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#4288923 Highest RBG team in the World using speedhacks

Posted Wallirik on 07 December 2014 - 10:08 PM

I think this is all the items? Kettu made a movie a while back about them too.
Rogues can use some of them too, with burst of speed/nightstalker you run like 250% and 270% speed with sprint up
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fuck knows why blizzard haven't fixed it yet lol

#4294554 PvP Hotfixes 12/11/2014

Posted Koshimo on 11 December 2014 - 08:17 PM

View PostCaramélBear, on 11 December 2014 - 08:14 PM, said:

Even though i agree that more changes are needed, but basing what nerfs should be done based a comp other than the class itself would be fairly stupid.
rets can dispel their healer out of every cc you ever manage to get on them, disc is by far the best healer still after the nerfs, and hunters have the most absurd unavoidable cc in the game. Its not hard to figure out why the comp is good when all 3 of the classes are fucking gods.

#4291188 So I decided to try Disc...

Posted Zaephyr on 09 December 2014 - 02:08 PM

thought this would be along the lines of

"and the first thing I noticed was that I climbed to 3000 rating"

#4290810 Dec 8th hotfixes

Posted Knaittiz on 09 December 2014 - 09:03 AM

View PostChitorger, on 09 December 2014 - 09:01 AM, said:

It's 15 seconds
ok thats fine then nvm

#4290423 Dec 8th hotfixes

Posted KaelenaXOXO on 09 December 2014 - 02:21 AM

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Disclaimer: I stole this from a guy, who stole it from a guy, who probably stole it from a guy

#4289892 Racial Balance top 5000 from 3v3 ladder

Posted Cuddlybunnyz on 08 December 2014 - 06:57 PM

playing a healing class right now that can't stoneform disc silence will make you lose far more games than if you were a dwarf, sad reality but true

#4288546 Warrior

Posted joefernandes on 07 December 2014 - 01:38 PM

ugh, warriors are really fine atm yet again, and will probably get even better during the 3rd week with epic weapons, not sure why the whine on mobility when you still have charge + intervene + leap, and arms damage is ridiculously good, probably the best if u consider the fact you have MS too

#4283718 S16 thoughts thus far.

Posted Nahj on 03 December 2014 - 07:35 AM

View PostProlifics, on 03 December 2014 - 05:39 AM, said:

After quite a few games played:

Hunter cleaves back in full force, 80-90% of games vs hunter teams. Its even worse than the MoP hunter cleave phase now that dks rets and ferals are far more scary.

Dunno maybe its a gear/scaling thing with it being early in the season?

Either way, get the lube out folks.
The bigger problem is rets and ferals being an absolute joke.

I'd rather fight hls last season than ret hunter or jungle atm...

#4281213 Why Multi/Crit/Haste is the best for WW

Posted Korzul on 01 December 2014 - 03:33 PM

Let me just clarify some stuff for you.


Versatility sucks imo because you can't get large amounts of it
Entirely wrong. The way secondaries work means the LARGER the gap between 2 secondaries the more valueble the lower secondary is.
Lets pretend it's PvE and we have 2 stats (crit and say some sort of mastery) that both increase damage by 100% when you reach 100% in that stat (in this example both stats have exactly the same value).
Now we have a base dps of 100 and 0% mastery and 0% crit. We're doing 100 dps.
Now lets say we we have a base dps or 100 and 0% mastery and 99% crit. We're doing 199 dps.
Now we have 1 more % to put in. do we put it into crit (giving 100% crit, 0% mastery and 200dps) or add it to mastery? Well if we add it to mastery we get 100x1.01x1.99 = 200.99 dps which is nearly twice as good as adding that last % to crit.
Yet both stats started off with the same value, the very fact that crit has such a high modifier infront of it increases the value of mastery > crit until the point where both stats are equal.

