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Dealing with Chaos, Triple interrupt and Blade's Edge

31 October 2016 - 06:56 PM

I'm pretty down with the Mage Script and know what I'm doing most of the time but I'm having trouble focusing some times when the game gets too chaotic. Generally vs triple/quad interrupt and many pets when you're basically not allowed to play the game.


What should I try to do when the enemy is just throwing every interrupt and stun on me when I'm trying to cast and their healer is positioned well? It's so obvious if I blink towards healer to get a sheep, he can see it coming miles away.


When I can't get any cc on the healer, most of the time I just try and get a poly on one of the dps and try to do as much damage as possible or try to drag their melee out of range/los from their healer but I also don't want to kite them to my healer so they can interrupt/stun him.


Most of the time this happens on Blade's Edge Arena, any advice on how to play on Blade's Edge as Mage would be appreciated as well.


I mostly play Mage/Melee/Healer.