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In Topic: Is WoW dying?

23 April 2011 - 06:21 AM

It's funny because I have actually been thinking the same thing for SC2, except in reverse. I stopped playing WoW to play SC2, then stopped SC2 because it took too much time to practice and maintain a high ranking. I started WoW again in the beginning of S9, stopped it again because it took too much time as well.

I started playing some SC2 custom games every once in a while, but there's a huge problem over there with them. I'm currently making my own custom map, one that will be competitive and different from any other custom game map on B-net ever. But the problem is the SC2 custom community is dead, and I thought it was because WoW had too strong of a hold on players. Now looking at this post, I see it may be a two way street... or two one way streets... SC2 melee appeals to PvPers because it's competitive, while custom maps appeal to PvEers, because they're easy and lame, but WoW PvE is over-all better than rinky-dink maps. I'm not sure how SC2 melee population is doing, but I can see how it likely attracted many PvPers like it did me for a while.

Blizzard is very effectively competing against itself (or ineffectively).

In Topic: Post Patch Enhancement Gearing

18 January 2011 - 01:46 AM

like I mentioned in another post I started, the spell damage while using wf/fb sucks very bad, and it seems hardly worth it to get mastery because I usually find myself throwing heals out instead of lightning bolts in arenas, and bolts do such pitiful damage anyways. I think I am going to go crit/haste mostly next patch. Crit is good for maintaining fast attack speed, and I think haste is going to become important. More maelstrom procs the better, and it's more white damage, which is what I need with a caster dps on my team.

In Topic: Mastery useless with wf/fb?

14 January 2011 - 06:40 AM

even with post patch wf buff, still with fb/ft is better probably cause lava lash can hit pretty hard

No, wf/fb will definitely come out on top, especially vs clothies. Because the thing is you get a lot more maelstrom procs from wf than ft. Also, unleash elements may not hit as hard with wf/fb, but the 40% attack speed for 6 swings is definitely a damage boost which I have noticed myself missing today when i switched to fb/ft and more mastery. They also threw in a subtle change, making flametongue wep enchant damage based on attack power rather than spell power, so it doesn't benefit from the spell power the enchant itself gives the shaman.

The thing is though, damaging spells seem like they used to be super gimp for me, especially compared to how they are now. Now, shocks and maelstroming a lightning bolt actually feel like a little bit of burst damage, unlike before when I would only consider using lightning bolt instead of a heal maybe 15% of the time. I think all that is going to be completely lost, and spell damage will be super-gimped again, at least maybe until gear scales more. With Greater Healing Wave 20% boost there will be even way bigger of an incentive to use a heal instead of a bolt.

But is fb/ft even that good? I still often find the damage pitiful in some arena cases, vs classes like warriors, warlocks (ridic 30% extra heals), ferals, rogues (ridic 20% extra heals), and resto shammies.

This patch feels more and more ominous.

In Topic: enhance shaman cosmetic buffs

14 January 2011 - 03:56 AM

What is...? Massive friggin Wolverine claws? Awesome.

In Topic: latest ptr changes

13 January 2011 - 07:07 PM

I have to agree with this, enhancement just has too little stuff going on.

For the most part I really like the enhance playstyle. They definitely feel like melee mages. The only thing is god-damn purge spam. I hated it in wrath and I hate it now. The cooldowns on the attacks are just way too friggin long. That and all the fast attacks mean you need to stick to a dps target perfectly, which against some classes it's incredibly hard. That and we don't have a stun. They really need to reduce the cooldowns on our special attacks to make up for this purge change.