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#2353708 Cata Mage Info - NDA Lifted

Posted Vilerose on 30 June 2010 - 11:39 PM

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"flame orb is NOT channeled, it is a 1.5 second cast; assume curtain of frost is instant as well" -affix

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replacement for fire and frost wards

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Click here to access talent calculator.


Frost Talent Changes/Additions:
1. Piercing Chill (2/2) (new talent, tier 3): Your frostbolt criticals apply the chill effect to two additional nearby targets.
2. Early Frost (2/2) (new talent, tier 3): Reduces the cast time of your frostbolt spell by 0.5 secs. This effect becomes inactive for 15sec after use.
3. "Shatter has been a lot of things. At the moment it is double crit chance vs. frozen targets for 1 point and triple crit chance vs. frozen for 2 points." -blizzard
4. Improved Cone of Cold (2/2) (revamped talent, tier 5): Your cone of cold also freezes targets for 4 sec.
5. Frozen Core reduces all damage instead of just spell damage.
6. Fingers of Frost (2/2) (ice lance revamp** + talent revamp, tier 6): Gives your chill effects a 15% chance to grant you the fingers of frost effect, which increases the damage of your ice lance spell by 130%, allows the use of Deep Freeze against targets as if they were frozen, and increases the damage done by your deep freeze spell by 15%. 2 Charges. Lasts 15 sec.
7. Arctic Winds (3/3) (revamped talent, tier 7): When below 35% health, attackers have a 30% reduced chance to hit you with melee and ranged attacks and your frost nova and cone of cold cooldowns are reduced by 100%.

**"Ice Lance does normal damage (i.e. ~2000 non-crit) all the time. It does an additional 100% with FoF. You can literally spam ice lance now. It is the caster equivalent of white damage." -affix

Arcane Talent Changes/Additions:
1. Improved Polymorph (2/2) (new talent, tier 1)): When a target you've polymorphed is damaged, that damage is delayed for 3.0 seconds.
2. Arcane Focus (2/2) (revamped talent, tier 1): When a spell you cast is resisted, 75% of the mana cost of the spell is refunded.
3. Arcane Stability (2/2) (new talent, tier 1): Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Arcane Missiles and Arcane Blast by 100%.
4. Improved Arcane Missiles (3/3) (new talent, tier 1): Increases the damage caused by your Arcane Missiles by 9%.
5. Arcane Repulsion (3/3) (new talent, tier 3): Your frost armor, mage armor, and molten armor spells cause a successful melee attack to knock the attacker back 12 yds and be slowed by 50% for 6 sec. This cannot occur more than once every minute.
6. Arcane Meditation (3/3) (revamped talent, tier 4): You regenerate 3% of your maximum mana every 5 seconds.
7. Arcane Instability (3/3) (revamped talent, tier 6): When your spells are pushed back or interrupted, your next damaging spell cast within 12 seconds causes 60% more damage.
8. Arcane Empowerment buffed to 25%/50%/75% for Arcane Missiles.
9. Arcane Tactics (3/3) (new talent, tier 8): Increases the damage of all party and raid members within 100 yards by 3%.
10. Improved Mana Gem (3/3) (new talent, tier 8): Mana gained from your mana gem also increases your spell power by 3% of your maximum mana for 10 seconds.
*Torment of the Weak was also nerfed from 4/8/12% damage to 2/4/6% damage.

Fire Talent Changes/Additions:
1. Improved Fireblast is now 2/4 seconds off of fireblast cooldown (double the current reduction).
2. Incineration buffed to 3% crit per point (from 2%).
3. Burning Soul moved to tier 2 (from tier 3) and no longer reduces aggro.
4. World in Flames buffed to 3% crit per point (from 2%).
5. Improved Scorch (3/3) (talent revamp, tier 4): Increases your chance to critically hit with Scorch by an additional 30% and your damaging Scorch spells have a 100% chance to cause your target to be vulnerable to spell damage, increasing spell critical strike chance against that target by 5% for 30sec.
6. Critical Mass (3/3) (talent revamp, tier 5): Increases the damage done by your Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, and Pyroblast by 3% per Fire damage-over-time effect on the target, up to a maximum of 9%.
7. Playing with Fire (3/3) (talent revamp, tier 5): Reduces the remaining cooldown on your Blast Wave spell by 6 sec when you are struck by a melee attack. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 sec.
8. Burning Determination (3/3) (talent revamp, tier 5): You regenerate 3% of your maximum mana every 5 sec.
9. Fire Power (5/5) (talent revamp, tier 6): Increases the damage of your Fire based damage over time effects by 25%.
10. Pyromaniac (3/3) (talent revamp, tier 7): Increases spell haste by 15% if 3 or more targets are taking Fire damage over time from your spells.
11. Burnout (5/5) (talent revamp, tier 10): Increases the range of your Fire Blast spell by 15 yds and causes your Flame Orb to explode at the end of its duration causing 1000 Fire damage to enemies within 10 yards.


Other Info:
1. Mage MS is being buffed to 25%. All other MS's are being normalized to 25% as well.
2. Mages lost all dispel protection on their buffs (when arcane focus was changed).
3. Mana Shield will absorb baseline 1mana:1health ratio instead of the current 1.5mana:1health ratio.
4. Mage Armor, Arcane Meditation (arcane talent), and Burning Determination (fire talent) all now regenerate 3% of your maximum mana every 5 seconds.
5. Deep Freeze deals damage.
6. Arcane Barrage has a 6 sec cooldown.
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Will be updating with more general alpha mage information hopefully as it becomes available.
REMEMBER: All this information is subject to much change before Cataclysm is released.