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#3936760 @Bigmoron / Adversa / Seestraightz

Posted Smashnbash on 10 September 2013 - 09:04 AM

its r1 in 5s #whothefuckcaresabout5s

#3911897 Why is Sub better than Multi?

Posted Bootzx on 11 July 2013 - 06:17 PM

View PostAcerMVP, on 11 July 2013 - 03:04 PM, said:

You clearly haven't played mutilate correctly then.

You know how many times a week I see you say that same thing to others. Your guide that could be figured out by anyone who knows how to open their spell book. We get it, you want recognition for playing mutilate and at whatever skill level in your mind means you get to act like a gift to the rogue class on the forums.

#3906003 Arena Teams no More

Posted Sykoh on 29 June 2013 - 06:36 PM

we shall see what the big picture is on Monday, for now we really know jack shit

where the rogue changes at.....

#3904921 "Exciting pvp changes"

Posted flannelsoff on 27 June 2013 - 09:56 AM

View PostGlink, on 27 June 2013 - 09:08 AM, said:

new pvp armor set $25 on blizzard store
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#3898746 Killing Spree is now single target in 5.4. Will this be the rise of combat ro...

Posted Bootzx on 12 June 2013 - 03:27 PM

View PostAcerMVP, on 12 June 2013 - 01:17 PM, said:

Just stop. A lot of rogues don't even want to play sub anymore. It's such a garbage spec now in terms of playstyle... Which is why they're looking into other specializations. Sub already got it's nerfs and buffs. Now they need to look to other specs.

I'm really liking the patch notes for rogues though.

Just out of curiosity who made you the voice for the whole rogue community?

#3898350 Official Hunter Hotfix Notes

Posted Skizzlol on 12 June 2013 - 01:28 AM

The funny thing with all of the suggestions that have been put out about hunters being nerfed, is that you all want to nerf them and then compensate them elsewhere.

NEWS FLASH: THEY NEED TO BE FLAT OUT NERFED TO SHIT AND NOT COMPENSATED AT ALL. EVER. They literally ruin the fucking game and make it so that a fucking retard mongoloid idiot shitcan can spam a one button macro and have a 90% win ratio.

Here's some nerfs that should actually happen:
Remove trinket from BM
Remove web from disengage or make it dispellable
Make silencing shot a MM talent like it was and should be.
Make readiness a Survival talent like it was and should be.
Remove detect stealth from the game, (they get a flare already and a better stealth than rogues, they dont need to see them across the map in stealth as well.)
Nerf pet damage by 50%.

AND THATS IT. NO COMPENSATION AT ALL. They are really fucking OP and a nutless monkey could play one to R1 in their current state.

BOOM solid game. Hire me now please thanks.

P.S. If you disagree with my suggestions you're either:
A) A Hunter.
B )Currently play with a hunter and have seen your ratings increase exponentially this expansion.
C) Have an IQ of less than 50 and are considered to be mentally retarded.
D) All of the above.

Good day

#3896020 Help salvage s13: We need Hunters fixed!

Posted Smooviex on 07 June 2013 - 01:04 AM

I can't believe some of you are defending this patch, your ignorance is beyond belief

good post

#3895832 Help salvage s13: We need Hunters fixed!

Posted brosearch on 06 June 2013 - 06:09 PM

Please guys post on official forums too. I would love to que again, but Hunters alone ruin arena.

I want to start by clarifying that I have no personal animosity against Hunters. I am not the typical wow pvper who wants to see xxx class nerfed into oblivion because I have a long lasting hatred toward said class. Having said that, arena is totally unplayable currently because of Hunters. Yes it is unplayable; this is not an exaggeration. There is absolutely no chance of enjoying arena while hunters exist in their current state.

