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#4487076 NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Posted Niezeremake on Yesterday, 02:32 PM

View PostXonika, on 27 August 2015 - 02:07 PM, said:

being good in wotlk(fabio) and being r1(you) in wotlk are ALOT different. gettin r1 in 5s in some shit bg with 1900 cr with 20 ppl sharing is nothing compared to actually gettin r1 now were the "playerbase" is in general alot more skilled/further ahead compared to back then.
Tbh rank 1 became even more of a joke when BGs got merged also made it way less fun getting gladiator/r1, but yes getting rank 1 in wrath 5 years ago in a completely different game doesn't mean you are good in this expansion.
I would say that wotlk required way more skill to play compared to MoP/WoD but then again the general players were a bit worse too so you could outplay your opponents way more. But yeah obviously the outplaying part also had to do with that you had like the double amount of spells that you have now and every class was kind of unique.

#4484229 NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Posted Bestpriestjkk on 24 August 2015 - 10:44 AM

View Postjaimex, on 24 August 2015 - 01:43 AM, said:

Elemental last season was kind of in the same place that disc is now, people cried about it (myself included at times) but it was actually fine, because of other specs allowing it's strength to shine. If you didnt have a decent demo warlock you couldnt do well, which hurt elemental viability because most demo warlocks were taken and there werent many - the meta game was still good enough for ele to shine with a decent team, just like it is for disc right now with rogue mage, and no the rogue mage isnt carrying the disc at all.

Lmao please explain what classes uplift priest if not for rogue and mage. I personally believe that many priests never understod the way priests are meant to be played in their current state, and me myself just started playing it again,  i can honestly tell ur their state is so horrible, coming from pala and even playing a bit of shaman. Calling them good because youre queuing noskype 2s on your stream and cant kill a 2,3 priest team before 50% dampening is ignorant and an overstatement, but then again, you have always been one of the major  top plebs when it comes to meta/game knowledge, not gonna lie.

There is not one comp in this game a priest can outheal the way a pala, druid or sham can outheal. I've seen priests, like Mehh and Nieze, including myself in similiar situations, spamming 15 flash heals in a row with penance and shields inbetween and it only stabilize their partners hp against for example Turbo, Jungle, LSD3 and more, lets not start talking about what happens when a resto shaman unleash healing surges once.

Disc priests at the moment, have 2 major defensives, barrier and ps - both are horrible and useless.

Barrier is a freaking 25% dmg reduction zone, that is fucking useless unless you actually pre cast it down on a stun, but it doesnt change the outcome of the game at all.

PS a 3 minute cooldown used at 100% hp gets ignored by any comp in the game like its amplifying magic, just as useless as RoS, and does absolutely not change the outcome of the game at all.

A quick summary, youre not being rewarded for using ur two major 3 MINUTE DEFENSIVES correctly, its actually so bad you dont event use your 4 set bonus, not to mention the most useless 2 set bonus in history of WoW.

The class design is horrible and ruined, your class is built up around sitting a pillar, spamming ur only usable instant heal that decreases healing done by each stack, waiting 8 seconds so you can play your class again is a horrible feeling, and no class should be designed like that.

#4483938 NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Posted Xonika on 23 August 2015 - 09:39 PM

View PostDills, on 23 August 2015 - 08:55 PM, said:

If shwayzee hadn't choked to his demise he'd lay down the law on these noob priests... Whos hydra????
a random famous priest who is nothing compared to mehh

#4483749 NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Posted Isumi on 23 August 2015 - 07:49 PM

View PostFedx, on 23 August 2015 - 07:42 PM, said:

Voltariux is considered a God by many and the best ww in the world. I don't see him in regionals atm

"u do realize monk is as good as ret?" - The difference here is that phs is a t2/t1 comp and ww dk hpala isn't.

first of all voltariux isn't a god, he is maybe the best monk but not even close to a god player.

secondly ww/dk/pala probably isn't even the best monk comp in the game, just try monkls, kinda sad that u dont even know ur best comp

#4483719 NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Posted Bestpriestjkk on 23 August 2015 - 07:33 PM

View PostFedx, on 23 August 2015 - 07:30 PM, said:

*not counting copa america qualifiers or whatever the name was*

Teams qualified: 8 (EU) + 6 (US) = 14
Teams with a mage on their team = 4 (EU) + 3 (US) = 7
Teams with a warlock on their team = 5 (EU) + 4 (US) = 9

Some teams had both mages and warlocks on their team but we can clearly see that EVERY team from both regions that qualified either had a mage or a warlock on their team.

Random facts:

Every Class in the game managed to qualify except Monks. (Neither ww or mw)
2 Melee cleaves qualified, Toxic Youth (EU) and Luminosity (US) that both could play turbo and/or LSD3. Then you can debate wether or not turbo is a "melee cleave" or dampener comp I guess.

Best series was definitely Mystic's PHS vs Gelubaba's RMD, why? Because there wasn't 300 wizards on both teams.

GL at Regionals to all of these teams and it's gonna be fun to see which teams that make it to #Wizzcon.


