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#1971575 The MMR system is really terrible

Posted Marathi on 20 March 2010 - 12:48 AM

It really wouldn't have been much different pre-wotlk if they had been lower rated than you.

I don't see what the MMR system has to do with this at all.

Maybe your thread should be called

'Meeting Hunters on RoV is terrible'

but ofcourse the whole arena community already knows this

DC's have always been a problem

RNG has always been a problem

#1961448 How to queue dodge?

Posted Bashel on 17 March 2010 - 07:46 AM

Queue dodging is simply not queueing when you know a specific team that counters you is playing.

Normally you only do this on high ratings since there's very few teams playing there, you will most likely meet the same teams again and again.

At low ratings, however, you rarely.

#1888205 [Request] mage/priest vs shadow rogue, need help...

Posted bIlliAn on 27 February 2010 - 12:00 AM

annoying comp to fight, just destroy the rogue. Deal with priests VT with counterspell, pom sheep or nova cs sheep, either way he trinkets into a full fear later on, make sure to ward yourself as the priest, game should be over within 30-40 seconds, win or lose.

#1887770 Is it just me or..

Posted Kirbie on 26 February 2010 - 10:09 PM

Do all mages put ice barrier on while just randomly running around cities?

#1881743 Does anyone find themselves being a lot more careless than in TBC ?

Posted Arterian on 25 February 2010 - 08:29 AM

in tbc you could get interrupted and still live

you could miss a swd on sheep and your partners would survive the duration of it

the game is much less forgiving now and at the highest level requires more skill than tbc

at the lower levels, probably not as much

#1874704 Cataclysm - Bring Back World PvP, Bring Back FUN!

Posted Fauxy on 23 February 2010 - 04:25 PM


Needless to say, arenas get stale after a while.  I still play it because I love competition and because that's really all there is to do in the game that's fun.  The word fun is something that seems to be lost in WoW.  

Several times throughout this wall of text I'm going to say things that are my opinion, but I'm not going to write out 'imo' each time.

WoW itself, in my opinion (that's the only time you'll get it out of me), is not an inherently fun game.  The world itself is desolate.  You never see any action going on outside of instances.  You log in, queue to port to a dungeon instance.  You grab the daily PvP, and queue to port to a battleground instance.  You find a pug for the weekly raid and maybe fly to a raid instance.  You find some quality players to play competitively with and you queue to port to an arena instance.

Outside of arenas (and premade battlegrounds), there is nothing FUN in the game.  For me, fun is a sense of adventure.  Fun is a sense of unknowing.  Fun is a sense of fear, for all intents and purposes.  When I started playing WoW for the first time, I was having so much fun because I was new to the game.  The world seemed huge, with so much to explore.  I felt like there was always something stronger than me waiting to be killed.  So what is there to do in WoW?  And is it fun?

-- Arenas
Hated by a good amount of the PvE / WoW PvP forums community, loved by most of AJ.  "Dueling in a box", as some would call it.  It brings to the table what competitive players want, and WoW's game mechanics to make it work fairly smoothly.  After 7 seasons though, it starts to get a little stale.

-- Raiding
For me, raiding is not fun.  Raiding is a chore, a job, a mind-numbing experience of sitting and hitting a rotation repeatedly for 3-4 hours at a stretch.  There are few decisions to be made, there is little thought that is needed to succeed.  Follow a basic strategy for a boss fight and you will achieve success the same way every time, week after week.  I raided at the beginning of WotLK for the simple reason that I didn't want to / couldn't seriously play competitive arena as a shadow priest.  I don't need to go into detail about how unbelievably broken DKs / pallies / etc were.  It seems to me that raiding can be either a) a relaxing break for those that are hardcore about arenas, or b) a timesink for people who simply want something to do.

-- Battlegrounds
Battlegrounds are considered a joke to most people, simply a means to an end (offset gear).  For me, it boils down once again to competition.  Going into a battleground with people who are undergeared and lack any amount of skill and attempting to 1v3 my way to victory at gold mine is fun for a bit, but is infinitely more fun when you have teammates who you can communicate and coordinate with.  Rated BGs will be THE change of pace that the arena community needs.  But is it enough?

