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#4568448 pvp hotfix

Posted Lolflay on 03 March 2016 - 04:44 PM

View PostAtosy, on 03 March 2016 - 04:24 PM, said:

Mages crying about getting nerfed. Pathetic.

You do realize that taking jabs like this at core mechanics of classes is what brought us to WoD, where dueling is all but alive, solo plays in arena barely exist anymore, etc?

The simpler classes become to play, and the more limited they are in what they can do, the more this game turns to shit.

I'd say what's pathetic here is you and your shitty opinion. Nerfing casters' core mechanics and buffing melee mobility/interrupts/CC is what got us to MoP/WoD levels of retardation, and then the power creep starts to happen where everyone starts getting everything.

You people whine that the current game is a game of rock paper scissors where wins are determined by comps in question, well this will only get further encouraged by having core mechanics nerfed like this. Make no mistake, I don't give a shit about Mages, but how does that saying go, the one about your mentality?

"They came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew, so I didn't care.
They came for Muslims, but I wasn't a Muslim, so I didn't care.
They came for Buddhists, but I wasn't a Buddhist, so I didn't care.
They came for Christians, but I wasn't a Christian, so I didn't care.
Then they came for me, but there was nobody left to help me."

Yeah, Mages are OP for the majority of WoD. Warlocks were OP for most of MoP. Your Fear got further raped, it started breaking on nothing, you lost a CC talent row, you lost curses, God knows what fucking else.

You might be OP for a while, they nerf you, you're still decentish, but after a while you're not. At that time, they will NEVER revert core mechanics nerfs, even the ones which make no sense ( like the deep change ). Are you following me, or are you too dense?

#4567158 GCD Europe Pro League - Spring - Tournament #1

Posted Friedkitteh on 22 February 2016 - 08:46 PM

View PostCervantes_Eu, on 22 February 2016 - 08:39 PM, said:

atleast everyone knows how he got hes rating now

He won GCD, stop looking for excuses :mellow:

#4566948 GCD Europe Pro League - Spring - Tournament #1

Posted Niezeremake on 21 February 2016 - 08:36 PM

damn theres like 7 comps that hardcounter turbo, what a bad comp

#4566972 GCD Europe Pro League - Spring - Tournament #1

Posted Wallirik on 21 February 2016 - 09:06 PM

View Postjaimex, on 21 February 2016 - 08:53 PM, said:

Posted Image

your a really sick warlock!!!

go watch infernion or fabio or hell even rawsteel maybe you'll learn something, shit carried fuck; can't wait till the day zeepeye realises he would never lose without you on his team

not gna degrade myself further in a back and forth with anyone ggs
don't you find it weird that your dmg meter shows me doing less dps than zeepeye when i did more dmg than him? (which i should obviously)
you must've done some fancy shiet

#4542171 20th hotfixes - "Grip into Warmongering Gladiator"

Posted Lilblaze on 21 November 2015 - 05:09 AM

Can't wait to see fopsy make more alts after this buff, get ready to meet xopsy yopsy and topsy

#4543203 ....legion? :'(

Posted polesmoker72 on 22 November 2015 - 07:23 PM

ur gunna play it anyway loser

#4540755 eu ddos thread

Posted Lilblaze on 18 November 2015 - 02:06 AM

Ashley big suspepct

#4537968 Arenamate rating tracking

Posted Elorxo on 11 November 2015 - 10:56 PM

whilst we are on the topic of arenamate just want everyone know that fireholinka the rog and some other druid with holinka in his name q'd into a lot of wintraders this morning to get 3k when they usually q at 2.6 mmr

#4535637 Blizzcon

Posted Infernion on 08 November 2015 - 12:37 AM

The final has been cancelled.. Boetar got into a fight with Praii about the last cup of milk this morning, and when Joe stepped in to try to calm them down Healingstat punched him in the face.. It all escalated from here, and after a long meeting about whether or not to disqualify both teams (Blizzard never does this impulsively), it was decided that both teams would be disqualified from the tournament.

#4535100 Blizzcon

Posted Xonika on 06 November 2015 - 11:02 PM

View PostROKMODE, on 06 November 2015 - 11:00 PM, said:

omfg this is so cringe lawd have mercy
stfu u fucking random retard cunt and have some respect

#4531704 blizzcon championship thread

Posted Xonika on 31 October 2015 - 10:43 PM

View PostStevy, on 31 October 2015 - 10:39 PM, said:

mad that your region is irrelevant in every game ? EleGiggle
exactly, who the fuck are you? shit talking a region just because some of the best players in the world won a series on lan and you done nothing? bet your 1 of those premier league football fans, stfu and show respect to actual good players like gekz u fucking nobody

#4531440 blizzcon championship thread

Posted jaimee on 31 October 2015 - 09:40 PM

View PostGlink, on 31 October 2015 - 09:38 PM, said:

C9 RMD is the best in the world. They will destroy solari's RMD. Calling it now.

top fucking kek

#4530723 blizzcon championship thread

Posted Chickz on 30 October 2015 - 09:44 PM

what the fuck is this ui, why cant we see gcds used and where is the cd tracker

#4526757 C9 WoW Team

Posted Dmachine on 23 October 2015 - 06:36 PM

View PostFedx, on 23 October 2015 - 09:43 AM, said:

Glad to see this but in all honesty what will organisations like sk/c9 do with their wow teams after blizzcon? They'll probably get dropped, not like they go plus having players signed for 1 tournament a year unless blizz starts doing more tournies

1 Tournament a year? what about GCDTV? :mellow:

#4522056 DK/WW/Hpally Tribute feat Atlas + more

Posted Häxantutto on 16 October 2015 - 01:00 PM