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im not much for political shit about LGBT rights

but i can see russia from my house

to see Thaya use the line "They're mostly targeting extremists, terrorists and shit like child porn" is very sad

Fuck you.

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View PostThaya, on 31 July 2014 - 01:48 PM, said:

To me it feels like we have a much stronger freedom of speech here. Partly because our laws simply don't cover the internet almost at all. It goes far beyond the copyright problems that you are probably well aware of. I can't say this is like, objective, it's just how it feels like from experience of lurking in both Russian and English segments, personally for me. We have lots of independent sources. It's about to become worse though with people like Durov (owner/creator of vk) leaving the country due to gov pressure primarily - he's been a freedom of speech activist for this entire time. They've also introduced some mild form of censorship lately, but they haven't directly shut down anything important yet. They're mostly targeting extremists, terrorists and shit like child porn. Nothing political was touched.

The Putin support is real though. Nobody here believes that Putin has anything to do with the Ukrainian separatists. I personally don't believe he does either. Again, this conflict has been ongoing in Ukraine for the past century due to the USSR territory/border shuffle. They connected several different and opposing nations into one country - we're witnessing the results of that move till this day (sidenote: Crimea was literally gifted to them by Khrushev to make Russian borders "more roundy"; sidenote 2: during the perestroika, Ukraine government didn't even WANT to have Crimea, but Eltsin simply "forgot" to sign the papers to reconnect Crimea to us because that idiot was literally fucking drunk at the meetings). The revolution and civil war in Ukraine would start with or without Putin, and in fact, it has happened before with EVERY administration they've ever had. The reason it went so big this time is because the last administration they had was by FAR the worst and weakest - the previous ones simply managed to fight the Bandera movement back, Yanukovich just crumbled straight away. He even fucking fled the country within weeks after the protests started, before any shots were fired.

You also gotta understand that we don't want to connect any more territories to us. Ukraine is much more likely to divide into 2 separate governments in the near future, and there's pretty much no chance that any of them are going to join Russia. Our infrastructure and economy is in the fucking dumpster, we can't handle new territories. Crimea was an exception for a whole array of reasons. This is a huge subject right now here, the rest of the world doesn't seem to see it this way.

Oh and, sidenote 3: Ukraine, technically, has already divided when Crimea went sovereign, so there were at least 3 'sides' there which wanted to separate to begin with. It should give you a rough idea of what the situation inside there is, and has been for the country's entire history. Sidenote 4: notice how silent and peaceful everything is in Crimea, and how people are thankful for what happened and just say like, "please don't gift us to another nation anymore". Imagine how shit it must feel to be a gift?

I thought that was about the opinions/stances, sorry.

have u lost ur fucking mind

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wearing a wig