Fuck wizards

Ur class shouldnt even be in the game so its fine

#4477751 Balanced EU qualifier team

Posted escu on 16 August 2015 - 09:02 PM

well praii is a fucking retard i already knew it. I heard he rage quit crying when he lost the replay. Maybe if he learnt to refresh slice n dice without letting it drop for 30-40sec everytime he'd actually do dmg as combat

#4477574 Balanced EU qualifier team

Posted flubbah on 16 August 2015 - 05:34 PM

Glad to see you back on AJ fabio, you always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting.

#4477568 Balanced EU qualifier team

Posted escu on 16 August 2015 - 05:31 PM

disgusting lowlife autistic rmd i deeply wish them every disease known to mankind.
Oh and this talby dude is litteraly the worst druid ive seen in a while. Litteraly autistic

#4467284 WoW Down to 5.6 Million Subscribers

Posted amirdaheat on 05 August 2015 - 12:01 PM

RIP WoW 2005-2011

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#4467380 WoW Down to 5.6 Million Subscribers

Posted user_543622 on 05 August 2015 - 02:56 PM

View PostSoraven, on 05 August 2015 - 02:28 PM, said:

They said they will release flying mounts in 6.2.

Then they said, ohh we are not ready but they will release it in a super minor patch 2 weeks after 6.2 launch, 3 max.

2 months almost after, no flying mounts.

Simply sum up how much Blizzard care and how the whole expansion look like, from the smallest and simplest things.

What are the chances they will do any better with bigger?

And that's without even mentioning the so called "Farahlon" which was never released but hey, we have selfie camera! they surely keep up with the new things!

Flying mounts are one of the things that have destroyed world pvp (just saying).


It is really simple why this game is like this:
Game is way to casual-friendly and anyone can achieve anything because of how easy it is. No room for outplaying opponents.
On the other hand, games like dota2 are free to play, they require immense game knowledge/reaction times and awareness as compared to wow, and despite it all, they have 18 000 000$ prize pool for The International tournament.

The question to blizzard is: Was succumbing to the mindless whine of 99% of the players who were TOO FUCKING LAZY  to improve, worth it?

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#4467545 where does wow go from here?

Posted ragzdog on 05 August 2015 - 07:08 PM

WoW has had so many bad design issues in the last three Xpacs. I doubt Blizzard will ever backpedle on the plethora of decisions that just didn't work in the end. When I tried WoD my head was spinning how WoW became such a trainwreck.

I always had taken issue with the increasing class homogenization to satisfy blizzard's philosphy of 'take the player not the class'. I remember back in TBC being very disgrunted at abilities such as deep freeze, which I considered not a 'mage-esque' ability at all. Long consistent stuns were uniquely for rogues, and to a lesser extent ret paladins. Inturrupts were unique for warriors and rogues. Other abilities like windfurry (and its totem), where you had crazy inconsistent burst gave a class uniqueness. Unfortunetly, people cried that it was too rng, too unfair when it proc'd and was ultimately retooled and designed. That sort of mentality ruined the game. The death knight was really the beginging of the problem. They simply stole a bunch of random kit from other classes and slapped on the exiciting new mechanic death grip and called it a new class. In WoD homogenization seems to gotten to a new all time high of terrible-- what can only be attributed to ability pruning. a long line of shit design decisions, and the talent trees.

The talent tree system now is terrible. It only served to further homogenize classes. No longer do you have core abilities unique to one spec. You have fucking affliction warlocks running around with shadowfury. You have combat rogues with shadowstep. The list obviously goes on. All it does is further dilute the playstyle of an indiviual spec. What makes it even worse is a lot of the abilities are situational. Now you find yourself swapping tallents between encounters and in the arena starting room. There is no commitment to the talents you choose, and because of that the kit of some classes is too diverse. It's also not fun having to constantly change abilities. At its best it's tedious, at it worst it just further dilutes the unquieness of different specs.  

Blizzard has also gone to great lengths to destroy a sense of comminity in their game. There was a time where what server you were on meant something. You'd have your friends, your enemies, your rivals etc. There would be drama, duelotar kings, and that random ret paladin that would camp lowbies in the barrens. You'd have allies in the other faction-- guilds you had truces with so you could do world bosses and farm tubers in peace. You'd have those other guilds which you were at war at, and anytime you saw that tag it was kill on sight. You had an arena team that you were commited to. You had a guild that you were commited to. You had a reputation to uphold. If you screwed someone over you couldnt just name change and xfer. You had to reroll from scratch. That gave way more weight and importance to a chracter.  There is no sense of that anymore. You can change your server just by joining a group. Instead of going out into a vast world to do shit, you sit in your garrison, alone, dick in hand, farming mine nodes.
For 60 bucks you can just get a character to level 100. Forgo ever even playing the game.

I could keep writing for days, but for the sake of any sence brevity, here's a list of other major problems that come to mind.

- Original Armory should have never, EVER, gone away. The functionality was not only was great, but it also put emphasis on PvP and the arena ladder, instead of being burried in the current website.

- Zero need for commitment. No arena teams, LFR, etc etc.

