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#142245 Warlock/Priest 2400+ movie

Posted BurnMC on 22 April 2008 - 09:08 PM

Hey everybody, this is Burn. This is my first pvp movie, I hope not last. The purpose of making this video was mainly the absence of any decent warlock/priest movies around. There was many requests as to how this, one of the most underrated setups in S3, is working. This is warlocks pov.

This video is mainly Arena 2vs2 and 5vs5 PvP footage, with a few duels against a gladiator rogue with warglaive and bt gear. It was filmed during 2.3 patch and few arenas after 2.4.

All opponents are from 2100-2400 rating, sure they did mistakes (thats why we won in the first place), but the purpose of this video was to show how it can be played rather then some skills.
2vs2 priest/warlock 2300+ (point selling atm, so actual rating may be lower)
5vs5 Warrior/Hunter/Warlock/Resto Shammy/Paladin 2400 + at that time #1 rated on Nightfall Eu Bg.

Other details on:


Request has come to me to specifies some of the strats and specs that we used here, so here it goes.
For 2vs2:
our specs you could see on wcm, its 27/34/0 (heavy dots) for me and mostly 40/0/21 (with silence) for my priest.
Against most combos we are playing it highly aggressive trying to go for the kill while CC healer (fear in scream in silence in spell lock in death coil :), thou I wouldn't recommend this strategy to all priest/warlocks out there as it has a very little margin for error from our side (one resisted fear or spell lock and we basically lost), its just one of the ways to play it. We playing it manadrain style vs warlock/healer teams for obvious reason.
For 5vs5:
Our specs - 41/20/0 Warrior, 0/44/17 Hunter, 41/20/0 paladin, 7/41/13 warlock and 0/7/54 Shaman.
You can see it in armory - http://eu.wowarmory....nix Rising&fl=1
(our new team).
We are playing it as mana drain team against most combos, trying to disrupt enemy strategy as we have great lasting power, but are our weakness is lack of hots, shields and defensive dispels beside pala who is main healer.
Against 3 healer/eurocomp and basically every drain or control line-up we are splitting dps between 2 targets with warlock and warrior on soft target (priest, warlock) and hunter on controller (mage, druid, some times priest) to force them play defensively while draining they healers mana with stings and dps. Execution can be seen in first 2 5vs5 matches.
Vs 3melee/2345/2346/4pds and every "nuker" team out there we are playing from two target with fast switches between them (dps mage, when he'll run out of los or blocks, switching to priest, then back to mage after he will come back) as can be seen in last fight (switching between warlock and priest vs 2346, killing warlock pet -> warlock -> bop -> priest -> run out of hunter los -> warlock -> dead :)

As some people liked my UI and there were many requests to upload my Addons and WTF folders I'm doing so (for people that know what to do with them) :

#142303 Warlock/Priest 2400+ movie

Posted Mizuo on 22 April 2008 - 10:07 PM

me too, me too

dling right now