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#1667220 Reputation System Is Being Abused

Posted BlueJoe on 02 January 2010 - 02:26 AM

There really needs to be some sort of system that allows only a certain amount of -reps per week.

I posted on a thread giving my advice, the thread was "If you could be a WoW PvP Dev for one day "

I said: "cloak being 100%
give hunters a different play style, not just constant spam
give priests a self freedom

and I get a -rep with the comment saying "bad"

I also contributed to a thread called "Envenom Spec; Absolutely ridiculous" and I get another -rep saying "bad".

on the arena ms paint rage thread, i posted my pic and I received two -rep.

If anything it makes me not want to post on any part of the forums other  than bg forum. I help players in ask a gladiator but it doesn't seem like that will make up for all the -rep idiots give for no reason.

This is just my insight on the rep system, I think it should be changed so it can be given fairly, you can tell that alot of people try to be funny by giving random -rep and its really abusing the system. Im not going to rage and quit posting on the forums if it doesn't change but its really something that needs to be looked at.

#1661535 Who the hell made the dalaran arena?

Posted Morgasaurus on 31 December 2009 - 04:28 AM

onaqui said:

Their whole team jojo's to that pillar, whoever we go for runs behind it and whenever we land some sort of CC they all run back there.

Pure logic should be enough to prevent someone from making such a crappy ass failiure map that rends one class useless.

Uhh... pretty sure LoS affects ALL ranged, not just hunters bro.  L2switch.

Also, is there a legitimate question here or is this just purely QQ?  If it's "how do i deal with entire teams turtling behind pillars?", then I would suggest not chasing and dying like a noob.  Instead, just keep them in combat and do what damage you can from opposite sides of the pillar.  It should force them out or OOM.

#1660571 Who the hell made the dalaran arena?

Posted makoplux on 30 December 2009 - 10:51 PM

Maybe the problem is that you're playing hunter ret and therefore can't lock anything down except with hoj. I'm just putting this out there but not every comp is going to work on every map ESPECIALLY if you play a comp with no spammable CC. You can bitch and complain about the map all you want but the fact of the matter is that those boxes suck dick for mages as well and aren't exactly the best for warlocks either.

If you want to play a comp with no real CC and then bitch about situations when you can't just chain your DPS abilities you're going to find little sympathy from me. To be perfectly honest given the nature of your team's abilities (All CC being instant and all damage being uninteruptable) what do you expect someone to do to mitigate your damage except abuse LOS?.

Also double healer warrior would be gayer in this situation than virtually any other comp and so while I agree that Dalaran boxes are gay getting double healer warrior on Dalaran is going to make the situation feel worse than it actually is (vs. basically anyone else).