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#3811492 TFW your class will never have this play style again

Posted Seu on 27 November 2012 - 12:12 PM

i first started playing wow in season 5 and learned by spamming ventless priest rogue 2s, watching this video, and the arma/phoe videos ... harsh nostalgia from this post

played priest rogue 2s straight through to the end of s8 but after cata launched the gameplay was just unrecognizable. my rogue buddy quit and eventually I did too but those were definitely some of my favorite gaming moments. I'm glad I recorded a couple nights in s8, people always give you the rose colored glasses speil when talking about old expansions but when I watch these clips the game just looks way more fun.


thanks for the trip down memory lane op :duckers:

#3803843 I'm a BOSS warrior, 2709 rating, any questions ?

Posted mnny on 12 November 2012 - 08:27 PM

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#3793548 [Disc Priest] Comps, Addons, Gear/Glyph/Talent/Stats, New Changes?

Posted Dividium on 22 October 2012 - 01:26 AM

3s: rmp and fmp are kinda nice for disc atm. They are very cc dependant because of their awful mana-reg. If you're playing something like vanguards-cleave (ret dk pri) you're going to go oom before arena gates open.

2s: rog/pri, mage/pri, warr/pri, (not sure if feral/pri is viable anymore, haven't tried it), again needs cc heavy comp. I end up drinking probably 7-10 times (short drinks) per game if we don't land opener kill.

5s: no. if people see a disc in 5s, you'll get trained start to finish (and it wont be long).

-Gladius for enemy arena frames
-Juked for enemy spell cds
-Interruptbar for a more lightweight version of juked

Some nice aesthetic addons:

Your spec is straight-forward for competative play:
-Mind control->Phantasm->Mindbender(This is preferential)->Spectral guise->Power infusion->Last is optional(They are all piles of crap)

Glyphs are fucked at the moment, because several glyphs should be baseline atm. You have 3 slots, choose from the 4 following:
-Glyph of Desperation (Needed)
-Glyph of Mass dispel (Preferential)
-Glyph of inner focus (Preferential)
-Glyph of Shadow Word Death (Preferential)
Of course glyphs will depend on the comp you meet aswell. You can change glyphs in arena prep room, and you can also see what opponents (classes and specs) that you are facing to adjust accordingly.

No more pve gear in pvp (or so I hope). There's a new pvp power/pvp resilience system which makes pve offsets no longer being able to compete with pvp items. People are going with different approaches atm, some are stacking pvp power (increases damage and healing in pvp), some are stacking haste, some mastery etc. Maybe it's preferential, I guess I'm not sure yet since the expansion hasn't been out that long. I'm personally rolling with haste/mastery reforge + pvp power/resil gems and some int gems. It gives me really strong shields and fast casts, but as I said earlier, I suffer a lot from mp5 issues. I'll just add that mastery increases the absorbs from shields, and since we're nearly entierly based on shields for defense following the expansion, it's quite huge.

In conclusion this is how I run for a more offensive-styled play:
meta gem: int + more mana (Maybe someone can correct me if this is false?)
gems: pvp power->intellect->pvp resil->spirit
reforge: hitcap 6%->haste->mastery->spirit

As for the 5-set, you probably want to roll with 4-set mooncloth + satin leggings since they give you some extra mastery/haste.

Disc priests are really on the recieving end of the stick for this expansion, while shadow seems to be borderline overpowered. We lost mana-burn, which is really making us fall behind on mana in arena atm because we still have the mana-burn styled mp5.

Shadow Word: Death whenever you want is no longer baseline, and if you want to death targets above 25% health you will need to spend a major glyph slot for it.

Inner focus now requires you to glyph to get silence immunity, but if you didn't play cata this wont even be a change for you since there was no such immuity in wotlk.

Mind spike and mind blast is no longer accessible in disc spec, so going offensive now leaves you at risk from getting lockout on healing spells. Shadow word pain is the only dot left from shadow spec.

If you last played in wotlk, you're in for a major change of playstyle. Disc aren't even half as offensive as they were in wotlk, which is a bad change in my opinion, but it's still a lot of fun to play.

We got two notable spells this expansion:
Void shift (6 min cd): Instantly swaps health pools (based on percentages) with a friendly target - Off the global cooldown.
This spell can both make or break your arenagame, be careful when using it.

Spirit shell (1 min cd): For 15 seconds, your heals will no longer heal your target, but create an absorbtion shell instead.
This stacks with your mastery and makes for a majorly strong shield.

Dispel has been split into two spells, Purify (friendly dispel) and Dispel Magic (offensive dispel).
Purify has an 8 second cd, so you now have to use your brain to pick which cc to dispel. But on the flipside, a single friendly dispel cleans the friendly target of every single magic/disease effect. Offensive dispel only removes 1 effect and has no cooldown.

Mass dispel now has a 15 second cooldown and costs a whoreload of mana, but cleans all friendly targets in the radius of every single magic debuff (great for removing combustion, ring of frost etc).

Priests now have a spell called leap of faith (insanely fun) which grips a friendly target to you. Great for resetting fights, pulling a teammate from a bad spot, like a smoke bomb (new rogue ability) etc.

The changes to other classes are too huge to list here, so many new spells and abilities. But here are the most notable ones:
-Smoke bomb (rogue): envelops an area of 5-7 yards of smoke, making anything in the bomb untargetable from the outside. People inside the bomb can cast out. (This effect doesnt apply to the rogues team).

-Alter time (mage): Mage saves the state of his health/mana and buffs/debuffs, and reverts back to that exact state after 6 seconds has elapsed.

-Avatar (warrior): warrior cant be slowed/snared/rooted and damage is increased for something like 15-20 seconds (not sure). Also his physical damage is increased by 50%.

-Stampede (hunter): fucking leave arena fast, before his pets reach you

-frost bomb (mage): places a bomb on a target that explodes after 4 seconds. if target is frozen when it explodes, it's going to be like a mace to the nuts irl.

and a new class ofc, you're going to have to figure that one out by yourself, cause i only know about 50% of what they do.

anyway, welcome back to 5.1, the worst patch that's ever seen the light of day for disc priests. gl

#1771318 Spriest skillcap?

Posted Arterian on 26 January 2010 - 10:30 PM

Shadow was easy when it was shit, it's easy now that it's good.

Do you think Holy Paladins were hard in S4 when they were dogshit?

Hard to do well as doesn't mean hard to play. Some people are so fucking delusional from playing a bad spec for so long that they got the idea that it actually took skill to play.