-- Wintergrasp
The idea is right, the limitations are in place, but it could use some major improvements.  Strategy and coordination, at least to some extent, should be more prevalent.  On Spirestone, it's more or less:
- run to the southeast wall and start killing people until you get First Lieutenant
- run to the nearby workshop and keep making siege vehicles / attacking the southeast wall until the game is over

-- Daily Dungeon / Battleground
A reason to log on once a day and get them done.  Nothing more than a chore in my opinion.

In absolutely none of the above (bar arenas and hopefully rated BGs) do I get a sense of adventure, excitement, or 'fun'.  I used to play FFXI and I loved it for the simple fact that doing anything was an adventure, and difficult.  Mobs did not break aggro off of you so easily.  If you died, you lost experience, meaning you had to use some caution and plan your moves in advance.  Simply going out into the world was exciting at times.

The opposite is true for WoW, and I feel as though flying mounts are a big part of that.  There is next to nothing in the actual world (of warcraft) that can't be soloed anymore (and even if it can or can't be, it never drops anything).  Rare spawns rarely drop anything of value (with how easy it is to gear now, blue BoEs are worthless).  If there is ever a reason to travel, any hostile forces in the world can be avoided simply by flying.  The Icecrown and Grizzly Hills PvP dailies are impossible to complete because nobody is ever there.  Lately I've been making my own fun in WoW.  Whether it's travelling to Zul'Drak and killing the 600k HP elite that's part of a quest (who drops 90 silver, by the way), or killing penguins in Howling Fjord, I try to find ways to occupy myself.

With all that being said, the following are my suggestions as to how the game could be GREATLY improved, with fairly simple changes.  They would add an incredible amount of replay value and satisfy much of the competitive PvP crowd that is tired of arena or has simply quit.


Make world leaders difficult to kill, but worth it.  Make people CARE that their leaders are being attacked.

To remember the good times (from level 70 3.0 city raids on Spirestone)


When 3.0 came out at level 70, I tried getting my Black War Bear.  It wasn't easy by any means, my raid only managed to kill the leader of Silvermoon.  It was a difficult task, no doubt, but not impossible.

Killing a world leader should NOT be as easy as grabbing a pug from trade and zerging a boss.  It should be difficult - maybe not as difficult as it was at 70, but not as easy as it is now.  One way to make it difficult would be simply to raise the level of the leaders.  

A more practical way, however, is to make people care that their leaders are getting attacked.  One way is to give a penalty to a faction when one of their leaders is killed.  For instance, if King Varian Wrynn is slain, the city has been 'taken' temporarily - auction houses and banks no longer function in that city for the next X hours (maybe 6?) and no longer function in ALL cities for a short time (maybe 1 hour).  Numbers can obviously be tweaked, but you get the idea.

The problem with city PvP is the same problem with Wintergrasp - pure numbers.  In order for the above idea to work, there has to be a limit to how many people can enter an opposing city at any given time.  Maybe once X people of the attacking faction are in a city's limits (maybe 40?), if you try and enter, you will be ported outside the city's gates, similar to how Wintergrasp ports you out of the zone if you are not in the raid.

Another problem with city PvP in its current state is the ability to mount.  As a raid attacking say, Ironforge, you can simply all run mounted together past most guards into the king's room and AoE the guards at the entrance.  If you are in an attacking city, you should be dismounted the moment you are hit by a spell or melee attack.  This would force raids to actually fight their way through the city (to an extent).

Yet another problem with city PvP is the way guards work.  If you aggro an NPC, like a vendor, they will call for help and spawn several weak guards that aren't really a threat.  Guards should either be stronger, or come in packs, not be almost nonexistent, but then spawn extremely often when an NPC is aggroed.  They should also award HONOR - maybe not a huge amount, like 1-5 per, but it should be some amount, no matter how small.

And last, but not least, killing world leaders should REWARD you with something.  Either a hefty sum of gold (500-1000g? split among the raid obviously), a large amount of honor (at the very least, 5-10k per person), or both.  Keep in mind that leaders should be difficult to kill, so these rewards would be proportional to the difficulty in killing them.

World PvP - PvP Cities

A simple way to do this would be to create world PvP nodes that can be captured just like a node in AB or EotS.  Roughly one in every zone, with an area just larger than the 'city' itself, that flags anyone inside the area for PvP.  Leveling lowbies will remain PvE flagged and be warned before they enter the area that they will be PvP flagged if they continue walking towards the city.  For every second the city is controlled, resources are gained, and can be tracked in any major, similar to the AQ war effort.  One can talk to a guard and ask, "how much lumber does the Alliance have?", and based on that number (or maybe the number of currently controlled nodes), X amount of an item can be purchased, be it a pattern, a piece of gear, or even materials for something...bigger (keep reading).

