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#4369055 Nessper

Posted Seu on 24 January 2015 - 12:27 AM

View Postseeiz, on 23 January 2015 - 09:11 PM, said:

Have you ever been so mad you took a shit in the drawer?

nah he was on some indiana jones shit swapping it for the ipod quickly

#4356945 Priest nerfed again

Posted Seu on 14 January 2015 - 12:24 AM

needed pve change and pws honestly felt overpowered as shadow

swift kick to the dick for the struggling discs at high level arena

#4329696 Do you have fun queing arena?

Posted Seu on 02 January 2015 - 11:47 PM

with wotlk, cata, mop, and now wod the first 2.5 seasons were very boring for me and the last season of the xpac was always fun

i think its because haste values suck at the start of every xpac and melee scales really well, so it feels like u are just playing the game in slow motion while cleaves run at you and even winning is boring

once casts get faster and the pace of the game speeds up in the final season i generally reactivate and play a bunch... ill probably come back for the end of wod.

#4317924 Delete Combat & BoS from the game

Posted Seu on 25 December 2014 - 08:57 PM

View Postbt4, on 25 December 2014 - 08:41 PM, said:

Why bother when the helmet-verified also shitpost?

nah man we are gladiator verified

View Postbt4, on 25 December 2014 - 08:41 PM, said:

Rather delete arenas then bos

you qualify as "helmet-verified" because judging by your posts your mom prob doesnt let you leave the house without wearing one

#4303023 RLD/Combat Rogues/Locks

Posted Seu on 17 December 2014 - 01:19 AM

View Postzzatbrah, on 16 December 2014 - 12:00 PM, said:

this event is the sole reason wow died as an esport

pretty off topic but wow was at its height as an esport when that happened and still getting bigger numbers than halo by close to triple

mlg tried really hard to push wow as an esport but blizzard was very resistant, charging bigger and bigger fees to broadcast and refusing to give decent support (spectator client etc)

it was dropped at the peak of its popularity because blizzard essentially killed it. jp mcdaniels talked about it a bunch a couple years back

#4294953 Path of Shadow - a Shadow Priest guide [Patch : 6.0.3]

Posted Seu on 11 December 2014 - 11:34 PM

spriest is in a funny place right now because there is 0 consensus on how the class should be played and everyone is still trying different stuff.

shadow currently feels like playing an aggressive league of legends support class - your damage isnt great but its enough to help land a kill and your utility is really everything... thats why when you look at the ladder you see good spriests with completely different specs/gearing at high rating. it seems like no matter what stat prio or spec or glyphs i run i wind up doing about the same mediocre damage and win games with long cc chains, mass dispel, and shields/offheals.

i think the reason so many of us missed the mark and assumed rogue spriest would be amazing was because 5 orb with surge seemed so strong on paper. i thought that swapping on a target with no dots and doing dp -> mindblast -> dp -> 2x insant spike would be crazy burst because in mop we would kill someone in a kidney with 3 orb. damage tuning just seems shitty and the full 5 orb rotation hits for a bit more than 2 obliterates from a frost dk.
im currently full mastery/crit but planning to change it up to haste -> mastery -> crit.

#4275880 -Class Balance Hotfixes-

Posted Seu on 25 November 2014 - 11:32 PM

View PostLosiro, on 25 November 2014 - 11:22 PM, said:

People complaining about DKs when MoP happened, 1 season of DKs being good sure is making a lot of people angry.

some classes bring no fun/interesting gameplay mechanics to the table whatsoever in arena so people get upset when they are strong

dks are just a dps rotation bot with a bunch of cc immunities and games vs dk teams dont have a lot of depth to them and games against them are boring

#4272856 PvP Healing OP 3v1/2v1 VoDs/Screenshots incl. R1/Gladiators

Posted Seu on 22 November 2014 - 09:31 PM

droon keep it up dude, self healing in this game is broken for a few dps classes and obviously you shouldnt be able to survive as a warlock hunter or any spec just by running away and self healing until the game times out

the reason hes showing the rating and titles of other players is to show that they are at least able to manage a dps rotation and hes not surviving against players who just cant control their characters properly

