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#3788869 BM Damage explanation

Posted Pinkums on 09 October 2012 - 05:56 PM

I posted this in a different forum but i'm going to post it again.
To help everyone understand why they do so much damage. This is a copy paste from a post i read on WoW forums. I found it very informative.

A normal pet melee attack/Claw does about 6800-7000 damage depending on gear.
This is without any benefit from the Cd's/trinket/passives.

Now lets start adding the raw % bonus it gains from different spells/abilities.
+ 20% from Bestial Wrath
+ 30-35% from PVP power
+ 12.5% additional PVP power from Rapid fire and 4set bonus
+25% from Stampede.
+ 10% from 3000 mastery (Spirit beasts blessing)
+ 100% to the first three Claw/Bite/Smacks from the passive bonus.
So we're up to ~100-110% of the normal Melee damage , and 200-210% the normal Claw/Bite/Smack damage,lets move on to RAP/AP scaling.

100 Agility translates into about a 50 damage increase to pet melee attacks.
Normally you'll have a use trinket which gives you around 4000 extra agility on use.
So your pets Melee and Claw damage is increased by about 2000 damage.
Then we have Rabid which gives your pet 25% more AP and about another 4000 bonus to it's melee damage hits (It scales from it's current AP so that extra AP from agility,yeah..)
So with all your agility and AP benefits you're adding about 6000 damage to melee and claw.
Then add 100-110% to Melee and 200-210% to claw from abilities and spells.

So what does this mean? Well.... your "main" pet does-->
Max Melee hit: 18.000-20.000
Max Melee crit: 34.000-40.000
Max Claw hit: 38.000-40.000
Max Claw crit: 76.000-80.000

And your Stampede pets does about half of that damage as they don't seem to gain from anything else than the 25% Stampede buff, mastery and PVP power

#3764494 New server for MoP?

Posted Pinkums on 09 September 2012 - 08:25 PM

Oh, well i apologize then. I do not read the forums on the daily. Thank you for your input tho.

#3566038 Wars getting glad in last few weeks?

Posted Pinkums on 29 November 2011 - 12:00 PM

View PostDuncan, on 28 November 2011 - 08:21 PM, said:

Do not talk about anything like you actually achieved it I am aware that in the last day filovirus has done like roughtly 5+ carries using a warlock named shinafae, and guess what that warlock appeared on your team so do not try to give faulty information bro sorry.

Oh and also the fact that once they got you into PR they didnt play with you? They played MLP....and then it was probably not you in the first place since your the one who achieved 2400 5 days ago literally man this forum really has gotten unbelievable lol

I'll be looking forward to playing all the people on Illidan who bought gladiator. Fucking cheaters.

#3546460 Title calculation

Posted Pinkums on 11 November 2011 - 06:39 PM

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, here is how i figure out the 5v5 calculation are wrong on AJ. So lets take a look at the Rampages 3v3 ladder. http://us.battle.net...ena/rampage/3v3 If you look from rank 1-8, you will notice there are 2 inactive teams. (rank 1 and 7 are inactive because the players are not in range) Now so the rank 8 team should really be rank 6. You can figure this out by clicking the rank 8 team then click on one of the players character profile (example rank 8 tootsie roll, http://us.battle.net...3/tootsie roll/, then click Pukman, http://us.battle.net...t/Pukman/simple , scroll down to his 3v3 and it said his REAL rank, rank 6.
Now if you click the rank one team and click the players profile and scroll down to his 3v3, you'll notice it saids unranked  
http://us.battle.net...ickfx/simple.   Using this info, you can just go to the 5v5 ladder, go through it and find the team with the lowest rating that has played 20 games then click on one of the players profile and it will say their REAL ranking. (any team that hasn't played 20 games will be unranked)

Example rampage 5v5 (Lowest team i can find that has played 20 games, http://us.battle.net...5/Wasted Youth/ , now it saids they are ranked 640 but you need to click on a characters profile , http://us.battle.net.../Cyanide/simple Real rank 330. so now 330*.005 =1.65 for rampage 5v5. I hope this helps some people.