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In Topic: Arena Teams no More

29 June 2013 - 09:19 PM

So is this up coming patch the end of the season or is this one of those changes that doesn't go live until a later hotfix?  Hopefully we can find out from twitter or one of those other gay social media things.

This is worth re-subscribing to try it out for a month or two.

In Topic: Titan Canceled

29 May 2013 - 04:23 PM

There was a time when my unwavering conviction that blizzard was the best gaming company in existance would let me shrug this off with a, "they know what they're doing."  It's hard to keep the faith after failure followed by failure followed by failure.

I might be a crotchedy old man in my early 20s complaining about the good ol days, but it's just my opinion that cg cut scenes have ruined the entire gaming industry.  They take an ungody amount of time and money to produce and remove all flexibility from the game designers.  Designers can't quickly add new content because they need to wait for 90 different fucking cut scenes to be injected in the middle of fights for no reason with the players smashing their keyboards hoping to skip it as fast as possible.

WoW was considered to have shitty graphics when it was released.  People were actually shocked at how bad its graphics were for a brand new game and yet zero fucks were given because it was fun.   I think the gaming industry will stay in decline until this is figured out.  I played the original 1-1.6 counter strike long after newer and better looking games were released because, again, a shinier product doesn't make it more fun.  It was the same with diablo 2.

I don't care if they want to put titan on a newer engine with the goal of the most life like water rendering in any game.  I just want titan to be fun.