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#4567890 Ret x10 glad LF PHS

Posted by Recursion on 28 February 2016 - 06:21 AM

Fucking awesome ret, those who would not like to play with him should quit wow coz they lose the man of the wings!!!

Spotted the fan boy
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#3356998 [Paladin] Belligerent's Random Games Thread!

Posted by Recursion on 10 July 2011 - 06:04 AM

belligerent is honestly just someone who is no longer good at this game. he was a R1/multi glad player but that's because he was getting carried HARD by people like xmo who is actually very good at this game. when you watch one of their videos there is always a reason behind everything they do, whereas belligerents videos just look like he randomly heals and runs out wherever. and in wrath, that didnt matter because heals would literally take you from 5 percent to 100 percent almost instantly

now that he isnt playing with people who used to carry the shit out him, he's capped out at 2.4k with a 50 percent win ratio ON BOTH HIS PALLIES as a feral cleave in one and tsg cleave on the other.

even on his warrior he is terrible. you watch his games where he plays with dimach and its just him whining for dispels constantly and in almost all his commentaries he has a thinly veiled line of QQ about a class one way or the other

face it, you used to be carried by other players when healing was easier, now youre just another 2.4k shitter who has just nostalgia of the past.

edit: it's also hilarious that majority of your fans seem to find raycharles more entertaining and skillful than you in your vids

Agreed with everything except the part about xmo being good, the kid was never a glad once, he struggled all throughout s3(or whenever he started playing) to s7...got glad on his disc priest in 2s because uck carried the fuck out of him and then got wglad on his mage on a terrible BG by playing wizzard cleave mostly. I remember him bragging about taking r1 on reckoning from Shouri's RMP (lol s8 rmp) and watching his "breakfast club" video which was just complete shit. All of his fans are 1600-2k player fanboys

As for Belligerent, kid is garbage, always has been garbage with his positioning. You can't even compare him to a pally like Toez or someone with actual skill and I'm pretty sure the only healer he can play is Paladin lol lowest skillcap healer
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#3354970 Roxaz Stuttering his way to r1, jk terrible.

Posted by Recursion on 09 July 2011 - 05:43 AM

rofl josh already exposed this faggot so hard i thought it couldnt get any worse but it did, good job
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#3330904 r1

Posted by Recursion on 29 June 2011 - 01:13 AM

u're all bad and terrible there is only one blackout god and that is bloodx

stay small u fuckin piece of shit scrubs cya all next season under me at 2.2k where u belong

Rofl arent you the guy who bought r1 from HRK? You paid another person to play on your account for a title in a video game.

Shut the fuck up idiot
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#3330028 @Kollektiv

Posted by Recursion on 28 June 2011 - 08:14 PM

who r u?
[email protected]

Shouldn't you be asking yourself that? Here I'll help you with an answer..

Bad warrior who's getting glad as KFC with a 55% win percentage by MMRing exploiting with a 2400 mmr hunter and is trying to accuse someone who is a multi-r1 glad of wintrading in 3s when they already have r1 in 5s.

"[email protected]"
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#3307559 More MMR exploiters to report

Posted by Recursion on 17 June 2011 - 06:53 AM

^Win traders stick together I guess. lol'd
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#3307548 More MMR exploiters to report

Posted by Recursion on 17 June 2011 - 06:44 AM

People to report, Slimyy and Nécro


Why I'm reporting this: These players were 2500 with a 51% win/loss ratio the day before the patch. The next 2 days they climbed to 2700 since they have a feral on their team and clearcast was bugged, allowing them to shred without any energy cost, making feral dmg out of control. Being excited about being 2700 and what they thought was close to glad range, they leveled up a new team on other peoples toons (named Departe, Auddie, and Auds) and then queued into their own team with the feed team to bring them to 2735. After being caught, sniped, and reported by myself and a few others, they decided to change the name of the priest to Flashlol, disband the team, and deny all accusations (kinda doesn't look good that you changed the priest's name and disbanded the team if you're innocent does it?) Another funny thing to note is that their feed team was named "Farming inmotionz" Inmotionz was a member of my team (afrcinmotion the priest) and we farmed them, so then they remade a team and called it "farming inmotionz"...and were farmed again...? :lol: (farmed by spriest team post patch lolll see pics, inmotionz screen shotted some of them)


Proof that its them:


After a few weeks and realizing 2735 wasn't going to be safe for glad on bloodlust, they tried to level up their feed team once again but were not very successful, so transferred/faction changed to Kel'Thuzad Alli on these characters who they do not own(now named Slimyy and Stickyy). They made a name for themselves quick by posting in the nightfall forums with a pretty audacious attitude, see this page and the next one (http://www.arenajunk.../page__st__1960) and it wasn't long before they'd begin to exploit the MMR system using other peoples characters, tanking their mmr's, then using them to play with their "alt" characters.

