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#1801833 Healing Change was bigger than the resil change

Posted by Omicamacho on 03 February 2010 - 11:32 AM

Every 3v3 setup do unhealable damage(beside double healer ofc), but between sacrifices, bubble, sacred cleasing(holy),freedom,bop and the dispell resistance to broke your cc chains etc etc, you see teams with paladins doing "unhealable" damage more often, because you just cant cc the paladin(or his mates) fast enough, making the resil chance negligible.

Says the hunter, Your class is probably the single most blatently broken class in this fucking game, Along with warriors of course. it seems the resil change didnt even tickle you, You guys still manage to maintain insane CONSISTENT damage, not burst CONSISTENT. Regardless of having people on you, The damage continues to be horrendously unhealable, even with a so called OP priest(Refering to people saying priests are to good now because of healing nerf not affacting absorbs)

Now while you may think pallys have too much utility, how the fuck do you expect a pally team to do shit without that utility?

PS:Not only is your damage unhealable, but you got an MS, WTB cast time back on aimed shot.

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#1709446 Is Protret being looked at?

Posted by Omicamacho on 12 January 2010 - 08:46 PM

Stay Ret, find a good hunter and healer, profit.

And thats the first problem, as ret we have one "Strong" comp, of course u can run other things such as ret/mage/priest or w.e other possiblities u can come up with, but Ret/hunter/Xhealer will be better.

But when you go prot and bring alot more to the table (lower cd Stun/Silence/better survivality/longer SS and etc, many more comps become available, The problem isnt that prot is OP, its that ret either needs a hunter, or ridic gear/comp to be on the same level as prot.

Point of this post is, Prot aint OP, its just ret < prot.
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