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In Topic: Ice Nova

21 November 2014 - 05:30 PM

View PostDizzeeyo, on 21 November 2014 - 05:17 PM, said:

that was their design goal with virtually every single pvp related change they made this expansion :(


In Topic: Warlocks in WoD

21 November 2014 - 03:37 PM

View PostFakalock, on 21 November 2014 - 10:28 AM, said:

I've been trying out everything it feels like. But what Piffaidz wrote got my mind into hypermode... This is acually not a bad idea when i think about it... The BG's, skirmishes and duals i've done always go better when i do what Piffaidz said. Focusing on signle target burst rather then spreadpreasure. Ofc it depends on cd's and shards. Also i didn't maximize my spec for that purpose due to that i've tryed to make the spread pressure work.

I just wanna get of work now, go home and try Piffaidz stuff out! Go single target burst when cd's are up, when no cd's then spread maby? This would also make us being able to use fear as a propper CC and not a stun, if there is only dots on the kill target during kill atemts. Makes alot of sence imo.

And this could acually be great if it works. I would love playing a bit more bursty as aff! Thanks Piffaidz =)

I'm not going to dismiss the playstyle because I haven't tried it yet and that was never my style anyway (even in WotLK I always focused heavily on multi-dotting), but just from the numbers alone I seriously doubt that style will be very good.  I'm sure we can put down some sufficient single-target damage when specced and focused on it like that, but it will be extremely vulnerable to training/lockouts, and probably would be viable only in a small selection of comps (maybe RLS?)

In Topic: Warlocks in WoD

19 November 2014 - 11:33 PM

View PostRailander, on 19 November 2014 - 10:04 PM, said:

i share 100% of those feelings.

now that i think about it, didnt dots crit for 4k in s8? now dots are still ticking for the same damage as s8... but hp is 10x bigger and other classes are definitely doing more damage than they did in wrath.

we're back to the weird place where it doesn't seem like any dev knows how to play a warlock. there was this dude that handled most of the mop warlock revamp, including finally realizing the green fire questline and nerfing gag order in mop s1. we need another one of those or we are ruined.

I've never understood why it's so hard for them.  I find it hard to believe that zero devs on the most successful MMORPG in history know how one of the 11 classes works.  As far as I'm concerned, they've already got the perfect situation they can balance warlocks from, at least for aff.  

Fear threshold should be increased like 400%, which affects pve absolutely none at all.  But as for damage, it should be SO easy to balance now with this drain soul.  If aff is doing too much damage in pvp, they can transfer power to drain soul, and it'll be a nerf to pvp damage without affecting pve damage at all.  If aff is doing too little damage in pvp, they can transfer power into the dots, which again, would greatly increase damage in pvp while not affecting pve at all.  It's just SO fucking easy to my mind, there's just these perfect tuning knobs sitting there that could easily make the class balanced any time.  But knowing blizzard they will either ignore it completely, or do some crazy ass tangential retard change like make drain life a channeled stun or some shit.

In Topic: Warlocks in WoD

19 November 2014 - 08:58 PM

Yeah, I've been saying that for years.  Fast, small balance changes is clearly the way to go for competitive PvP balancing.  Blizzard has always taken the slow (and seemingly slower and slower over the years), huge chunk changes, I guess because they like to drop the patch at the same time as a raiding expansion, which takes a very long time to develop.  But this approach has been and continues to be just so goddamn ineffective, especially compounded by the fact that the second they finally arrive at a point where things are starting to shape up into an actual game, within 6 months another expansion comes out and fucks everything up again.

In Topic: Warlocks in WoD

19 November 2014 - 08:20 PM

View PostCcal, on 19 November 2014 - 07:55 PM, said:

I'm not saying Warlocks need to solo 2-3 people by himself with just dots, but if the Warlock on his own can't create the pressure needed for HIM on his OWN to kill SOMEONE, then you know his damage is just shit, because I bet my left nut if you let a DK or a Feral at their current state hop on someone they'll do that.

The way the class is now, I see absolutely no reason why our dots shouldn't be hovering around WotLK levels of pressure on a single target (or on multiple targets, if we can get them there).

In WotLK, dots ticked HARD on your kill target with haunt up and nightfall procs thrown in.  You could wither a target very quickly with your full attention on it, especially with the drain soul execute (which was fucking amazing in wrath, to this day I have no idea why they pulled back on that mechanic).  This was throttled by the fact that we had to cast as much or more than other casters and every cast exposed our main/only school to interrupts.  This made it difficult and skillful to keep dots up on multiple targets and prime switches, and drain soul was a huge way a lock could separate himself from the pack (i.e. landing a 24.9% drain soul right before a heal, causing massive damage and keeping up pressure that otherwise would've disappeared).  We also had only one instant CC every 90 sec (death coil).  In wrath, I could fear a poorly positioned resto shaman out of his heal on the kill target, dot him up in the fear, haunt him, fear him again, and death coil blanket him, and provided I got sufficient/lucky nightfall procs, he would either be dead or blow a major CD to live.  This was my favorite state of aff of all time, by far.

Cata is where this shitfest started.  Soul swap, it seems, was the beginning of the end for this class.  With soul swap and fel flame, it was no longer remotely as difficult to maintain rows of dots on multiple targets.  Because of that, our single target pressure got gutted and we became much more of a spread-damage threat.  While I think soul swap is a fucking tragedy of game design, the class overall was still acceptable to play and you could still do more things to set you apart than most classes can.

Idk what happened in MoP (sounds like shit got even more dumbed down with SS though), but it seems like now in WoD the shit has hit the fan.  In a stroke of genius, they removed those extra tools we got in cata that changed the class so much.  I loved fel flame as much as the next guy, but it being gone isn't really that bad, it should serve to increase the skillcap of the class to not have a crutch like that (although it's true that having no DD spell is fucking retarded, where is searing pain blizzard seriously).  Then they made soul swap and SB:SS basically highly situational tools that probably won't get used too often in games the way things stand now.  The result of this is that it's once again much more involved to try to maintain dots on multiple targets and spread your pressure well.

But then, in a stroke of utter retardation, they left our damage in its gutted state instead of returning it to WotLK levels of pressure.  Then as if that wouldn't have been enough, they also gutted the class-defining ability of fear and deleted all other forms of control, leaving us with just the one instant CC and a nerfed interrupt.  Somehow they managed to remove everything the class gained over the past 4 years but didn't return any of the strengths that made it solid back then, instead even went as far as to nerf even MORE essential stuff.  

The result seems to be just this gimpy class that doesn't seem to have anything going for it.  I'm really disappointed in this so far.