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#3613943 Vial nerf/change

Posted by Telemanchos on 14 January 2012 - 12:59 PM

It's amazing how some people think this is a buff o_o

The reason Vial has been so overpowered is the fact it's burst damage. This fix will affect the burst component, making it 10sec ICD, but only 33% of the original damage. First of all even in PvE this will be a dps nerf for most classes that use this trinket, let's take hunters for example:

The proc chance is 15% and procs of all ranged attacks, so you'll need an average of 6 shots to make it proc, as MM this means an average of about 5-6seconds. If the ICD is 30sec, this results in an actual average CD of 36seconds. Now if they change it to 10sec ICD (15% proc chance), the ICD will be 16seconds, so the average time to get 3 procs will be 48seconds, which is way higher than 36seconds --> Heavy dps loss.
Since Vial's already behind on Wrath of Unchaining, this pushes it even further down the ladder.

Now back to PvP, if Blizzard removes the burst component and spreads out the dmg more, it's probably way better to take a Wrath of Unchaining if you want to keep high pressure overall or an on use PvP trinket for controlled burst.
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#3368049 S9 Gladiator FoS

Posted by Telemanchos on 14 July 2011 - 04:26 PM

FoS = feat of strenght, getting glad in S9 is not a FoS. There you go, problem solved ^^
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#2970222 Shamans: Community Reaction

Posted by Telemanchos on 11 January 2011 - 12:32 PM

Imo I think the new Tremor design is pretty neat.
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#2841733 DG Got Deterrenced

Posted by Telemanchos on 24 November 2010 - 06:08 AM

16 hours ago it went straight through both of them, its not a problem with my reading comprehension.

Obviously it isn't intended to go through? -_-
Just don't cast it on deterrence, it ain't that hard?
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#2831285 Patch 4.0.1 Bugs

Posted by Telemanchos on 20 November 2010 - 10:47 PM

This is the only one that's been fixed (or so I'm told).

Yes, it appears to have been.
Might actually been overfixed? While a Frost Mage did ~7.5k Ice Lance crits on me, it only hit my pet for ~4.5k(12k+ prepatch)
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#2826053 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted by Telemanchos on 18 November 2010 - 08:49 PM

it is legit. i've tested it
its used for emergencies.

In other words, it's not supposed to be abused by idiots =D
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#2790018 [Hunter] Pets

Posted by Telemanchos on 05 November 2010 - 06:44 PM

Every pet has 21 talent points.
Shortly after unlearning, you'll only have 20, but if you dismiss (or mount) + recall, you'l have 1 extra point to spend.

As for Q2, the above is pretty right.
Tho multiple spirit beasts can save your ass in BGs / Duels ^^
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#2399523 Entrapment Bug explained

Posted by Telemanchos on 13 July 2010 - 01:51 AM

Sorry if this has been posted already, I used the search button and found no clear explanation.
(All credit, rep too ofc, to Traplol Nesingwary Emberstorm US)

As a lot of you have noticed, Entrapment seems to not always proc correctly.
Traplol stated that the Entrapment debuff does not get applied if you're 10yard + away from your trap.

So I took some time to test this in a duel.
Started at 30y+, no proc from the trap, then 20y+ no proc, followed by 10y+ no proc and finally <10y it procced.

While I only got to test this ~15 times and only on a Rogue and Paladin, it seems Traplol was nearly right.

If you're 8y+ from your trap, it will not proc entrapment when triggered. Tested with Frost and Snake Trap.

Once again all credit to Traplol who posted this in a different thread
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#2390100 If hunters are so overpowered..

Posted by Telemanchos on 10 July 2010 - 02:36 PM

the problem with hunters is how imbalanced they are vs low armor without passive survivability and how fine or even too low against high armor classes.

also hunters kiting skills are kinda op vs classes with low mobility (read: mutilate rogues, and enh shammys without wolves) at the same time as warriors, dks, sub rogues and other melee classes with good mobility are close to impossible without a paladin giving u HoF every cd.

Or at least so I've heard, feel free to point where Im wrong as Im no hunter.

I have my hopes that most will be fixed til cata as the new resource system and a couple of new abilities get implemented.

You're pretty correct on the kiting part. As long as the feral / rogue / warrior can't melee you, he can't slow you and you'll be able to kite him forever.
However with a Mage or another Melee it becomes way harder to kite without HoF. Kiting is not something to be underestimated, kiting requires a lot more concentration than meets the eye.

Balancing around kiting is pretty hard, Blizzard has to incalculate the amount of time a Hunter will spend in Melee range, but that's different for every setup he meets.
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#2388661 why no pin -> freezing arrow?

Posted by Telemanchos on 10 July 2010 - 01:47 AM

I just fire Freezing Traps at random. Always works.

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#2363273 How would Arena look like if every 258ilvl+ PvE item would be banned from it?

Posted by Telemanchos on 03 July 2010 - 05:16 PM

I've played Arena for 8seasons (Never gotten Gladiator, but no flaming on that! :D) and imo S8 resembles S4 a lot, PvE gear dominating in Arena.
The only difference is that only the top players could get Warglaives / Thoridal / Muru's Trinkets, while Shadowmourne is even accesable to semi-dedicated PuGs.

Encountering a Human Warrior with Shadowmourne and 2x Hc Dps trinkets combined with 2 Healers that have Solace or some other PvE trinket equipped is far from being 'fair' ... or is it fair?

Now imagine Blizzard banning all 258ilvl and above PvE items from Arena, no shadowmourne, no hc off pieces, no hc trinkets etc ...
How would Arena look like? Which class would benefit the most of it? Which class would lose its potential? Which setups would dominate etc etc ...

You may wonder why 258+? Just so people that have recently dinged 80 would not have to enter arena semi-naked :)

I need your opinions on this matter!

IMPORTANT: I don't mind if you discuss about wether Blizzard should really implend this change or not, but try to focus on 'How Arena would look like'
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#1689031 Protection Warriors I feel something nasty coming our way.

Posted by Telemanchos on 07 January 2010 - 07:53 PM

The 1000000th recent post about Protection Warriors in PvP, however this time it won't be a whine post ... atleast not about Protection (Even though they are retarded).

I've read Blizzard's post on Protection Warriors a few times.
They state, they will not nerf Protection without giving it a decent thought as the nerfs might give an impact on PvE.
The setup that works best atm (and is also the most retarded one)
is Hunter - Prot Warr - Healer, there's a few other possibilities but the main problem lies here.

If Blizzard would tune down Protection Warriors, the problem would be solved instantly and most Hunters will likely return to their old setup. However as I said before, nerfing prots would have an impact on PvE, which Blizzard tries to avoid.

Blizzard can't deny that this setup shouldn't be topping all Battlegroups, the only reason why this setup doesn't have a huge overall percentage yet, is because .. well finding a Warrior that can play Protection decently in PvP is 'hard'.
In the end, Blizzard will try nerf this setup, not by nerfing Protection Warriors, but by removing the Hunter's synergy with a Protection Warrior ... in other words nerfing them, which will have an impact on all other Hunter setups.

Short Version:
Hunters will get the nerfbat instead of the Protection Warriors.

I know I will get downrepped for this badly, I hesitated to post this, but it just had to be done.
Mages and Rogues already complain non stop about Hunters, if others blinded by this retarded setup will also acuse Hunters from being overpowered, then we, who play a different setup, will also suffer the consequences.
I might be overreacting though.

- Telemanchos, EU Frostwhisper
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