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#4193866 wow hacked?

Posted Dreoras on 19 August 2014 - 07:25 AM

View PostLightningx, on 19 August 2014 - 06:57 AM, said:

Are there really people who make Twitter accounts just to ddos people and companies? Really?? Vote Dreoras for EU president and I will use FBI to find all ddosers and behead them on live stream under the name of Allah.

#4190992 What is your opinion on twinking?

Posted Mattadoro on 13 August 2014 - 07:40 PM

best to ask the experts, ask reliuna and pradafiend about twinking

#4190542 How to houses with Sevre

Posted Mattadoro on 12 August 2014 - 06:12 PM

gripping someone into a fireplace to win an rbg is just plain coaled

#4186213 Arena 5v5 titles will be removed

Posted Nixonxx on 05 August 2014 - 08:55 AM

They should just take out titles and ratings completely and just make the game actually fun.

I think about offing myself everyday

#4187851 WTF is this sh*t?!

Posted Mattadoro on 07 August 2014 - 02:10 PM

I assume you mean paladin jungle cleave? bm would spec into cunning pet talents now which means that

"CorneredWhen at less than 35% health, your pet does 50% more damage and has a 60% reduced chance to be critically hit."

thats how that happened to you

#4178794 wod glad mounts?

Posted Kruschpak on 25 July 2014 - 10:50 PM

looks good.

has to be pve reward.

#4176469 Rating system hello?

Posted Fizion on 24 July 2014 - 11:30 AM

My thoughts:

1.  Probably not a good idea to post that here.
2.  It sucks when you can't even beat yourself and win
3.  If you're a 1x glad and 1x r1 why do you need to win trade at 1700-2k?
4.  Is that a boy or girl in your pic?

#4172143 Need Help From The Community [Burt]

Posted Gekz on 18 July 2014 - 02:30 AM

ok my dads a cop i will have this handled

#4172131 Need Help From The Community [Burt]

Posted Miixzy on 18 July 2014 - 02:02 AM

Posted Image

#4172119 Need Help From The Community [Burt]

Posted oluhcyppop on 18 July 2014 - 01:39 AM

Hello, Arenajunkies. I don't post here much, but hopefully some of you know and still remember me. There are quite a bit of vermin in the community and today I hope to rid us of one. This vermin is Will Shockley or better known as "Burt". Will is an avid cheater and ultimately a law breaker; from DDOS'ing to infecting the computers of children, Will has done it all. My team and I have more than enough evidence to convict Burt, but I need the communities help to get the FBI's eye swifter.

This is a post a made about Burt on the WoW community forums which contains proof of Burt's wrong doings: http://pastebin.com/zKnujsPV

This is my Skype mass message I sent out and my request to you:

Hey guys, Poppychulo here, sorry about the Skype mass message but I'm in need of a favor. I need everybody to fill out a http://ic3.gov report on "Burt" A/K/A Will Shockley. Once everything is complete message me back and I'll help you complete the form with Nmap logs, No-IP logs, database entries and much more.

My attorney and I have been resoling the situation and we've decicded to pursue Burt for harassment and conspiracy to commit computer hacking/the distribution of malware. We will not only be pursuing Will criminally, but civilly as well. As of now research is being conducted by professional computer forensic analysts to congregate the hard cold evidence against Will Shockley. With the recent takedown of No-IP and virtual restraining order from Microsoft, this is our main goal. Will has been maliciously utilizing No-IP DNS' to spread his malware.

Subpoena list for Burt:
World Of Warcraft

If everything goes as planned Burt will be behind bars or banned from the internet until 2025. Lucky for us Will incriminates himself already and openly speaks about his malware and botnets. Courtesy of my friend, ClayDavisTheGod, I can now prove Will is responsible for the influx of DDOS attacks on the League Of Legends`s game servers.

So far:
Local police have been contacted
Ic3 forms completed
FBI offical cyber terrorism report completed
Subpoena's have been requested

My attorney will be contacting Burt's legal guardian within a week.

Message to staff:
If the personal information is an issue please remove it without junking the thread in entirety.

#4161886 What does World of Warcraft need most?

Posted Neitey on 04 July 2014 - 09:35 AM

Tonystyle to quit playing and disappear from the internet. I'd resub if that happened

#4160806 #justregentlordthings

Posted djp771133 on 02 July 2014 - 06:15 PM

"poppy jungle was really op for awhile"
"dks do the lowest damage of any class"
"elnimited sustain"
"[mw beastcleave] is Literally the worst comp possible"
"MW is literally the worst healer"
"Warriors have no place in 5s"
"Destro is the only class that takes skill anymore"
"[mw beastcleave] is the hardest comp to play"
"I got him in a full half cap"
"[mw beastcleave] is the squishiest comp in the game"
"I've been really enjoying viktor lately (I shit on their entire team)"
"I rape kids all the time"
"I have like an 80% winrate on heimer"
"Viktor mid is actually real, like I see a lot of people pick that now"
"I am the only paladin to ever hold rank 1 in both 2s and 3s as both ret and holy at the same time"
"I pull 80k damage and 120k healing so that 200k!"
"Most high rated players agree that enhancement shaman is one of the hardest specs in the game to play to the most of its potential."
If you can't beat a monk as a mage then the problem is you being bad, nothing else.
"The only things that impress me anymore are enhancement shamans and destro locks"
"How could I have done anything wrong"

These are all actual quotes from being in skype with Regentlord, I've been saving them up in a notepad stay tuned there will be more to come!

#4158203 In-game NPCs named after PvPers

Posted Elorxo on 28 June 2014 - 03:41 PM

View PostBooked, on 28 June 2014 - 03:18 PM, said:

sweet new pikaboo npc
Posted Image

look at the size of his feet holy shit

#4153454 weed

Posted Snackumz on 24 June 2014 - 04:23 AM

i smoke it

edit: +rep if helped

#4152056 Jax | R1 Rogue | Twitch.tv Stream

Posted Jaxington on 22 June 2014 - 09:57 PM

Hey just started out streaming, and wanted to post the link here :)

I am the highest rated rogue on the US 3v3 Ladder at 2855 come watch some pro arena!