I am not making this post to whine about WOW or MOP. I prefer not to do such things. I am not going to make a long post about all the changes this game needs in order to have amazing pvp. I can deal with many absurd things happening in this game. I can deal with elemental shamans getting proc after proc and doing a ton of damage without casting. I can deal with mages not casting and doing crazy damage in a deep freeze. I can deal with feral druids hitting really really hard. I can deal with death knights having more trinkets than the pvp vendor. I can deal with a destro locks chaos bolt during their cds. I can deal with shamans having a 36 sec tremor totem. I can deal with psyfiend being extremely annoying. Clearly, there are many things in this game which present unique challenges. However all of the things listed above are avoidable and/or defendable. One of the key attributes among good players is their ability to counter imbalances such as these through the use of CDs, positioning, and coordination with their team.

That is the key point where Hunters step into a realm of God status. A Hunters arsenal is such that other players are entirely subject to the will of the Hunter. If a Hunter wants, he gets. If I beat a hunter team, it’s because he failed to beat me because of his mistakes. I didn’t beat him; he beat himself. I am being 100% serious here. With all that a Hunter can do, a loss on his part is his fault. Moreover, he could have done something different and there would be no way in which I could have beaten him. That is unacceptable. This is precisely why arena currently can’t be played seriously, and more importantly it can’t be enjoyed.

I won’t list all Hunter abilities. Rather, ill list the abilities or reasons why a Hunter is so governing.

1. The damage a Hunter does is far beyond high. This is the biggest problem with Hunters. The damage output they are capable of doing is not acceptable. It’s not healable in any way. You can’t stop it, and you can’t LOS it. Hilariously, the Hunter isn’t even the one doing most of the damage. His pets are the ones doing a majority of the damage, and those pets move like superman so you aren’t getting away. I am not sure why Hunter damage went up in 5.3, but it’s out of control right now in a big way.

2. Their control is instant, there is a lot of it, it’s ranged and it’s unavoidable. You can’t stop /cast [@focus] scatter trap, or /cast [@focus] pet stun thing, or /cast [@focus] silencing shot, and they can full trap off scatter or the pet stun OR the disengage 8 sec AOE physical root. Any hunter can land a full trap if he uses his disengage root, pet stuns a healer’s partner so they can’t eat the trap, or simply coordinates with his team. However he doesn’t even need a full trap for kills BECAUSE his damage is so damn high/instant/unavoidable. To make matters worse, they can Readiness and have access to scatter, trap and silencing shot yet again lol. In past expansions, if you ate traps, you could survive hunter cleaves. It’s truly sad but this is no longer the case. This just might be from a warlock perspective, but if I try to stand on my healer for the 3 secs scatter is on him, I’ll die before the trap even activates. Literally I have to gateway the instant they connect on me or I am dead. I can’t tell you how many times I have used my pet sac, unending resolve, fel regen and healthstone all right away, only to die through all of it as if I pulled a raid boss who one shot me.

3. The hunter isn’t controllable in any reliable way for the first few mins of a game. BM provides a trinket effect, they obviously have the regular pvp trinket, and they can readiness BM too. These are 3 ways in which the Hunter is able to free himself of any CC which enables him to assert his control and damage as he sees fit. If he wanted, he has other ways to avoid additional control attempts too, but I’ll just leave those out for now. Back to the point, you can’t stun a Hunters opener, or fear or blind it. He is going to be free period. This is a massive problem because he also has the other 2 arrows in his quiver as I mentioned above (his unreal damage and his puppet master like control). If the hunter wasn’t able to do insane damage to people, then he being free would be far less of a concern. If a hunter wasn’t able to control a healer so easily, reliably, and in a way that can’t be avoided, then him being free would also not be such an issue. However he does have all this damage and all this control, so giving him the ability to remain free to assert these things makes matters infinitely direr.

These 3 main issues combined are what make Hunters the problem they are now. 5.3 brought some changes that enable me to play my warlock in a way that is somewhat enjoyable now (I can actually do some meaningful damage). I would love to que 3v3 again, but every time I do there is an onslaught of Hunter teams who basically win by default. About 80% of all 3v3 teams have a hunter, so there is no escaping them. Additionally, it’s not just warlocks who get absolutely destroyed by these Hunter teams. When you are a God among mortals, you take everyone to pound town. NO class can really enjoy arena as long as Hunters stay like they are. I sincerely hope even Hunters themselves realize it can’t be fun like this. Lebron James wouldn’t go play basketball at the local gym because it’s not fun to play versus those who stand no chance at winning.