Unfortunately, having made a name for themselves already on one battlegroup, and getting off on the wrong foot in another, people weren't about to take this shit. Slimyy also thought it'd be a bright idea to stream while account sharing, mmr tanking, and then mmr exploiting with their "alts". Hewty and their guild mates immediately exposed them on this, see this page and the next one (http://www.arenajunk.../page__st__2140) The link is outdated on hewty's post though, so this is the team and characters they used to tank mmr, and then used those characters to play with their own. Apparently they got their MMR's to around 3300 by playing with the characters who's MMR's they tanked.

Posted Image
After being exposed they decided to transfer yet again, to where, who knows. At this point they've been reported by over 100 people, mostly their guild members, but it wouldn't hurt if more did, so feel free to report them, the GM's already have a whole file on them, they'll know you're talking about. Sad to see people pay over $100 for pixels in a video game, as well as exploit and cheat the system, ruining it for others :/ All while defending and lying to themselves, only to be exposed and silenced immediately.

Go ahead and report them, you don't need the screen shots, its the awareness raised what the GM's are looking for, they have the screen shots, IP logs, and other evidence needed to do what the exploiters deserve, all we have to do is bring it to their attention.

Their own characters to report:
http://us.battle.net...NYY FAKE CASTS/

Evidence of the MMR exploiting ON STREAM:

Their AJ profiles (unlinked characters after they got exposed and owned):


Looks as if they're now exploiting the MMR system on their real team, look at the warriors achievements, he had never broken 2400, playing with this character so that they will only gain MMR themselves.


Elder out
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#3244567 Resto Druids are officially Dead

Posted by Recursion on 17 May 2011 - 05:25 PM

news flash

you're a resto druid

you've been overpowered for seven seasons, you aren't the undeniable best hero for 1 season and you quit??


Like the guy after you said "You haven't played in seven seasons" LOL, and stfu 1. YOur a warlock the class that never had a bad season and when Affliction was nerfed for once in S8 Destruction killed everyone in 1 GCD, and Really? 7 seasons? Were resto druids anything but holocaust victims to the Deathknight plague in S5? Were we the best healers in S6? S7? I don't disagree that Druids were heroes in S1-S4 but Shamans were always viable against us with 1 button. Purge spam while Mace stun warrior rapes us. Stfu 1 season Scabiator
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#3243420 Resto Druids are officially Dead

Posted by Recursion on 16 May 2011 - 11:39 PM

As all great resto druids must realize by now, you have to either quit and reroll a shaman or play with Reckful to get Gladiator, shaman healing stream totem not only outheals 3 stacks of lifeblooms but also gives the entire team resistance with the glyph (Major Glyph). I have run Reckful's comp with a famous rogue featured in Reckful 3 many of you know as Jailbreaklol and Inmotions spriest (Featured as spotlight movie in Inmotion1 on WCM) to about 2800 rating before Jailbreak had to leave to play with idiots that paid him $150 to 3v3 and teach them how to play WOW. Also after playing 300 plus games this season Ive realized... Even if you CC a resto shaman the entire game, their Earthshield and inexplicable instant healing (Are Shaman instant heals better druids wtf)their teammates just wont die.

In other words Shamans don't need to fake cast since their instants and Shields save the game a majority of the time, and if they miss a Shock, lol'd Grounding, into tremor.

Also if you haven't already noticed, shamans have completely migrated into druid positions and took over our spots. People would rather take my Resto shaman in quest greens and blues than take my 4xGladiator t2 Full Vicious decked out druid. Its disgusting and I am done with this game. For the rest of you, Good luck friends. It's been a pleasant....ish... 6 years on World of Warcraft and 4 seasons of Gladiator is good enough for me. Take it easy. Oh and if Shamans get nerfed for once in their lives tell me so I can cut my dick off.
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#3221160 Inmotion 1-2700+ 3v3 BG9 Rogue.Spriest POV

Posted by Recursion on 04 May 2011 - 05:40 AM

EDIT: WCM STREAM NOW UP: http://www.warcraftm...w.php?id=186731

heres the download link for the full video in HD http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G4E8FERD

Song list:
1. Tiesto ft. Hardwell- Zero 76
2. Kaskade ft. Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)
3. Mightyfools- World Tour
4. Martin Solveig & Dragonette vs. Afrojack - Hello Replica (Hardwell Mashup)
5. Daft Punk- Rinzler (Tron Legacy Soundtrack)
6. Mac Dre- In Motion

promote to spotlight if you think its deserved :)
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#3053830 Death of RMD

Posted by Recursion on 10 February 2011 - 03:25 AM

Well, we played to 2538 in a relatively short amount of time pre patch... Even pre patch RMD had to outplay everyone to win a game and still struggle, now its hopeless. To all those interested in the comp don't bother go with Priest now.

Sincerely yours; Former Top RMD Comp runners in U.S
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