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#4637229 Solo queue?

Posted by Zero82599 on 07 April 2018 - 06:56 PM

TBH this wouldn't destroy anything.  Its just re-purposing.  You can't tell me that legion pvp has any sense of community outside of people who already have played together for a long time.  You post in LFG "2200 cr 45x Gladiator team LF healer"  Then you find some random guy, play games until you lose one or maybe two, he leaves, and then you go back to LFG to repeat.  

^ This.

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#4637065 Question about Classes

Posted by Zero82599 on 20 January 2018 - 08:07 PM

Hey Guys,


i played whole Legion on Horde and want to use my spare time to get used to another class - on alliance side (some friends play there).


In the past i enjoyed playing arms warrior in pve and pvp a lot. 


I would appreciate your insight to my new alliance char, i want to switch from arms warrior to one of the following:


- feral druid (nightelf, heard worgen suck)

- retri pala (human)

- hunter (nightelf or human, not sure yet)


Can you recommend any of them for 2v2 and 3v3 (currently no designated group composition) - and BGs. Maybe something is currently not viable in Arena.


I already tried WW Monk (stopped playing, doesnt fit into the Lore - in my opinion) and frost DK (felt too dull with 3 buttons and immobile as fuck).

Rets vs Ferals :  Rets and ferals obviously are powerhouses in damage.  They both take a lot of damage though, since they are both hybrid classes/specs.  Rets have lower mobility, you have to freedom+divine steed to get from point A to B in a satisfactory time.  Ferals, they can shift and wild charge, dash, etc. i.e high mobility. 

Hunters vs Ferals vs Rets : Hunters have decent mobility, obviously will be able to hit things more often than a ret can in certain situations.  Like every ranged class, you will always be near a pillar, so it does help tremendously in taking less damage overall if need be.  Ferals and hunters have similar playstyles in ways that they can keep an enemy in a spot for a long time, rets really don't have that capability on their own.

BGs, Arenas:
Ferals are really good in 2v2, like really fucking good.  Bleeds make life easier.  
Hunters really good in 2v2 as well, but dampening might be more of a necessity than on say: a feral
Rets are really good in 2v2 as well, they have good utility and damage output.
You can also do double dps on all 3 and have a good outcome.

3v3, Rets will be stressful to play: Lots of things u wont be able to touch but when you do touch them, oof the damage (As stated earlier you also take a lot of damage, time playing offensive and defensive well)
Ferals, bleeds bleeds bleeds you can be offensive and defensive almost simultaneously by having bleeds to rot on people whilst using your mobility to counter cooldowns
Hunters rely more on synergy than either ret or ferals, they offer a large role in enemy management, i.e CC and slows, alignment of CC is necessary for hunters to be at peak performance

Ferals weren't that great in BGs to my knowledge since they are more single target than anything, they have high mobility and can kill flag carriers rather well (stealth past and blast), flag maps you are probably gonna be sitting a base
Rets do well on maps like Kotmogu, they have a CC removal for healers, flag carriers, etc. also are good base sitters
Hunters do really good in BGs to my knowledge, you may also have to base sit lol

This is just a general thing, by no means am I an expert at those classes, I'm just giving my personal experiences without going too much in depth.  I used to main a feral and a hunter but I was never really that big on playing ret.  Hope this helps in some way.  

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#4637005 Some reading material on WoW arena

Posted by Zero82599 on 10 January 2018 - 08:50 PM

wow arena is dead

almost as dead as pokemon pvp

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