#4272094 I love arena right now

Posted Seu on 21 November 2014 - 11:01 PM

i could see how arena could potentially be fun minus a few issues. you can play a few melee/caster/healer matchups against good players where the game feels really great especially with the new server responsiveness and get really excited for the new season.

then you play against a couple 2200 players running ret dk healer or any combination of prot war/feral/dk/ret and it feels like their characters are 10 levels higher than yours. holy paladins are also incredibly anti fun right now.

unfortunately previous expansions have also dictated that when people get their t2/conquest weapons melee scaling gets even further ahead, which hopefully doesnt happen this season

#4266703 spriest gearing

Posted Seu on 17 November 2014 - 01:22 AM

afaik raid sims are meaningless to us as multistrike can proc twice in pve and only once in pvp which really shits on its effectiveness. it also looks likely that we will be spending most of the season getting trained by rogues or double melee (or both) and multistrike doesnt seem like an attractive option there... maybe could work as shadowplay though?

right now most people are going crit mastery. stats like these are generally strong that the start of an xpac as haste scaling sucks at low values and crit lends itself to how early seasons play out HOWEVER im not sure about crit as it did get nerfed. that said, with multistrike being garb in pvp and haste seeming to scale poorly I feel like its the only option.

#4261822 My Thoughts on MoP PvP and the direction of WoD

Posted Seu on 11 November 2014 - 08:28 PM

Amazing post, I honestly feel bad for needing it to remind me of a couple positives that MoP brought to the game ESPECIALLY with the new maps and PvP gear being BiS.

Holinka shoud hire talb to follow him around and dictate everything he does until he saves wow arena like brad pitt did with jonah hill in moneyball.

I came back to the last season of MoP after a long hiatus and really noticed that teamwork seemed to be more important than ever and individual skill seemed less important than ever, which some people could view as a plus or a minus. It is due to a mixture of the overall skill level of the ladder going up (i.e even 1600 priests death poly now) and the skill required to play most classes competently going down, but it felt like a really different dynamic. It didn't seem like you could grab any 3 good players and just steamroll everyone anymore, because if they didn't sync up they would fall over to less-skilled players with better synergy.

Naturally there were still a handful of comps that could be (and were) played to rank 1 without voice communication, but for the most part the big gamebreaking "plays" in the game were everyone on your team doing something at the same time rather than a counterspelled feldom or vanished blind or something.

#4260667 New dramas - the scum is always the same

Posted Seu on 10 November 2014 - 11:06 PM

ah s8 drama :')

he got reckfuls 3v3 r1 wrong tho, that shit was suspicious af as well. they didnt play with him to r1 as rogues were garbage, and he got his PR into range randomly qing 4 straight games into pookz rmp where pookz did the equivalent of one cone of cold worth of damage. anyone who played vs pookz in s8 would take one look at that match history and shake their head

match history was the best thing ever brought into wow arena, rip

#4259851 Viable 2's/3's Speculation

Posted Seu on 10 November 2014 - 06:51 AM

lots of ppl saying thugcleave will be t1

#4256179 BlizzCon® 2014 Opening Ceremony and eSports – Free Live Streams

Posted Seu on 07 November 2014 - 09:46 PM

for push push games there should be no announcing and the camera should just only follow eung with loud music and occasional zoom ins and screen shakes

#4255939 Project Titan: Overwatch - Aaaand it's coming!

Posted Seu on 07 November 2014 - 07:54 PM

View PostBluBlu, on 07 November 2014 - 07:52 PM, said:

Well, from what i've seen there's literally a Engineer knock-off that builds sentries and i saw a character running with a healing beam to another player exactly like Medic in TF2 so yeah

a ton more classes than tf2 though and a lot of gameplay elements revealed already that will make the game play verry different from tf2

i know its normal to try to contextualize stuff you dont understand by drawing parallels from existing games but healers and engineer classes existed in mp shooters even before TF1.