Quest givers in each major city could send players to X random cities per day (maybe 5? a daily quest repeatable that many times per day) to either kill an NPC or collect an item on the ground.  This would help spread players out across all of Azeroth (or maybe even Outland / Northrend too?) and force some sort of world PvP.

However, the map should NOT show what zones are controlled by what faction.  Instead, players will either have to go look themselves, ask in a major city, or communicate via LocalDefense / WorldDefense channels what nodes are controlled and what needs assistance.  One of the daily quests could be to gather intel on local cities and report back to that original city - players could then ask at the original city what local cities are controlled by whom.

And on that note, bring siege to the world.  They should be rare, expensive, and powerful.

---(The implementation of siege vehicles in WoW thusfar has been lackluster at best, this could work if it's implemented perfectly, but I'm not against scrapping the idea.  I added it because it's obviously a topic that can be discussed.)---

Siege engines could be built only by guilds (add that to the guild talent trees, maybe?), would require primarily engineers (who would require the assistance of other professions), and could be used to assist in the capture of larger (maybe capital?) cities.  They should be expensive to build, have a healthy amount of HP, but be able to be a) healed by engineers at a fast rate (take out the engineers if you want to kill the siege!) and / or get a very large resistance to all player damage (resilience for vehicles) while an engineer continues to cast a spell at the vehicle.  So since their expensive to build, it would be quite possible to save them from being destroyed and bring them back to your main city after the raid to be parked outside (but they'd have to be watched carefully!)  Engineers could ride on the vehicles in a similar fashion to how players ride on demolishers in SotA, but they should always be targetable and attackable.

The materials for siege vehicles could be purchased by engineers once certain conditions from the world PvP nodes are met, but only one of X material can be purchased by an engineer (i.e. you must specialize in a certain type to purchase the item, and can only be one specialization at a time).  For instance, gnomish engineers can purchase one of the items, while goblins can purchase another.  Or, they can learn the patterns from the trainers, but the materials to make that item can only be purchased from the world PvP vendor and are bind on pick-up.  Then, to actually create the siege vehicle, several engineers (maybe 2 of each?) would have to cast a spell together to create it, similar to how summoning portals or refreshment tables work.

They should be expensive.  They should be hard to make.  They should be rare.  But they should be powerful.


- pve is boring
- daily dungeons are boring
- arenas are getting stale
- world PvP doesn't exist
- killing city leaders means nothing and nets no reward besides another mount
- people don't give two shits if their leader is being attacked

- create mini PvP cities in most / all zones in Azeroth, maybe Outland as well - capturable like EotS / AB nodes
- controlling nodes nets a reward - gear, patterns, materials, something that can be bought in a major city
- make city leaders worth killing - give lots of gold / honor
- make people care that their leaders are being killed - lose access to bank / AH temporariliy in that city or all cities


So that's pretty much everything I've thought up over time.  Not incredibly hard to implement (for the most part), but adds a great deal of replay value that a lot of the PvP community (and perhaps PvE community) is looking for.  Players can jump right into a battle simply by travelling around the world if they don't have a guild / group of friends.  At the same time, guilds will have even MORE purpose (on top of rated BGs) and reason to work together.  The only problem I can see is (still) flying mounts, which greatly decrease the amount of world PvP that takes place, but it's better than nothing.  I just miss the feeling of reading patch notes / expansion details and thinking "DUDE MAN THAT'S AWESOME".

Comments and criticisms more than welcomed.  I had fun thinking all this up, I'd have even more fun playing it.

#1874435 first 3k team of s8

Posted Trakke on 23 February 2010 - 02:28 PM

hoodrych best, blade cutest...or is it the other way?

#1862155 New Junkie

Posted Apachino on 20 February 2010 - 01:36 AM

Hello fellow Shamans! This is my first Junkie Access and I'm pumped about it! :D

I wanna give mad props to all those legendary resto shamans for doing what you do. I rerolled from the dark side a while ago (Holy Paladin) and ever since I've just had a huge respect for high rated shamans. We are so vulnerable to swaps, it's ridiculous. I've never had to rely so heavily on my partners for peels while feeling utterly helpless alone.

Overall I feel that I've gotten much better at this game for playing as a shaman.

