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Flintology 101 - The leg trick.

18 March 2013 - 10:25 AM

Today I will share with you, my number one secret to becoming a gladiator in real life. Which usually means getting laid like Russel Crowe after a sweaty match in the arena. Let's start out with that you need in order to make this succeed.

1x Yourself
A pair of legs
A girl
Capacity of being able to talk for five minutes of a movie start or similar.

Well first off, getting hold of yourself should be fairly easy as you're probably reading this.
Unless you're a war hero that got your legs blown off or so, you should have a pair of legs aswell. But for numerous reasons I cannot guarantee that you have a pair of functioning ones, and thus I'm not liable for any; sadfaces, outsideship or depression.

Getting a girl might be the hardest part here, but we nerds do have one thing that many people seem to lack. A fully functioning brain, but be aware. You should aim for a market where you get to shine in forms of depth, writing, verbal and stimulating conversations...or simply put it; facebook or any online type of site/forum. Get her attention by not pulling game shit or crap like that, show her that you're a mastermind and seduce her in the lands of psychological thinking.

Be swift, be secure (even if you're not) and don't drag it out too much. If you're getting a flowing conversation and shes talking to you, you're already set to go. Be a gent, go to her place to show that you're really interested in her (to get inside of her). You could meet up outside and walk to her place so she gets the comfort of knowing that you won't axe murder her when you show up outside her door. Do some chill talking, don't be a creep. Disuss anything that you feel that you can handle, wether it's work or hobbies. Yeah you can even brag off how you finished top 0.5% in a bracket with 50000 players. But don't get too nerdy, get her active in the conversation and flip it over on her every now and then, I prefer discussing thoughts of life.

Get to her place, whatever the plan is from there is up to you guys. Lead her and involve her. Take her to the store to buy something for the movie or buy something to cook TOGETHER. Play with her, get in the couch or w/e.

Now to the magic, just put yer filthy ass legs (NOT FEET) in her lap. Most of the times they usually just fall into your arms and you'll get cózy. If not, you're pretty fucking comfortable for the movie and she'll be feeling pretty awkward with your legs in her lap, never happened here though. Touch her gently for a few min and go in for the kiss and then you'll show her what a man you are and you fuck her good for the rest of the night. Even works for the bondage sluts out there, as they're not too fond of telling you what crazy beast hides inside them, on the first date.