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#1978345 GM's are SERIOUS BUSINESS

Posted broseph on 21 March 2010 - 08:21 PM

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#1791340 Has the general skill of WoW players Improved?

Posted Atraille on 31 January 2010 - 10:59 PM

Of course...

A lot of people have and will reply with "You can WotLK stuff, so there's no skill"

This is really pure idiocy.  (I would say that most of the people saying this - I'm not actually going to read this thread - are either only TBC glads, or are locks/druids who miss the old days).

In TBC positioning was less important.  Now, if you are in the wrong position, you die, your partner dies, or one of you is going to die a few minutes later.  In TBC, if you position yourself wrong, you'd end up falling behind on mana, and rarely you'd eat a really long CC chain and someone might die.  If you fall behind on mana, you can always recover.

TBC was more forgiving of mistakes.  Poor positioning, slower reaction times, blowing a CD at the wrong time, missing an interrupt, etc...  In Wrath, you make a mistake and you might not be able to hold them off until your CDs are back up, or your partner might die because you made a mistake.

It's pretty silly to say that people don't get better at something as time goes by.  Let's look at some examples...

Extreme Sports - Look at the tricks now compared to what they did before.
Advertising - After lots of time, advertisers have learned the science of what they do, and their ads are more efficient.
Arena - As time has gone on, people have gotten better at what they do, by playing a lot and having more material available to improve their game.

Watch some videos of Pre BC and from early TBC...  (Rival - Duelist if you can... the change will not be as drastic as the top end of Gladiators, bottom range of Gladiators would work as well)...  Then compare it to people of the same level now and you'll notice the big change.

#1786822 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Nez on 30 January 2010 - 05:51 PM

oogleboogle said:

^ You kinda chopped half the priests' arm off bro :(

the axe did it, priest used pain suspension.

#1790330 Anyone in the U.K. have experience with mobile broadband?

Posted Nemzz on 31 January 2010 - 04:52 PM

i tried it once and the fucking thing wouldnt even work, it was 3g i say dont even bother

#1778690 I have turned to the Dark Side

Posted Nez on 28 January 2010 - 05:36 PM

Rensy said:

the only problem is, that doesnt leave much room for macros i come up with that i want :/


#1778135 blizzards quote for s8 sets

Posted Nemzz on 28 January 2010 - 02:04 PM

what's funnier is that they dont realise how full of shit their developer hq is filled with

#1753998 Deadly Throw Suggestion.

Posted Zeiyo on 22 January 2010 - 05:14 PM

i think it would be a good idea tbh, it would cost a major glyph and you would have to use your combo points on the throw meaning you would loose alot of dmg on your target, but you could outplay the healer if he sucks, if he doesnt suck he will fake it....adds skill to the game

#1753422 Deadly Throw Suggestion.

Posted Lolflay on 22 January 2010 - 01:42 PM


Glyph of Deadly Throw

Makes your Deadly Throw also interrupt spellcasting, and locks the school for 1.5 secs, but increases the cooldown on deadly throw by 10 seconds

Deadly Throw interrupts, but has 10 sec cooldown in return, so you can chain kick and DT if you're lucky but after that you'll have to rely on something else.

#1751723 Deadly Throw Suggestion.

Posted Nemzz on 22 January 2010 - 01:45 AM

I feel that Blizzard should make a deadly throw glyph, that'd look something like this:

Major Glyph
Use: Interupts the target and locks out the school that they were casting for 3 seconds (can't remember how long it was in TBC)

The reason I feel that we need is because, there's still a lot of fake casting and yeah we do have other interupts such as garrote/gouge/kidney shot but since the resilience buff is coming into the place the game will be less ZERG which will make the interupt not as 'overpowered' as some may think in wrath.

As well as that, the change in 3.0 which made DT not proc Ruthlessness means that you cannot chain interupt it which would as mentioned/thought before be OP in WoW's state of pvp. I feel Deadly Throw is really useless and that it's use compared to tbc is so hilarious that all it is used for is a slow for when you get kited. It needs something more for a finisher that consumes your combo points imo. What do you think?

Edit: Another thing I'd like to add as well, is that we still need to sacrifice a slot for a glyph which means that we will be losing something before gaining this. There may be other threads like this but I couldn't be arsed searching for them.

The glyph right now for deadly throw is a joke, 10% slow speed for a major glyph  lol.

#1751869 Deadly Throw Suggestion.

Posted Nawb on 22 January 2010 - 02:26 AM

Well, as a warlock I don't really think that is a good idea because warlocks that get rogue on their back pretty much have way too many problems casting something out because of the lock down we get :P However... This might not be that bad idea since I know how it is getting 12k crit cause mage blinked or warlock teleported, or how it is when healer is 10% and u get gripped away so he gets healed to full since you couldnt reach him...

So basically, it's very nice idea to be tested at least, and if it shows well to be implanted on Live servers in some of recent incoming patches :)

#1751786 Deadly Throw Suggestion.

Posted jmcqueen3 on 22 January 2010 - 02:05 AM

Make it the same lockout time as Wind Shock if anything. ~1.5 seconds. But I'm definitely all for increasing the control and decreasing the zerg/damage output of all classes like that. Increases the skill cap, and makes it more interesting.

#1755363 Queueing skirmishes in a group

Posted Revert on 22 January 2010 - 11:35 PM

if anyone's bored over the next week and wants to do skirmishes against friends or whatever, click the bracket you want to join and copy + paste this in the chat box, and it will queue your party for that bracket.

/script JoinBattlefield(ArenaFrame.selection - 3, 1);

#1739915 Get your rank, quick and easy.

Posted Schnorki on 19 January 2010 - 07:41 PM

Despite the armory being broken as hell, for those interested, you can view your team's current rank despite not seeing anything in the pvp tab.

Specifically, this gives you the in-game ranking (updated as of this maintenance) for the given teams, meaning this is NOT counting out inactive teams yet. (Not all of them anyways...maintenance update catches some, but not all of them. So usually your 'real' rank for purpose of cutoff determination will be a tad bit lower than the one shown here)

Also, it shows you your personal rating and % of total games played, just in case you forgot and aren't sure if you even qualify anymore. ;)

The actual macro:
/script for i=1,3 do t,s,r,_,_,tp,_,_,pp,ra,p=GetArenaTeam(i) pl=(floor((pp/tp*100*10^2)+0.5))/10^2 ChatFrame1:AddMessage(""..s.."v"..s..": Team <"..t.."> is rank "..ra.." with "..r.." rating. ("..p.." personal, "..pl.."% played)") end

changed it a bit
(thx to Cyaxeres for the idea to just check all 3 teams at a time.. =p)

#1731979 Post your highest arena KS crit

Posted Nez on 18 January 2010 - 11:21 AM

Felic said:

Well Im sorry but... Dont you rape plate just as much :P ? Cause then you have teh feared chimera shot. And we all know warriors are rogues with a 2hander.

less warriors = more happiness for everything else?

#1729511 What do you think is overpowered in the game these days?

Posted salice on 17 January 2010 - 11:31 PM

Malevolént said:

Pretty easy: PvE gear and goddamn Protwarriors.


UA double dipping with MS for heals :(