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In Topic: Legion Warlock Preview

11 November 2015 - 02:33 AM

Does anyone else absolutely hate the soul shard mechanic?  Random generation of soul shards spreading to the other specs sounds absolutely awful.  In WoTLK haunt was just an 8 second or so CD and the newfangled non-bagged shards were used for fast pet resummons and sometimes teleport, so they weren't an issue.  Back then we even had a channeled evocation-like spell that regained health and shards while out of combat.  Then they made haunt require a shard, then they made soulburn haunt require an extra shard.  Now UA requires a shard?

It's like cancer spreading through the warlock class.  I'd rather have my 28 slot soul shard bag back and just farm them between BGs like in the old days.