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Ability prune in PvP - The Good and the Bad

01 August 2014 - 07:20 AM

I saw Nahj post this over on the beta forums, and he hit the nail on the head so much that I figured I'd repost it here for some discussion. It's from a rogue's prospective obviously, but it essentially sums up how beta is at the moment.

Good Changes:

-Removal of lots of Instant CC such as PoM Polly. NS cyclone, blanket counterspells. If melee aren't toned down enough though blanket CS could maybe stay, but with a much lower duration like 1.5-2 seconds.

-Removal of Psyfiend/toned down feather (Spectral Guise might still need changes to it).

-Shockwave and Stormbolt being on the same talent tier (you can probably reduce the cd by 5-10seconds now that you can't have both simultaneously).

-Shadowfury/howl/coil on the same talent tier. Howl was too strong when having it with shadowfury as well, but It might still need to lose the cooldown reduction on damage taken that was added during mop as well.

Bad Changes/Unmade changes:

-Extra Trinket mechanics still in the game. Unbound will, Desecrated Ground, Nimble Brew, will of the forsaken (change wotf to passively lower fear duration). Icebound fortitude could probably go back to preventative immunity instead of a breaker.

-Tremor Totem needs a redesign back to how it was in wrath or to not be affected by call of the elements. Prepping a second tremor totem is too strong.

-Not enough removal from Melee mobility. Rogue burst of speed, warrior intervene banners/heroic leap etc make it too easy to lockdown casters that actually have to cast now.
Ontop of the mobility melee also have too many ways to stop casts. For example, rogues can use gouge too disruptively so it's cooldown should either be raised to 15 seconds or have a higher energy cost. Death Knight's using death grip at point blank range as an interrupt is a problem as well and could be fixed by giving it a minimum range of say 3-5 yards.

-Removal of Disarm effects. Was fun Gameplay to disarm another rogues shadow dance or to disarm a warriors bladestorm before they changed it. It also helps as an extra defensive for peeling melee and keeping it more rounded towards melee/caster/healer.

-Warrior still designed with stacking offensive cooldowns like reck + avatar/bladestorm.

-Mindless unfun counter mechanics like track hidden and faerie fire/swarm are just too potent with very little effort (0 effort in track hidden's case as it is a passive effect). Faerie fire/swarm especially due to the cd on dispel which would take even more of a tone down on melee to accomplish (but I hope that the cooldown of dispel gets removed before launch).

-Clemency gives Ret paladins too much potential group utility with sac still functioning as a dispel for ret on top of being able to use bop to break physical CC. Even if ret is too strong or not strong enough it's just bad design like unholy frenzy was for DK in cata. Should take a look at warlock's imp pet being able to dispel as well even though that will be a huge buff for a lot of hunter comps, especially with traps arming instantly.

-Remove over homogenized mechanics/toolkits like hunters having a knockback via explosive trap glyph. It's definitely a fun ability to use, but it's just too bloated for their toolkit.

-Remove Shroud of Concealment stealth wars are boring and get really repetitive in rogue mirrors. it is also too strong/gimmicky and hard to balance around.

-Redesign smoke bomb away from being a gimmick 100-0 someone without a trinket. Boring ability to balance getting kills around (usually 100-0 gibs on players without trinket). Would be really cool to see it have a much lower cooldown and the old radius, but allow targets to be healed while trapped in it. Leaving it to be used in more creative ways like breaking up a CC chain, stopping damage or getting a last second re-stealth etc.

-Some instant CC's that require extremely minimal setup as a team to get value out of such as wyvern sting are still in the game. I would say chastise for priests, but with the DR changes I think that might fix itself and hopefully Disc retake's it's place over holy priests. Or, that both specs can coincide without it being a coin flip of did you choose the right spec for the right matchup (unless changing spec became a thing in arena).

P.S "Prune" out the waterfall in Dalaran arena and then remove Blade's edge/Ruins of lordaeron or just make all current/future maps a reskin of nagrand design wise.


Pet botting and following healers

22 July 2014 - 08:51 AM


Was queing some KFC for shits earlier and kept queing into this LSD. After awhile we noticed the pet wouldn't kick until around ~90% casts, and would follow their druid around the entire game; around pillers and shit that's physically impossible normally even with god-tier microing.

I've got a couple games of this, but I really didn't care enough to sit there and watch the thing the whole game, so here's just a small highlight of it in action. At one point we killed the damn thing and he summoned a new one and it walked right back to their druid. If the druid was CC'd it would walk back to the lock until the CC ended, or if it got taunted. It usually was a step behind so it really didn't eat traps that well, but was still annoying.

So, how often do you guys run into this? I know orb botting and shit is fairy common but I've never actually seen it to this level of obvious bullshittery

Ruins of Lordaeron Beta Change

16 July 2014 - 06:39 AM

Posted Image

Uh, was this cart always here?

edit; BOTH the cart AND the two graves on the opposite side are completely LoS


Remove Resil Add Versatility

01 July 2014 - 06:07 AM

So, they removed resil and ~tripled our health pools to compensate, throwing the entire number squish off balance.

Then they add in versatility, effectively replacing resil.

What's the fucking point? I understand its beta and all, but why? Just an oversight? Giant healthpools are absolutely awful and throw % healing way out of balance, and make everything else feel wierd in comparison.

Can we just have resil back on gear? Baseline resil was what screwed everything up in the first place

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New Spectator Client

26 June 2014 - 08:26 AM

Holinka has been tweeting about a 'huge unannounced feature' and teasing about it


/invitespectatormatch <Team A leader battle tag> <Team B leader battle tag> <bracket: 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 10v10> <map name>


God damn, you guys are going to flip out when you see this. #Warlords #PvP #Hyplinka


No not really. This is very much a tool for the sophisticated user who wants to run a tournament.

Looks like we're finally getting a good spectator mode for tournies; hopefully its g2g for WoD and we get back into some actual competetive gameplay. WoD is looking better and better