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In Topic: All S1-S4 and stuck at 1500. . . why??

16 August 2008 - 01:23 AM

Hmmm... well.

1. I think we got a bit off topic. I was mostly asking if the fact that many Gladiators who stopped playing, all of a sudden started to roll up new teams, could that cause a chain push-down effect and have an impact on us lowbies at 1500 rating. . . I think it could.

2. I appreciate you guys taking the time to look at our gear & specs. I do want to get over 1550 (maybe even 1600) so all the feedback on what's wrong with our stuff/setup is welcomed (especially the one's that said more than 'you suck & have no idea what your doing.').

3. The lock doesn't play on the 3s & only messed around for points on the 2s one time so far, so you can ignore him. The 3s I'm nost hopeful for is the ShsRogue(Skeev)/MutiRogue(Me)/HPriest(Icandy). For 2s it will probably be 2 rogues, but we might just give up on 2s. . .

4. We are more casual players. We all work full time & 2 of us are married with kids, so we don't raid & have limited time to play during the week. We try to farm gold or BG as much as we can to get honor for any kind of upgrade, but it comes slowly. I'm lucky if I can get 10k honor in a week. We are still working at it.

5. Getting enchants & gems costs gold (which I'm constantly trying to work up with the dailies on the isle) and I don't want to put at 80g -200g gem/enchant on a piece I'm going to swap out in a month. . . unless that gem/enchant really is the difference between whether or not I *can swap it out in a month (i.e. put cobra AP enchant on my S2 legs so I can get 1550 rating for S4 legs? Put 200g +10 hit on S2 chest instead of 2g +6 hit so I can get to 1660 & get S4 chest? ) I just didn't think those would be deal breakers at 1500 rating. . . :(

6. Maybe I just under estimated the difficulty level of S4 1500 rating?
- In S1 I didn't play until the last couple weeks, so I'm not sure how that season really was.
- In S2 I was able to hit 1700 in blues and BG gear, so I figured my skills weren't so bad that I'd hit a brick wall at 1500 if I tried again.
- In S3 I only played first month or so, then had to quit WoW for a couple months.
- Back now & just started playing S4 3 weeks ago.

So maybe a better question would be, is the level of gear and skill required to hit 1600 in S4 that much greater than what was required to hit 1700 in S2?

In Topic: What kind of latency do you play with?

16 August 2008 - 12:08 AM

If I DL & use that mod (is it a mod or an application? ) will it only affect my packets while being used with WoW? Or will it permanently alter the way packets are treated for everything, even when WoW is not running?

In Topic: All S1-S4 and stuck at 1500. . . why??

15 August 2008 - 04:27 AM

I don't mean we are always loosing to AJO teams. I saw someone else post about seeing S4 shoulders & weapons rising up through the 1700 range & thought, "Well damn, that just makes sense. All the S4 2.2k peeps are back & pushing the 2k guys down to 1800, and all those 2k guys (now 1800 guys) are pushing the previous 1800 guys down to 1600. . . which is why I'm running into a brick wall at 1550."

Yeah, that lock doesn't run on the 3 man & the HPriest thinks he's a better healer going all the way down the Holy tree for the spirit thing. . .I've never beena good healer (always shadow) so I don't know enough to tell him how to play. . .

Originally we tried SPriest/Rogue/HPriest and that got us up to about 1540? I think. Then we crashed down to 1460 & yoyo'd.
So then we tried Rogue/Rogue/HPriest and same thing. I think we touched* 1550 & crashed & yoyo'd.

In S2 I ran 3s with 2 other friend as SPriest/War/Pal & we touched 1700 but yoyo'd around 1650 and we didn't even have any Arena gear at all back then. We started with blues & BG gear. So I always though that for the lower ranges, we could at least get 1600. . .

I know our sockets aren't perfect & I've got a lot of honor to grind for 3 or 4 more small upgrades, but dang we are talking 1500 - 1600 range. . . why else would we be loosing 16 & 17 points to people with S3 weapons?

In Topic: What kind of latency do you play with?

15 August 2008 - 03:37 AM

What's that registry setting so I don't have to install a program? Also, is there any detriment to any other facet of say, my home network that would be affected by that registry change?

In Topic: what does gib & glaive mean?

05 August 2008 - 05:37 AM

Thanks! Might be dumb, but I find the wiki sites sometimes have way too much info on things & it takes me quite a while to sort through it for a simple answer. The answers here were quick & polite & perfect. I appreciate it much! :)