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In Topic: Blizzcon World of Warcraft Arena Championship

05 November 2016 - 08:51 PM

feels sad to be cdew never lucky

Not unlucky. They had the tournament in the bag, tied 2-2 had comp advantage decided to queue into druid beast cleave again with their Prot Enh comp and lost. That was what lost it for them.

Blizzard's tournament has such a terrible structure on every level. Brb teams have an advantage in losing early because they get 2 chances but teams like Splyce and NG Blue only had one chance to lose? Should have been Splyce vs NG in winners bracket final and method US vs Tempo in losers bracket final. Then whoever won between Splyce and NG would have had to be beat 2 series worth in the finals. Didn't they used to do this?


Not to mention the fact that it's just one big counter comping battle. Where it all comes down pretty much to who wins first match unless you're an idiot like both Splyce and Method were. Splyce loses to a counter tries to play them again and lose comp advantage, Method then does the same thing. Should make it all blind picks all the time or have a set number of comps they could play.