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#3590541 SOPA is going to ruin the internet with censorship dont let this happen!

Posted Silhin on 18 December 2011 - 04:15 AM

I wanted to post this here becuz i feel as a online community site people should know that in america there trying to pass a bill

If u enjoy sites like Facebook or youtube or twitter this is somthing u guys want to look in to

Do everything you can stop this bill from ever happening it can basically Censor any fun we have on the internet

U wont even be able to post video with you being in a party if it has a justin bieber song playing in the background

This isnt a only american based issue some of the people in Eu should look in to this bill cuz it will also greatly Effect u

Alot of these website are hosted from the great USA

What can u do ?

Petition /Write to your congress Post this on twitter and face book Make it aware to people






#2114887 Have trouble keeping track of your teammates? Check this mod

Posted Fierss on 23 April 2010 - 01:38 AM

Haven't had a chance to use it in the arena yet, but I just set it up for PvE, and it should work in PvP.

There are targets under people's feet, which you can resize, there are lines which you can color code by class that go to each person, and you can disable either one.  You can set the radius (the white circle you see there) anywhere from 1 to 500 yards, so if you set it to 38-40, you know when people will go out of range.  Or, as a dps, you know that as soon as the line disappears, to stop moving.

There's also some custom settings you can create to set up your own shit.

Posted Image

It's called AVR.  Never lose track of/out of range your teammates again.  Or just know exactly how far away things are.