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#4408044 Experiment: What CC should never have been instant?

Posted Zaephyr on 09 April 2015 - 12:55 PM

Intimidating shout needs a cast time

#4402366 Burst ww 6.1

Posted Schackt on 19 March 2015 - 03:24 PM

Wait for Agi/Multristrike proc -> Expel Harm (for Chi, less energy than jab, doesnt need melee range) + Chi Burst (x2) + Tiger Palm + TEB + RSK + Sweep + HS. If you can, paralyze right after and do FoF. Even without the FoF, you end up doing somewhere between 50% - 70% of targets health if pulled off correctly. Problem is pulling it off. The burst is there, it's just a bit clunky to set it up.

#4402568 Life of a Warlock

Posted Fakalock on 20 March 2015 - 07:35 AM

I cant agree with u more... It is just not fun doing 2s as warlock (i only do it so i can get the 2.2k achiv.) Vs most comps i spend atleast 50-60% of the game standing still faking and making sure agony and curruption dosn't fall off. Some times i can kite away with soulburn port. Unforturnatly that only results in me accually getting one or two UA's up and nothing else.

I play Affli/rhsam. vs some comps we accually rape. Vs hunter/healer we have maby a ~80% winrate. Lucky for us thats a Fotm comp, so there is a alot of them. Struggle tho is when we face rogue paired with rdrood or rsham... Then we cant seem to win at all. I ge so little pressure that the enemy healer barley has to do anything. Vs rogue/Rdrood they never ever gets a clone off vs us. never! And they still just rape us in dampening. Every single time we accualy get pressure there is a cloak. The rogue dosnt even need to get of me to get sap out of blind or for a kick on my sham...

But then again i guess its surpose to be a bit like that. I mean, shaman is IMO the strongest healer vs a lock (all casters realy) so it should be hard ass hell...

Concidering that blizzard never readds something that they once removed I guess we will never get CoE or the breath thingy back, I would like to se them make the soulburn port be basic built in to the port. So that you get the sprint without a shard... That could make live a bit easier but still hard vs some comps...

One thing I've noticed accually helps vs quite a bit of comps is not to run with the "movment imperial effects"-trinket. But to run dubble dps trinkets instead (im UD) the proc and on use one. when the proc does it magic, fake one interupt->SF->fear the other target (generally a healer) and pop on use trinket + ds and burst the one not in cc down. Thats never enought for someone to die, but u get quite a bit of defensives. And u can folow up the fear with hex. I only use the "movment imperial effects"-trinket vs comps with alot of cc for me. I.e. mage/rogue, ret/rogue, mage/feral. Hunter/healer got lots of cc but i run dubble dps anyways.. else i wount score kills.

Sry for the novel ^^

#4397916 Takarita 1.9 rated

Posted Freshqtz on 08 March 2015 - 08:47 PM

Well maybe she is slightly higher rated than you because her partners might be a little better than the ones you play with. Also, if you prefer to watch Takarita instead of a glad level hunter then feel free to keep wondering why you can't break your own rating barrier.

#4398524 Focus Help, keep losing target

Posted Kris1383 on 10 March 2015 - 11:44 AM

Use a macro like this:

#showtooltip Mortal Strike (or bloodlust or something you "spam")
/cast Mortal Strike
/focus arena1

Then you just edit the macro when you enter arena and can see which arenaX is the healer or whatever target you wish to focus.

If you dont like that, you can make macros like - /focus arena1 and bind to F1 Key, /focus arena2 and bind to F2 key etc. But this will disappear when they disengage you have to press they bound key again.

The smart thing about the first macro is, that because you "spam" MS everytime the rogue, feral, discpriest etc disengage you will have them as focus again, as soon as they apear and you use your Mortal Strike.

The only downside is, that your kinda locked into focusing a specific target for the entire match, unless you take time to edit the macro on the fly.