I challenge anyone to go watch some streams of 3v3. You will see how prevalent and utterly dominant Hunters are. Even vs. top players, they impose their will with little to no effort. I know blizzard isn’t a fan of pvp only fixes but I don’t see any other way in this situation.

Their damage needs to go way down, the BM trinket effect removed altogether, and their control must be reduced (maybe make a target immune to scatter if he has been silencing shot and vice versa). No class should have it all. If nothing is done about Hunters, this season is completely lost. There is no debating that fact.

Thanks for your support and consideration.

#3895723 Meta gems for subtlety

Posted Krumme on 06 June 2013 - 10:06 AM

The following is a mathematical comparison of the two gems (Tyrannical Primal Diamond and Agile Primal Diamond) set on determining which proves to be better overall for a rogue. There is very little doubt that the Agile gem provides more damage in every scenario, but the Tyrannical gem has 775 resilience, and it is the total benefits which are being weighed.

For the purpose of this comparison, we assume an average crit rate of 30%. A rogue in full 496 PvP gear has somewhere between 23% and 25% crit, but factoring in temporary agility procs, the 5% stat buff and 5% crit buff, the average crit rate for a rogue will probably approach 30%.

Based on that, we'll begin by determining the value of 3% increased damage on crits. Assuming 100 hits each dealing 1.000 damage, we allow 30 of them to crit for double damage. Thus we have 130.000 in total, with 60.000 of that being from crits. This means 46,15% of the total damage comes from crits. A 3% increase to this nets a total damage increase of 1,38%.

Next comes the 665 PvP Power, which on paper is a 1,66% increase in damage, but as you'll already have a lot of PvP Power from your gear, this number does not accurately represent the actual gain. A rogue in full 496 PvP gear has 35.08%, but if using the weapon chain with 600 PvP Power, the number would be 36.58%. Since some rogues are humans and use a pure agility trinket, they won't have the PvP Power from the medallion. Based on this, we assume an average of 36% PvP Power. Dealing 137,66 damage instead of 136 is an increase of 1,22%.

From this we can deduce that the 3% crit damage bonus is roughly 13% more valuable than 665 PvP Power, and so we can regard it as being equal to 752 PvP Power.

As far as we've come with math, some difficulties present themselves in determining the exact damage increase granted by 216 agility, as it depends on your present levels of crit, haste, mastery, PvP Power, which buffs / procs you have up at a given time and so on. Nonetheless we can approximate the total value of each gem by comparing what we've concluded so far.

216 agility
752 PvP Power


775 resilience
665 PvP Power

once reduced becomes

216 agility
87 PvP Power


775 resilience

While there is of course some room for personal interpretation, it seems the Tyrannical gem is better by quite a large margain. Assuming no resilience other than the chest enchant, you'll have 65.3% damage reduction. Adding 775 resilience from the gem brings you to 66.42% damage reduction, and as a result you'll be taking 3,23% less damage than before. Prior to 5.3 most rogues had resilience in every socket, sometimes even ignoring socket bonuses. While the gems were halved, the relative value of 1 resilience to 1 agility is largely unchanged, and if 320 resilience is better than 160 agility, 775 resilience is most certainly better than 216 agility even when factoring in 87 PvP Power.

If your only concern is damage, the Agile gem is better. It becomes slightly better when you have procs or buffs that increase your crit chance, and slightly worse when none of those are active. RNG will heavily influence the value of it. Not only the percentage of your attacks that crit matters, but also which attacks. If your offhand auto-attack crits for 7k instead of your Eviscerate for 90k, there will obviously be some discrepancy. Such is the nature of WoW's combat system, and more accurate predictions are difficult to make.

Conclusion / TLDR:
Tyrannical Primal Diamond is a lot better than Agile Primal Diamond unless survivability is irrelevant to you.