In short, the more rating you put into a single stat, the stronger the other stats become in comparison. Saying versatility is bad because we have a low % is pretty much wrong on ALL levels, it's not only one of the BEST secondary abilities in pvp (130 rating for 1% damage/healing and 0.5% damage reduction - which makes it valuble when you're not even doing anything but getting hit) but leaving such a stat at a low % actually screws up the scaling of your other secondaries.


Therefore, just from those numbers Multistrike does indeed more damge per item you gear.

Multistrike and crit scale EXACTLY evenly with rating. Neither is better than the other.
Also saying a multistrike proc on a crit is stronger than one from a non crit is also incorrect.

If you crit in pvp for 150% and multistrike procs you DON'T get 150*0.3 or a 45% damage multistrike proc which can then crit to make it a 67.5% damage crit.
You simply get a 30% damage proc from what would be a non crit which can then intself crit to make it 45% damage.

It just means crit and multi scale properly together like the rest of the secondary stats.

Also, you don't want to stack one and ignore the other.
Crit requires 220 crit rating to equal 1% damage in pvp (150% crits)
Multistrike requires 220 multi rating to equal 1% damage in pvp.

The ideal situation (for maximum output) would be to perfectly balance both stats rating wise. As you get more multi per point you'd be aiming for 3% crit for every 5% multistrike on the char sheet to achieve this.

#4276951 Most viable spec for 3s?

Posted Farmboy on 26 November 2014 - 08:18 PM

Sadly I'm at the end of my rope of trying to convince people that slam, even though its still low damage, is the best talent in that tier. Its more damage then whirlwind by far.

I think more importantly is the fact that people that played warrior after Season 4 probably don't understand the play style that's come back. Its no longer a game of spamming abilities every global doing damage like a mindless robot. Damage now has to be dealt like in Burning Crusade.

Personally I enjoy the play style again of getting a full rage bar charging a target and dumping on them. I laugh at people that complain that we don't have survivability when we have a passive 20% damage reduction. Then the classic "But but I cant damge noobs then" We have a 4 set bonus now that gives rage when we take damage. I've never had a rage problem sitting in defensive stance getting trained.

Arms is easy to play that's true and its also slower paced. Get over it.

P.S. If they brought back heroic strike or buffed slam there would be a lot less bitching but, I don't see that happening until after the season starts.

#4271311 I love arena right now

Posted mazu on 21 November 2014 - 04:02 AM

View PostMarshmellow, on 21 November 2014 - 12:02 AM, said:

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#4270801 I love arena right now

Posted ysnakewoo on 20 November 2014 - 07:00 PM

View PostZzx, on 20 November 2014 - 06:49 PM, said:

The pace seems perfect, there is a plethora of comps available, you can only score kills with set up cc chains and I don't feel like every class has an abundance of defensive CD''s and CC's to get them out of every situation.

JK Ferals make their team immortal while dealing absolutely retarded amounts of unpeelable damage.

View PostZzx, on 20 November 2014 - 06:49 PM, said:

I also love that the game is balanced around melee / caster / healer, It makes it alot more fun to play and I feel both teams have to consider their positioning alot more than before. I.e How godcomps never had to consider where they where stood, Or where melee cleaves where forced behind pillars to deal competitive damage.

JK Heroic Leap, Intervene, Displacer Beast, Burst of Speed, 30 Freedoms of Gay and all other broken shit I forgot.

View PostZzx, on 20 November 2014 - 06:49 PM, said:

Every session of 3's I've played has felt incredibly fun, win or lose, and I still haven't played some of the best comps my class can now fits into. Anyone else have thoughts?

I'm not sure we're playing the same game.

