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Any chance of a BM comeback

16 January 2017 - 11:16 PM

Seeing the upcoming damage buffs to BM. Do you think we'll be in a somewhat competitive position against like we were during the beginning of legion?


Would appreciate your thoughts and what comps you guys feel what be decent!

BM Hunter Gameplay tips video / stream

28 September 2016 - 11:50 AM

Following up from my previous stream topic. 


Do any of the top hunters have any gameplay footage of BM Hunters? 


I want to understand the various gameplay tweaks / tips that you guys do to keep you one step above the competition. Everyone keeps saying that it's brainless damage tunneling but I want to know how else I can contribute to help my team win more games. 


Basic things that I do so far: 


- Sac anyone who is in trouble. 

- Dps target is usually a dps class 99% of the time with CC chains being thrown out on the healer. 

- I run Wyvern sting 95% of the time because of the above point.

- I try to keep up Focus Viper Sting as much as possible but always make sure I put it up when my silencing shot is up. Vipersting causes healer to hard cast which is when I throw in my interrupt and it helps keep the debuff on the healer for longer. 

- I save disengage mostly for when a melee class has used their gap closer like charge / lunge etc. If not then i usually use it for a mid air wyvern sting on healer. 

- I'm also running Stampede almost exclusively, even though it is dodged by most teams. I just feel that Killer Cobra gets me focus starved very quickly and doesnt let me keep Vipersting up. 


Anything else I should be looking at to further improve myself? I'll add to the list as I think more and get more feedback from you guys!


I'm thinking of signing up for Skilled-cap but am not sure if there are any good BM guides there. 

BM hunter streams?

18 September 2016 - 11:42 PM

Any of you Rank 1 hunters going to be streeaming your BM hunter games? Looking at taking some tips furing the upcoming season. Want to figure out the playstyle, various compa, strategies etc.

I know dillypoo pkays SV and Glinkz doesnt stream enough for my liking. What abt the rest of you? Care to share your stream link and what times you usually stream?