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#3399185 Moonwell Chalice throwback (double trinkets!)

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 27 July 2011 - 09:39 PM

fun while it lasted!

That's what she said.
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#3099913 Enhancement Shaman too weak vs. casters

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 01 March 2011 - 11:55 PM

Mage damage should get tweaked just a tiny bit, a double crit shatter with some type of trinket/proc should deal roughly 25% of a person's max health bar, so in current gear, about 30. I also think that DoT specs dps should be higher on the main target, and fairly insignificant on the off-targets(like 10% of main target).

For mages that need dispel protection of some sort, or an instant/fast snare, all I can suggest is swapping slow with mirror images. The mirror images would be the 41 point talent, with an addition to the AE talent so that AM hits/crits will reduce the CD by 3-5 seconds per missile(so AM has some use in PvE).

Slow would become a baseline ability for mages. It wouldn't be some rank 1 spell concept where new players would have to read it in a strategy guide or play the game for a while to figure it out. It would give some type of dispel protection on sheeps, a way to actually snare a melee from ranged, and it would help in general against casters with the addition of a cast speed slow.

I haven't actually played the game in 7 weeks now, but if people aren't able to blow someone up in the first 3 minutes of the game, then I'd say it's balanced. The things that I hated about S2-4 were that felhunters were invulnerable to casters, rogues shadowstepping while rooted, and mage's going oom fairly quickly with no way to recover. It looks like all of those are in check, but some specs damage output should be toned down in PvP. I honestly have to say that most people who are complaining 10 minute matches being an eternity, fail to realize what WoTLK 3 minute matches have done to them.
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#3078277 How are you even dealing?

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 21 February 2011 - 12:15 AM

I haven't played in like 6 weeks, but given how everyone is complaining, arcane sounds a bit more appealing just because of the 6% damage reduction you get from prismatic cloak. If mage's are taking too much damage, blizzard could probably consider swapping the positions of prismatic cloak with imp blink.

I really don't feel that imp blink is a talent that has much synergy with glyphs, but instant invis could work well as an extra escape method/gaining distance with the glyph. The 6% damage reduction would also mesh well with encouraging mages to stack more resil, allowing mages to keep pace with other classes in hitting the 100% mark.

I just think that swapping those 2 talents would be a pretty decent place to start. Even though 6% seems abysmal, if it encourages stacking resil, whilst giving us an extra 3-5 second escape, it could give us just enough to make opponents think twice about sitting on us all game.
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#3053958 17k Shatters thank you blizz

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 10 February 2011 - 04:25 AM

I feel like there aren't really a lot of options right now. I'm debating just taking the resilience hit and regearing/regemming and sitting at 17.5%~ crit and 11%~ haste. I'd be at 2950 resil, which just might be close enough to be fine. I don't think 6% extra damage reduction is going to make much of a difference against 86k bursted crits.

Resilience scales linearly, but the amount of survivability you gain is exponential. You'll gain way more benefit the closer you get to 100%. To prove this concept, look at both extremes of resilience levels. On one end, you have 0-1% gain, and on the near invulnerable end, you're going from 98-99%.

On the squishier side, you have increased your survivability by 1%. You were initially taking 100% damage, but now you take 99% damage.
On the sturdier side, you have increased your survivability by 100%. You were initially taking 2% damage, but now you take 1% damage.

That example is very extreme, but a large number like 6% is enormous for increasing your chance of survival against "86k bursts"
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#2979130 Armor change - Jan 12

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 13 January 2011 - 02:58 PM

Good change, only thing that might be needed is putting a regen on Ice Armor because as it is, you oom in 1-2 minutes with it on so noone uses it, only as a last resort.

The only reasonable thing that they could do now at this point is to take armors off the GCD, but put a universal 1 sec CD on them. This would make awareness to be even more important in PvP.
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#2936381 Imp Blink vs Impact

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 30 December 2010 - 10:32 AM

I'm going 7/0/34 atm, I really don't feel Invocation is better than FFB orb given how if you aren't getting casts off, then that 1 or 2 lances is significantly better. I also like the fact that FFB orb can slow, and given how our mana pools are at a better level, I've taken 3 points out of enduring winter and put them elsewhere in the frost tree. Since the new clearcasting at our gear level is 6/8/10%(tooltip is broken), it can be better to go 1 point clearcasting and 2% rather than 3 points clearcasting.

This is the spec I'm using atm: http://www.wowhead.c...hsdMo:MVmzMkmz0

I took the 3 points out of enduring winter, since clearcasting is the same thing, except for it is based around chain casting now(13/26/40% chance on 15 second ICD) It ends up being based around getting 1 free cast every 10 casts, which is probably a bit generous given how much downtime a mage might have while repositioning. Even if you feel you're chain casting, there's still a good chance that you aren't getting 10 casts off every 15 seconds.

I replaced FFB glyph with frostbolt, put the 2nd point into piercing chill, since in general I don't like the FFB glyph, the DoT does pretty much nothing, and I really like the extra crit+12.8% greater chance to proc FoF on the crit. I also see how a lot of people are complaining that you can't put dispel fodder on sheeps, but it is still possible to do so if you use your unglyphed FFB right before you sheep the target. I understand that people will say it is wasted damage, but did anyone argue with r1fb to cover a sheep?

