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In Topic: How do the majority of warriors feel here about our current state?

Yesterday, 04:44 PM

View PostClamnesia, on 25 October 2014 - 04:09 PM, said:

Dude... Like i dont even know what to say to you. You really are clueless... "you will actually realize that you need a brain to play this class" I dont think ive laughed that hard in quite some time. Dude youve sat 2200 (1700 in every other season) since JUNE..2203 is your highest rating.. youve sat it since JUNE when you achieved it. Looks like a carry to me boys. Dont even come in here and pretend you know what youre talking about.

Again, please make junkies 2400+


stop it

In Topic: I don't understand ferals right now

Yesterday, 03:08 AM

View PostCkhw, on 20 October 2014 - 12:30 PM, said:

Same discussion every prepatch "FFS OP HEAL FAK U BLIZURD". Healing will scale properly once you reach level 100. It's the same thing with level 40 hpalas holyshocking for 110% of their Healthpool, calm the fuck down.

Ferals are healing just as insane at level 100

The entire druid class are healing gods at the moment

In Topic: How do the majority of warriors feel here about our current state?

24 October 2014 - 08:13 PM

View PostClamnesia, on 24 October 2014 - 08:06 PM, said:

Warriors did pretty well without some of these things before. Storm bolt ---> added in MoP. Shockwave was protection exclusive before. Warriors always had intervene right? (not safeguard) <-- dont actually remember its been a while.  

"We warriors aren't asking to be able to completely shut a target down" I understand this. But i think that what you DONT understand is that if you have TOO much, thats what you become. They took alot away from warriors because they COULD completely shut a target down. The one thing i agree with you all about is the fact that your damage abilities BLOW. The way warriors do damage is really boring and dry. I agree 100%. Its alot like it used to be before cataclysm actually. Nearly a direct model. Differences include: not having CS back then. You DID have overpower but it was mainly used against dodge classes because thats when it was able to be activated. Slam had a cast time and HS was rage dump (off the global) if i remember correctly. I could be wrong about all of this, and if i am im sure you will let me know. =] Other things : Im pretty sure (again i could be wrong, its been years) that pre cata, you generated rage with auto attacks and maybe MS, right? So its the same now minus the MS part.

Other things i partially agree with. Shield wall is iconic. The fact they scrapped it is a little disheartening. However, every other class has to be defensive while their defensive/s are up. Not warriors though... Thats why Sword and board and defensive stance made it balanced. You shouldnt be able to pop your main defensive and still continue tunneling the same amount of damage you would have tunneled had you not used a defensive. Can mages block and shatter you while blocked? Can hunters Deter and still chimera shot you for billions? Can spriests disperse and still DP you to death? I think the answer to all of the questions is no. Now, when you take that and couple it with the fact that youre ON your target 70% or more of the game, it becomes really shitty for a ranged class who is meant to do damage at range.. But you fix that with instant casts that promote zero skill for the casters right? Do you understand at ALL what im trying to say? SOMETHING has to give. If caster are going to stand still and cast things to do their biggest damage, then they have to be able to keep melee out of their faces every now and then.

The point is that warriors were never the way they were in mop except during mop. lol. Sounds like you all are either really new or just got really used to it.

A much more constructive post compared to before.

Anyway, we're not complaining about our damage or utility, but our actual rotation. We understand damage nerfs, we understand mobility nerfs. It's happened before and will happen again.

What we're complaining about is that our actual, fundamental damage rotation, is one of the worst designed rotations in this entire game, right next to the marksman hunter's two buttons. There's such a significant amount of downtime and awkwardness that is isn't fun to play, regardless of how much damage we can do. This is the issue we're talking about more then anything else.

In Topic: How do the majority of warriors feel here about our current state?

24 October 2014 - 07:16 PM

View PostClamnesia, on 24 October 2014 - 06:17 PM, said:

Yeah, youre right. Theres obviously no arguing with mop heroes and duelists..


I can't argue your point, so I'll just dismiss your character instead


In Topic: 6.0.2: A Gladiator’s guide to Gladiator Stance

24 October 2014 - 03:53 AM

View PostCapers, on 24 October 2014 - 03:25 AM, said:

especially because arms is even more mindless than it was in MoP

idk if i agree with that

but arms is just so boring to play now, atleast with prot you can global people while mindlessly pushing buttons