#3895581 Why are top Rogues so lazy

Posted ROKMODE on 05 June 2013 - 10:49 PM

Well of course "top" rogues aren't as vocal as hunters
The hunter community has always been the most bitchy community in WoW pvp

#3865480 US - RUIN - 3V3 (S13)

Posted Nastyhabitz on 22 March 2013 - 06:57 PM

View PostPradafiend, on 22 March 2013 - 06:01 PM, said:

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Fixed for ya

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Xeveez the 0 time glad worshiping me

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#3854217 Rambojohny caught red handed

Posted RamboJohny on 27 February 2013 - 03:21 PM

Merkx Merkx Merkx bahahahahahahahahahhahaha
You sir are a total joke, Im pretty sure you transfered over to Stormstrike and made the team name "Rank one I take that" After seeing you go 50-4 2501 MMR and within the week as well as  que dodging me nonstop. It was safe to say the only way i could face you is with a snipe.
Well Sure enough what happened?  RamboJohny proceeds to snap your neck over and over and over and over again, And forcing you to disband your team within 12 hours because your a 70% win ratio. I Do believe it was 9-2(should of 9-1 But disconnect) and you whispering my warrior that "you guys own us", Were thinking about transfering off" "you guys are gods""RamboJohny uses GCD Global hack nobody can heal through are Burst DPS"  
Dont worry you 17 yr old pasty boy,  Im 29 yrs old Do you think I really care about my ego in this game? I'm 6'2 215 Jacked out of my mind. I Make a 175k a year working for the feds, Do you think I care about making money off this game? I've been playing since Beta back in 04 and Gotten a drake every season i've played since season 1 and enjoy playing the game to spend some hours and waste some time.
Now it appears you got a new team name "Gladiator i take that" And once again you continue to que dodge us, Me and my teamates logg in.  You logg out.  You play at 3-5am Playing who knows? to keep building up your rating   Some day you will grow some nuts and realize you can't hang in the big leagues
The time will come this monday morning for your weekly beatdown on stormstrike when were both 2620+, Well let me take that back..... Hopefully you can still hang and reach those 2600's because i see you keep tanking than getting feed points by your "boys"

Ask anybody on stormstrike who knows about are history this season,  Pretty sure every person will confirm me owning you 9-2 and almost forcing you into sliting your throat live on webcam as well as disbanding your "rank one i take that" team

P.S Do you really think these teams would "feed me" who are on bubble glad? Im pretty sure its the last 2 weeks of the season, and alot of the teams who are on the bubble are just trying to snag 1-2 wins to jump a couple positions, It's only top 7 on stormstrike.  Get a life kid, and stop whispering me every hour of the day trying to build up your "world of warcraft ego" And Im sure your telling all your twitch.tv or "All the known people" in this game your fake story, Or "want to believe story" This is a game, Your still that same pathetic loser when you look into that mirror and see what a disgrace you are in this county.

Come at me bro and grow some nuts when your ready to get your neck snapped again

Also your boy Tosan can keep lieing to people on his stream to build up his "world of warcraft ego"
I've held rank 1 for 2 months during stampede bugg....And 4 months after the Stampede Nerf
You guys held rank 1 for 3 days....  Keep on que dodgeing and playing 18 hours a day and failing to tell the true facts

#3484047 BiS s10 gear

Posted riccod on 14 September 2011 - 01:37 AM

In other words:
In an average arena game which lasts 6 minutes the on proc pvp trinket will proc ~8 times assuming you open on your target after ~10 secs the game started (so it will proc @ ~ 10-15 sec).
The trinket will be up 44% of the time, this means you get ~540 agility on average.

Assuming you use Shadow Dance on cooldown, which pretty likely wont happen, the on proc pvp trinket will be inline with your dance 3 times. 3 times a dance with 1200 agility. (yes it can be more than 3 times if you wait and time dances)
Additionaly you can pop your on use pvp trinket 3 times in a 6 min match.