#4271926 Ice Nova

Posted Capstone on 21 November 2014 - 06:19 PM


i'd like to say a few things

first, lowering the amount of available haste, taking blanket off counterspell, and making deep break on damage were a few of the best changes the class has received in years. it is a lot more fun to play already than it ever was in mop

let's examine some new things about the mage class:

Posted Image

ice nova. this ability doesn't make any sense. it replaces frost nova, which is a reduction of binds and a shift away from a core ability that requires you to position yourself somewhere to set something up. it does much, much more damage than any of your other abilities (you would have to stand still and cast ~5-6 frostbolts to do as much damage as you do with a single, instant, uncasted ice nova). it puts everyone it hits on POLYMORPH dr (actual wtf), and it does aoe damage. let me list the unintended problems with this:

1. this only increases anyone's incentive to train a single target, because after i use my ice novas, i'm not doing any damage, so i want to play defensive, but i can't swap off the target i was just on to do it, since that target is now on double polymorph DR.

2. everyone around that target is on polymorph DR too. if i'm fighting a cleave (and all i'm fighting is cleaves), i can't polymorph the other DPS because he's on full dr from using a completely necessary ability on the guy standing next to him the entire game. even if i polymorphed ahead of time, this move will BREAK polymorph on whoever for using it, and there really isn't any choice - ice nova is so powerful my options are 1.) use it or 2.) suck

3. this ability literally does not allow me to think for myself. if i have cc or my partner used cooldowns, i am obligated to press this button, everytime, unconditionally. i don't need a fingers of frost proc, i don't have to fake an interrupt, i just press this shit

Posted Image

ok, so i haven't been a fan of fingers of frost since wrath. i still believe you should have to have a freeze effect on your target to ice lance or deep freeze it, but it's just out of control now

at some point some developer got the idea in their mind that it'd be really cool if fingers of frost made your ice lance do MORE damage, and so it was all of mop, but now this buff actually makes ice lance do 100% more damage. let's examine what this change does:

1. it does nothing for pve. you can't deep freeze or frost nova a boss, so literally all of your ice lance damage is fingers of frost damage, so the modifier ONLY affects pvp

2. since blizzard added a gigantic fucking curved blue icon that surrounds your character whenever fingers of frost procs, it's extremely easy for everyone who logs on a mage with the desire to have instant success (hello mists of pandaria) to just press ice lance and do damage. it's considerably more difficult, as it always has been, to use your own personal novas for it (though frostbite no longer exists and with the addition of ice nova this literally only leaves ranged freeze). but because of the fingers of frost change, ice lance does the same damage frostbolt does to targets when you don't have fingers of frost up. ice lance probably SHOULD do the same damage as frostbolt, except that some developer decided frostbolt should hit for 5k and crit for 10k

3. this spell is GENERATED by ranged nova, and as i said earlier, with the removal of frost nova, frostbite, and deep freeze breaking on damage, ranged freeze is your only freeze. this means when you go to generate procs to do damage, you instantly have to break your own freeze by ice lancing with a buff that was designed to allow you to use damage for ice lance without a freeze effect. it has totally defeated the original purpose of fingers of frost, which was stupid in the first place

now i could finish this post by talking about how dumb frost bomb is as an alternative to ice nova, or how incanter's flow is the dumbest, most rng talent in the universe, or even how the level 100 talents are some of the worst thought out and least effective abilities ever created, but i have one significant gripe that i literally have to look away from everytime i notice to stop myself from getting upset

Posted Image

this is some of the most fucked shit i've ever seen in this game

ok. the first one about frozen orb exploding like anyone stands in that shit for a full 10 seconds or 4000 damage is significant to anyone in the universe, that's just dumb, careless, lazy developing which is pretty consistent with blizzard's approach to frost mages. i don't really mind incompetence

the problem i have is that the second set bonus indicates, there is some developer somewhere who is trying to leave their mark on the mage class and change it in a meaningful way, and this person has never actually played mage for a significant amount of time. whoever was spearheading this idea should be fired immediately

you have to ice lance a frozen target to increase the damage of frostbolt.

