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Shadow Word: Death functionality as holy and disc

28 October 2013 - 06:35 AM

TL;DR: I think sw:d and glyph of shadow word death are currently poorly designed for priest healing specs in pvp. Sw:d is a cool mechanic that rewards good play and the healing specs should have access to the old sw:d without giving up a glyph slot.

So I reactivated again because I heard that holy was pretty fun, but a big detractor from the "fun" factor for me has been making a decision about the 3rd glyph slot every game... namely the mass dispel and shadow word death glyphs - but I will be focusing on the shadow word death glyph as it has the fewest balance ramifications.

I'm warming up to the idea of getting to make strategic choices in the starting gate every game because you can tailor different strategies to different talent/glyph choices. An example of a cc avoidance glyph I like would be the glyph of fear ward, as it is a reliable cc breaker and you feel like you are getting a good trade for whatever glyph you are giving up.

Shadow word:death glyph doesn't feel that way anymore as there are just far too many ways to negate the cc breaking portion of the ability in the game now. As disc or holy the decision is between leaving it as a borderline useless ability, or using the glyph slot to make it a potentially useful ability. Since there are so many instant blanket silences and ccs to start a chain with in the game, opportunities to sw:d cc are becoming fewer and farther between meaning you might not get a return on your glyph choice at all. The glyph is either gamebreaking or a huge mistake, and it just feels out of place with all the other glyphs available to us.

I wasn't active when they made the shadow word death change, but I don't understand why the spell is no longer available in its original form to holy and disc. I think as holy and disc shadow word death should be available in its old form, and the glyph could make it an execute.

To me the core elements that made priest class unique in arena were always the big damage, manaburn, shadow word death, and mass dispel. It sucks that the first two are out of the game, but I don't really see why the second two should be a glyph choice.