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Coming back to check out Legion, any friends of mine still play?

20 July 2016 - 06:02 AM

Hey friends,

I'm checking out legion and want to see if any of my old buddies are still playing.

I sold my account a while back so I hardly have anyone good on Real ID and that makes this game super boring.

Some of you may remember me as Slippyy/Megatronx/Shwap

I played RMP with porkz/jah/reflex/scyllian/zelyx on rampage/shadowburn/whirlwind/vengeance

Idk why my rank 1 titles arent showing on this AJ account but w/e.

Anyways... if you remember playing with or against me and want to say what up, shoot me a message on here and then ill toss you my skype.