So you get following table:

Procs at ..... Dances at (when you use it on cooldown)
  • 0:15 ..... 0:15 ( pop your 2 min trinket here )
  • 1:00 ..... 1:15
  • 1:45 ..... 2:15
  • 2:30  
  • 3:15 ..... 3:15 ( pop your 2 min trinket here )
  • 4:00 ..... 4:15
  • 4:45  
  • 5:30 ..... 5:15 ( wait a few secs with dance and pop your 2 min trinket here )

3 times dancing with 3230 (1200+2030) agility.

Thats the best setup which goes for choosing trinkets and none of the other trinkets will ever ever compete with these ones.

(...plus you gain 800 resilience)

+rep, i know you love me now

#3482358 BiS s10 gear

Posted Easiestsap on 12 September 2011 - 08:01 PM

I thought I would come in here and end the debate, seeing some of the posts on aj these days makes me want to puke it is so disgusting.  I do not know what you are thinking using those trinkets Iurk, Darkmoon Card licks old wrinkly man testicles and Unheeded was only good when it proc'd weapon damage even then it was mediocre at best.  I say UHW is not even that good or it ever was close to good is the proc is short as fuck and it was a joke trying to base your shadow dances on it pre nerf.  I truly believe as a human rogue at this moment I have the best possible setup you can have granted I have Regular Mode Rhyo cloak and not the Heroic one, I have over 4k resil close to 15k ap (unbuffed) and 20/20 expertise and 34% crit.  I kind of thought about using the rag trinket i have but the proc is complete shit and it gives a stat I have too much of as sub all ready which is Crit.  It has a 1 minute 45 second ICD I believe but would give me a passive 406 agility.  I feel the Insignia proc trinket far exceeds the damage and pressure I can put out paired with the on use badge. The Ruthless agi proc gives you 1218 Agility for 20 sec on a 45 second ICD (which if you do not know the icd starts the countdown the second it procs).  When I get a strong opener with Insignia proc'd and I pop my badge I can get over 30k ambushes and pretty much slay a nerd on my first dance if they do not blow massive amounts of cd's.  
   That being said I also fooled around with using double on use trinkets as human with the 371 and 384 paired together, to use one every dance it is nice to have a big damage dance every time you pop shadow dance (which should be used on cd or it is a wasted ability in my honest opinion in the current state of the game).  All if all I feel like the proc trinket paired with the badge is your best bet as a human rogue atm, I mean it is pretty fucked up that I have over 4k resil and then with proc+on use I can hit for over 30k over and over. Sorry for this wall of text I have just been really upset with the quality of posts on aj the past few years, no one can take anything serious.  I have seen a few good posts get blown up due to trolls, I just wish people had the consideration and respect to read posts and threads and if they didn't agree just voice their opinion in a non trolling manner. This site used to be a great site to learn from the best players discussing Strategies specs and gear etc now it is a huge trolling monstrosity, that is all I hope you can read this and agree with me all of you rogues out there have a great day. xoxo

p.s sorry for the wall of text, plus rep if you read this and agree!!

#3456930 Rogue changes in 4.3

Posted quikkz on 27 August 2011 - 05:37 AM

I'd like to take some time to discuss possible rogue changes in the upcoming patch...

-i feel rogue damage overall is too high at the moment, our control is too good to be putting out the burst other melee can.  Possibly a 6% reduction overall on damage would bring us more in line.

-when they put cloak and combat readiness on the same CD the intention here was to lower our survivability, I'd have to say this hasn't really made us as susceptible as blizzard intended.  We still can be pretty careless with our positioning without having to worry about being swapped to and killed. A fix here would be to raise the CD of cloak and CR to something a bit higher

-with the burst we can currently put out, dance is probably on too short of a CD....we should probably have dance's CD raised to 90 seconds to be more fair to other melee

-other classes are complaining that smoke bomb is ruining brackets such as 5v5, maybe remove smoke bomb from the glyph of preparation

i think with these minor changes we will be in good shape for 4.3 and beyond, thank you