#1708975 100% win ratio?

Posted Ckasper on 12 January 2010 - 06:19 PM

Cant come to mind with any, but rly, it is near to impossible (if you're not Prot - Hunter - Pal) to get 100% in 3v3, there is always some counter out there.

Can see it happen to high ratings in 2s tho.

#1712477 Envenom next season

Posted Two on 13 January 2010 - 04:44 PM

Not sure what I should do next season. This season I wasn't envenom spec, but I was considering it for next season.

What is everyone else doing? Just curious. It seems to be really nice vs plate... Plus it hits through BoP. I thought that was pretty cool.


My comp = feral:druid: / disc:priest: / :rogue:

#1708561 Would you remove heroism if u could?

Posted Moonies on 12 January 2010 - 04:02 PM

nope i wouldnt

#1695245 Impressed with Blizzard for a Change.

Posted chaimer on 09 January 2010 - 06:29 AM

I might get flamed for this, but i must say Blizzard is slowly starting to show more of a community-oriented design standpoint--rather than its previous, purely monetary 'whiplash' design of "change shit enough that people lose interest, then get excited, then lose interest, than get excited: in order to make more long-term revenue."

If you look at mmo-champion today, a lot of the blizzard posts are extremely TRANSPARENT and pretty dead-on with my own personal opinions of how the game, in specific arena, need to change.  Although they are never perfect, and can't fix everything at once, i really appreciate their attempt as a very successful corporate entity to be in touch with the community as well as communicate back to the community their intentions.

Although I will always assume blizzard will change the game in a fashion i disagree with, I continue to be impressed with their corporate management, and importantly I continue to play this pos addicting game.

I can only hope that this sentiment continues as we enter the land of 264-277 item-level PvE gear, and that legenedary-toting plate-wearers dont dominate for too long.

#1689031 Protection Warriors I feel something nasty coming our way.

Posted Telemanchos on 07 January 2010 - 07:53 PM

The 1000000th recent post about Protection Warriors in PvP, however this time it won't be a whine post ... atleast not about Protection (Even though they are retarded).

I've read Blizzard's post on Protection Warriors a few times.
They state, they will not nerf Protection without giving it a decent thought as the nerfs might give an impact on PvE.
The setup that works best atm (and is also the most retarded one)
is Hunter - Prot Warr - Healer, there's a few other possibilities but the main problem lies here.

If Blizzard would tune down Protection Warriors, the problem would be solved instantly and most Hunters will likely return to their old setup. However as I said before, nerfing prots would have an impact on PvE, which Blizzard tries to avoid.

Blizzard can't deny that this setup shouldn't be topping all Battlegroups, the only reason why this setup doesn't have a huge overall percentage yet, is because .. well finding a Warrior that can play Protection decently in PvP is 'hard'.
In the end, Blizzard will try nerf this setup, not by nerfing Protection Warriors, but by removing the Hunter's synergy with a Protection Warrior ... in other words nerfing them, which will have an impact on all other Hunter setups.

Short Version:
Hunters will get the nerfbat instead of the Protection Warriors.

I know I will get downrepped for this badly, I hesitated to post this, but it just had to be done.
Mages and Rogues already complain non stop about Hunters, if others blinded by this retarded setup will also acuse Hunters from being overpowered, then we, who play a different setup, will also suffer the consequences.
I might be overreacting though.

- Telemanchos, EU Frostwhisper

#1685867 Our prot hero got over 3k

Posted Jedion on 06 January 2010 - 10:28 PM

Dimpster said:

I've never run Prot Hunter Paladin but I have done Warrior Warrior Paladin as prot.. I usually run with 550 plus resil, the one time I did run with sub 100 resil and 100% passive armp I died in a deep freeze against any rmp.. I'm not sure how that guy stays alive lol

The key to the comp (and one of the reasons I am not able to break 2600 myself) is the team just has to protect each other.  The hunter must use scatter shot and silencing shot to protect the warrior if they are on him so he doesnt die in a stun.  The warrior has to use silences and disarms/safeguard to protect his hunter if they get on the hunter.  Both dps classes can protect their pally if they get on the pally.

The only time you really want to use those abilities offensively is when you are going for the "lol insane burst" when your cooldowns are up and you are going for a kill.

Work as a team, win as a team.

#1657757 Ground Mount glad rewards

Posted Zybak on 30 December 2009 - 02:26 AM

i agree