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#1744211 Any DKLD Glads?

Posted agallockz on 20 January 2010 - 02:03 PM

Dks are fairly well fucking easy to play. I didn't find my role in Scleave was overly complicated. Spam chains and control the healer by focus macros, sounds like our role in every comp. The problem with the dk nerfs is that they didnt necessarily make the class more complicated, they just gimped them. For eg. if you nerf conflag damage, the warlock is forced to play properly and CC when going for kills rather than hoping to global someone. Where as the only difference to dk play is that they gimped our damage, the play style itself hasn't changed because of how basic the class really is, other than maybe spending more runes on CoI because its not worth the extra ss if it will keep someone in a bladestorm.  y'Naaaaaaa meeeeeeeee