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In Topic: Ret/DK/Priest vs. Rogue/Caster/Healer

25 July 2011 - 04:17 PM

We have recently had some struggles against Rogue/Caster/Healer with our 3v3. Being a double melee tunnel comp we usually have to pick a target to stay. Swaps are good at times, but if we can't get kills in our CD's it becomes much much harder to do against high rated teams. Case in point, Rogue/Caster makes it near impossible to stay on anything for an extended duration.

We are put on defensive right at the start with the first smoke bomb, I usually have to burn rep/hoj on a peel and hope I can get enough HP for word of glory. After the opener IBF is used on kidney one, freedom, then ams, and we have usually forced them defensive if I use every offensive CD I have. If one of them doesn't die they will regain pressure in about 1 min and we have little chance to take it back at that point. Inc 2nd smoke bomb, dance w/expose, and even if I have the caster off him is it usually game over. I don't feel like I am playing poorly, just with kidney, garrote, and dismantle our DK has no way to keep up pressure. Suggestions?

Glad RLS beats us if the Shaman is capable of living like a champ (h8 warstomp) and glad RMP just bends us over. Against RMP I have to keep up Seal of Light so I can cleanse myself 24/7 otherwise I can't kick polys. I could list reasons all day why we have trouble with RMP, but I don't want to gripe. Any help would be greatly appreciated b/c I would hate to hit a glass ceiling this early in the season.

P.S. Are rogues a viable target? We really haven't tried this yet

Similiar to what was happening yesterday to us.
We were at aroudn 2700~ mmr and going against alot of Lock/dk/shammy Lock/rogue/shammy Mage/dk/shammy etc etc
We figured the EASIESt way to just demolish them is a simple DPS split
You go on lock he goes on shammy, at times both of you converge on one target depending on ALOT will decide your target
against RDS we almost always killed shammy and sometimes lock, with MDS mage or shammy
RLS Lock or shammy, sometimes rogues

Etc try the DPS split. puts alot of pressure

although i do understand how rough it is to survive those beginning CDs =/ dont be afraid of FoL+WoG spamming on dk, Sac him before SB if u have to as well

In Topic: 2h enhance viable?

24 July 2011 - 01:12 AM

Keep in mind that was also with only a 359 weapon.
I can imagine the damage output with a 378 or 391 would be absurd

something to keep in mind with the new SS buff.

In Topic: Enhance to feral?

17 July 2011 - 08:56 PM

Antitaleon and cat, thanks alot.

you 2 pretty much just made up my mind.

My guild will feed my feral some gear, like the staff from domo as well. So its just a clear answer to my feral. But with RaF my shammy should hit 85 within the next 2 weeks as well

But i really appreciate the responses, thanks.

In Topic: Enhance to feral?

17 July 2011 - 09:11 AM

1. Go to armory.
2. See how many teams are in glad range ATM for both Feral and Enhance.
3. Realize one of your choices is a huge fucking mistake.
4. ???
5. Proft!

Thats not really a concern of mine, im pretty positive ill perform well with either one, obviously feral would be easier

I just want to know if enhance is really that bad? or its just not outstanding or not many play it.

Please give me responses that are constructive not this.

In Topic: What alt?

13 July 2011 - 05:12 PM

Yeah, im scared if i make a warrior ill hate my ret ;(

Hm im also ifffy on making a feral cause i feel its just going to get nerfed soon