One thing that I was considering, was to not put the other 3rd point into piercing chill, but to put it into protective barrier. I figured that if a melee is on your ass, they're bound to hit you several times below 50%, and if you can force another non-DR root in their face, it can save your block when a DK strangulates you at 60% and you walk away while he gets rooted.
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#2879659 how are mages even fair right now

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 08 December 2010 - 02:16 AM

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#2879642 how are mages even fair right now

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 08 December 2010 - 02:08 AM

He doesn't even attempt to gnaw until he is at 10%(it was parked, not in a nova), he is sitting in unholy presence, he is saving his defensive cooldowns for a later time, but he dies with the majority of them unused.

Druid didn't have any HoTs on the DK until 3 seconds after he took 50% of his healthbar. I'm going to guess he went to go drink, but seriously, if he didn't prehot, and you didn't even try to play defensive, then those are 2 more mistakes.

However, judging by your positioning, I'm going to say that you just tunnel visioned the fuck out of a 100% mage, LoS'ed your druid, kept mashing scourge strike inside of a nova, but still had a GCD to react accordingly between nova+DF by popping IBF.

You can't expect to gain sympathy by blaming it on an overpowered class, when you make countless rookie mistakes.
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#2879583 how are mages even fair right now

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 08 December 2010 - 01:13 AM

AMZ, IBF, escape artist, strangulate, gnaw, death grip, mind freeze, death pact, not being used. You might want to use your defensive cooldowns before you consider frapsing a match where you cry imba.
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#2852311 Problems with counterspell?

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 28 November 2010 - 10:53 AM

I got used to weaving counterspells in between casts towards the end of S4. It's not really useful because for some reason it just doesn't register even if you hit a cast that just started casting(not a fake cast, just continues casting.) Don't develop the habit since it ended up screwing me over.
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#2821881 few quick questions.

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 17 November 2010 - 12:04 PM

You should change your frostbolt macro to:
#showtooltip Frostbolt
/cast Ice Lance

Can't believe it's not butter.
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#2776466 Soloing Old Raids

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 01 November 2010 - 03:35 AM

You burn the boss down, have your pet at opposite end of prince. You burn him down, use the full 10 seconds of block to reset the timers on DF/IB, just milk out as much of your first set of CDs as you can. When you're at about 60% hp with no more CDs to pop, that's when you pop images. If you had your pet on the boss the entire time, you can invis and DF out of it, and allowing you to do another 50-60k damage before you're highest on the threat table.
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#2606733 Arena 1 2 3 macros? how too

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 12 September 2010 - 02:49 AM

Whatever macro you guys use, make sure to slap in a /petpassive in all of the macros. Will save your ass more times than it hurts your damage since the pet will sometimes do its own thing.
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#2606710 OlD but no one posted yet

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 12 September 2010 - 02:38 AM

The idea of larger brackets being imbalanced is a pretty flawed argument. There is no objective in arenas other than to kill the other team, it simply becomes luck and number crunching between 2 equally skilled teams.

In BGs, the objective isn't just to kill the other team(although it helps). It will allow tanking specs to be viable in high end PvP by just having mobility and survivability, rather than the absurd idea of giving them competitive burst. Every class can fill a role that every team needs. As for rated BGs being the haven for mouth breathing downers, how can you say it takes less strategy than hitting a button and subtracting a large number from a larger number?
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#2403681 Arcane Mage Help

Posted by Pownmeisterz on 14 July 2010 - 08:31 AM

Spriest rogue vs Spriest arcane, pretty much whoever plays quicker and gets the cleaner opener. One disadvantage is that their rogue will have a fear ward you can't get off quickly, and their priest will most likely strip your team's fear ward off before it does anything useful.

I would much rather go for the rogue over the priest, since rogues are instantly screwed if there isn't a double out for psych scream+horror combo, having to eat majority of their health bar in one or the other. If they open on you, have your priest toss you shield+pom to help you through the garrote, toss up mana shield and get the fear ward off, assist in the fear getting off on the rogue and coordinate it with a pom sheep on the priest. You and your priest should know that anytime the rogue trinkets in that comp, blanket their priest and go to town on the rogue, using psych horror when it will last long enough for the kill.

You can't really lose this unless the other team plays really well, your team isn't putting out enough damage to get a kill, or you used poor judgement on trinketing. That team will more than likely start on you and swap onto the priest when he trinkets a fear and dumping a CC chain on you psych horror(trinket)-> blind+sap(block). Your priest will more than likely have popped dispersion to live through spriest/rogue beating on them for 4-5 seconds, and after blocking the blind/sap, they can do pretty much anything and come out with a win. So a way to avoid that is to disrupt any type of coordination they have, if you trinket you should immediately pom sheep/blanket the priest/blink out of range of blind.

Its a really quick match, if you force a ton of damage straight off the bat followed up by your CC, the other team can panic and screw up by overlapping their CDs. This is definitely a scenario where having a primary and backup plan for hugging GCDs for 6-7 moves will win more often than communication and performing 5-6 GCDs in the same time.
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