed changes arent just good on their own, they are a clear indication that blizzard cares about small scale competitive pvp again which hasnt been the case for a few years.

I cant believe anyone on this website would complain about blizzard focusing entirely on endgame pvp and pve content, and offering players a way to skip grinding levels to get there immediately.

do you really give a fuck if anyone buys a level 90? It just means when your friends buy the xpacs to come back they will be able to arena with you right away, and if you are too busy irl to grind a character up that you want to arena on you can just drop $60 and have it. its an old game and as a result a lot of us who play it are in our 20's now, with less free time to grind levels and more disposable income we can put towards ensuring the free time we have is enjoyable.

i honestly dont get the backlash with the buying level 90s, its not like being max level in this game is an achievement to be proud of anyway.

#4057478 Dis Shout

Posted Braindance on 19 February 2014 - 05:55 PM

View Postdeprivelol, on 19 February 2014 - 12:18 PM, said:

i have downs
Yes you do and you're shit.

Stay small l2p