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Pet botting and following healers

Today, 08:51 AM


Was queing some KFC for shits earlier and kept queing into this LSD. After awhile we noticed the pet wouldn't kick until around ~90% casts, and would follow their druid around the entire game; around pillers and shit that's physically impossible normally even with god-tier microing.

I've got a couple games of this, but I really didn't care enough to sit there and watch the thing the whole game, so here's just a small highlight of it in action. At one point we killed the damn thing and he summoned a new one and it walked right back to their druid. If the druid was CC'd it would walk back to the lock until the CC ended, or if it got taunted. It usually was a step behind so it really didn't eat traps that well, but was still annoying.

So, how often do you guys run into this? I know orb botting and shit is fairy common but I've never actually seen it to this level of obvious bullshittery

Ruins of Lordaeron Beta Change

16 July 2014 - 06:39 AM

Posted Image

Uh, was this cart always here?

edit; BOTH the cart AND the two graves on the opposite side are completely LoS


Remove Resil Add Versatility

01 July 2014 - 06:07 AM

So, they removed resil and ~tripled our health pools to compensate, throwing the entire number squish off balance.

Then they add in versatility, effectively replacing resil.

What's the fucking point? I understand its beta and all, but why? Just an oversight? Giant healthpools are absolutely awful and throw % healing way out of balance, and make everything else feel wierd in comparison.

Can we just have resil back on gear? Baseline resil was what screwed everything up in the first place

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New Spectator Client

26 June 2014 - 08:26 AM

Holinka has been tweeting about a 'huge unannounced feature' and teasing about it


/invitespectatormatch <Team A leader battle tag> <Team B leader battle tag> <bracket: 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 10v10> <map name>


God damn, you guys are going to flip out when you see this. #Warlords #PvP #Hyplinka


No not really. This is very much a tool for the sophisticated user who wants to run a tournament.

Looks like we're finally getting a good spectator mode for tournies; hopefully its g2g for WoD and we get back into some actual competetive gameplay. WoD is looking better and better

Ability Lag Fix

18 June 2014 - 09:24 AM

Figured this deserved its own thread

Ya'll know what I'm talking about - Priest lifeswaps someone, but they still die. Getting cloned with spell reflect up? Interrupting and still getting CC'd? How about a target dieing even though you NS'd them?

Shit still goes on CD but it doesn't matter. Anyway, turns out Blizzard has a fix for WoD


I don't want to get too deep into the under-the-hood workings of WoW servers, but here's a super short version. Any action that one unit takes on another different unit used to be processed in batches every 400ms. Some very attentive people may have noticed that healing yourself would give you the health instantly (minus client/server latency), whereas healing another unit would incur a delay of between 0ms and 400ms (again, on top of client/server latency). Same with damaging, applying auras, interrupting, knocking back, etc.

That delay can feel bad just due to the somewhat laggy responsiveness feeling, but also because the state of things can change during that time. For example: Holly the Holy Priest is healing Punky the Brewmaster. Punky spikes low, and Holly hits Guardian Spirit in a panic. The server verifies that Holly is able to cast it, and that Punky is alive (great!). The cast goes off, Guardian Spirit goes on cooldown, and a request is placed for the Guardian Spirit aura (that prevents dying) to be placed on Punky. That request will be filled next time the 400ms timer loops, which happens to be 320ms from now. 250ms later, the boss lands another hit on on Punky. Punky dies. Sadface. Another 70ms goes by, and the Guardian Spirit aura request pops up, and goes "Hey guys, I'm here!... Aww... damn, I missed the party. Sadface."

We no longer batch them up like that. We just do it as fast as we can, which usually amounts to between 1ms and 10ms later. It took a considerable amount of work to get it working that way, but we're very pleased with the results so far; the game feels noticeably more responsive.

I can't guarantee that you'll never ever again run into cases where Guardian Spirit went on cooldown and the tank still died... but it'll be literally 40x rarer than before, and the whole game will feel more responsive too.


WoD is looking better and better