first of all, it's basically impossible to ice lance a frozen target five consecutive times

second, who in the fuck wants to ice lance FIVE times, then CAST a spell to finish a target? casts are always going to happen at the start of a setup when you have cc on a target or they aren't desperately running around a pillar to line you

lastly, this developer doesn't know how much damage frostbolt does. let's say i decide i REALLY want to make the most of this stupid frostbolt bonus, and i ice lance a target five times and i get the frostbolt buff stacked up to 25%. i can now cast frostbolt for 5k damage (10k if it crits) and gain 1-2k damage on my frostbolt. this set bonus presumes that adding 1-2k damage to a single frostbolt cast is a legitimate reward for ice lancing the same target 5 times consecutively, which is impossible to do in the first place

so, yeah, ice nova is fucked, but my primary concern here is that there is some developer is actively trying to do things to the mage class, which will not end well, since every major gameplay change to the class that has ever been made has been a negative one. the best changes this xpac are ones that returns it to the state it was in BC (no blanket, no deep, less haste)

#4271506 Ice Nova

Posted Nadagast on 21 November 2014 - 09:52 AM

I went off on twitter the other day about Ice Nova.  https://twitter.com/...926915233431552

As I understand it, Ice Nova:

1. Hardest hitting Frost Mage spell
2. Instant cast
3. AoE
4. Stuns  (or disorients?)
5. On Polymorph DR
6. Short cooldown
7. Two charges
8. In PvP, very overpowered, forcing Mages to lose iconic Frost Nova spell

Ice Nova is one of the best examples of PvP blindness in WoD.  As I said on twitter, my best guess is that the numbers must be this way is to make it PvE DPS-competitive with the other talents on this tier.

Does a single person disagree with me that Ice Nova is a bad ability for WoW?  Can anyone make an argument that it's a good ability? (if you don't have posting access here, tweet or PM me)

I'm legitimately interested, if you have an argument.  I have to admit that I'm a bit baffled as to why/how it's made it this far.

Edit: I realize I never specifically asked for Blizzard to nerf Ice Nova. Blizzard please nerf Ice Nova--it's an absurd ability.

#4266898 spriest gearing

Posted Lolflay on 17 November 2014 - 07:58 AM

^ Makes no sense to gear for anything else right now.

You don't have the end-expansion stats for crit to really shine right now, I find Haste really shitty as well but it's better than gearing for crit and ending up with less than 20% crit due to shooting for Mastery primarily. In the end of expansion, if we continue to remain as we are right now ( loads of instants/it's easy to do damage w/o casting much ), people might go for Crit/Mastery or even Crit/Multistrike builds ( depending if Mastery gets nerfed which I'm sure it will ), but for now, crit feels not really viable as we need Mastery to deal damage over any other stat, and if you aim for as much Mastery as you can, you're bound to miss a few crit pieces here and there.

As for Multistrike vs Haste, I think Haste wins for now. If not damage-wise, then convinience wise for sure.

However I did see one particular Spriest on beta who kept RNGing people with a Crit+Multistrike build, but outside of RNG I always outpressured his team and easily won on damage then. He was rolling with Auspicious Spirits though, and Crit is their bread and butter from what I've seen.

"Steady as she goes" is a motto SPriests utilised for a very long time now when it came to gearing, we never liked too many "spikey" stats as we always benefitted more from passive stats which made us deal steady damage, I see no reason to quit doing so now ( TBC's pure Intellect gemming where we could... WoTLK's Int+Haste, Cataclysm's Int+Haste, MoP's Haste.. ). Mastery/Haste provides exactly that, AT THIS CURRENT MOMENT. Mastery gives by far the most damage per point right now, and while other stats might be ahead of Haste, PvP =/= PvE simcraft.

I might be wrong though. I'd love to be wrong on this matter as quite frankly I'd love to have fun with some new stats for a change, SPriests used same stats for years now, but for now, we'll have to wait and see. I doubt it I'm wrong, however I'll still keep learning more about live 100 before jumping to conclusions and updating the guide with preferred stats and other stuff.