- No meaningful character progression

- Bland, same-old pvp rewards. Nothing unique, thus zero insentive. Shit, at least the mounts rewarded in TBC were the fastest mounts in the game.

- Ease to play a class. Game has been dumbed down consistantly, especially in WoD.

- Increasing lack of content from xpac to xpac (and patch to patch).

- Shit like 500 differnt raid difficulties, and then 5 man pve content almost meaningless.

-Gear progression paths skip too much content, and repeat too much content.


-Cooldown focused gameplay

-No rewards for 2v2 or 5v5. Whatever you feel about these brackets, it's retarded they don't reward SOMETHING for doing well in them. Make a new title, a different mount... anything. 2s and 5s used to be the lifeblood of pvp.

-The lack of need to group up. Solo queue, solo ashrand, LFrbg etc. Menus menus menus, don't talk to anyone. Making it easier to do something doesn't make it better.

-Piggbacking on that point, increased solo content (like pet battles) do not ultimately make a better MMO.

-Severs should be merged, not this realid cross server grouping crap.

-Overall just garbage incentivisation. I remember actually enjoying things like professions, and that they used to matter.

At the end of the day I can't play this game anymore. It's painful to play. I had the oppertunity to play this game at it's peek. It had no equal-- it was the greatest game I'd ever played. The aboniation that it has become brings me no enjoyment.

#4463783 Expansion Predictions

Posted zzatbrah on 31 July 2015 - 06:54 PM

View PostCelinedijon, on 31 July 2015 - 11:05 AM, said:

People will say that the pvp is shit and wod was much better, just like cata was better in mop, wotlk was better in cata and tbc was better in wotlk. That's all for my predictions.

is there anyone that actually says mop was better than cata?
i think thats where the circlejerk train lets off

mop was the introduction to cd based garabge gameplay where outplaying someones cooldowns and not using any yourself wasnt feasible anymore

#4402248 AT Cata is back

Posted ROKMODE on 19 March 2015 - 08:43 AM

View PostLloix, on 18 March 2015 - 06:55 PM, said:

I am also wondering this. What the hell is happening here? Everyone's getting excited to play Cata? Is WoD this bad?

TL;DR: AT needs Marm back

AT has seemed determined for a while to make the absolute worst decisions when it comes to the wotlk realm. It has always been AT's only constant when it comes to staying alive. While every other x-pac died fairly quickly, wrath has always been there. At the same time, almost nothing has been done to stimulate the server for a while now. Post-merge, wotlk has been kept entirely in the dark with 0 advertising, 0 promotions, almost 0 admin responses to questions. Everything has been declining for a while now, but the only thing done to change that was to add solo queue, which kind of just killed the 3's ladder. Without 3's, a lot more people are deterred from playing since it's just the same 5-10 god tier players playing lock/mage/ele wiz cleaves.

When AT was in its prime with thousands of players online and top players queuing left and right, they should have started adding all the cool stuff to keep people playing like they did later, once the playerbase was on the decline. It's all about taking advantages of opportunities, and wotlk while the best opportunity AT has ever had has given a lot of leeway, the admin team instead has decided to devote time to opening every single fucking xpac known to man, all of which failed, followed an extremely poorly thought out merge with molten, which hasn't helped for shit and has probably lost AT more money because the donor store was never restored. I understand a little since the team is small and probably overworked often.

Something else to consider about why a lot more people are jumping onto the cata train all of a sudden: it probably has and will benefit WAY more from the merge than wrath ever will. Molten players are awful arena players; they embody what the retail playerbase is more like: the few good players followed by the army of retards. During the first few days of the Wotlk molten merge, a lot of scrubs showed up, but they quit in a few days once they got globalled in a shadowfury/bladestorm by players who have no right to be at 1600 mmr. There seem to be way more molten players interested in playing cata, which means more filthy casuals, which means more donors, which means more money, which means more advertising, which means more casuals, which means more queues, which means more decent players.

we'll see where things end up once the staff announces the wotlk tournament+malaco said they are going to be giving a lot of Wotlk love soon

Wotlk has obvious balance issues, but cata sure as hell does as well. The issue isn't balance, no matter how many LSP/warrior holy paladin posts people make on the forums. The lack of diversity stems from a lack of a diverse playerbase, which only creates a cyclical problem. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, IF YOU WANT WORLD PVP, ALL PEOPLE SEEM TO DO NOW IS WORLD PVP ON ISLE OF Q!!! Worldpvp-tournament dot com

#4390674 favourite wow movies?

Posted Wallirik on 21 February 2015 - 01:47 AM

All-time favourite has got to be world of roguecraft.

Then for some reason i just love this one (and the music)

Wow movies used to be the way I found new music, as well as many others I'm sure (checking WCM frequently for new movies, back in the days. Hell, WCM is still my 5th bookmark even though I never go there anymore)

good times

edit: how do i embed youtube videos? thanks breadstick


Posted Bigmoran on 07 February 2015 - 04:33 PM

Dude Panooc, you really need to calm down with the whole "I bet Arena Junkies cares about everything that's on my mind" mentality. Your posting speed is quickly approaching cringe limits. Simmer down.