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#327317 Warlock/D. Priest vs. Warlock/H. Paladin

Posted Andrelen on 28 August 2008 - 08:31 PM

Gainsborough said:

Cliff Notes
How do we beat this team as priest warlock if the warlock has VST?

After hitting that 2186 and going 1 to 2 with a Druid/Hunter, we faced Paladin Warlock as Priest Warlock.  First game we sat on the paladin chasing him around for fears and burns and almost had him oom but not before my priest bit it.  

Next game we focused a bit more on the pet to no avail.  We lost bitterly that match.

Final game, we sat on the pet like mad men with tongues/CC on the paladin and fear to DRs with x2 DPS but the pet wouldn't go down.  If the paladin was in a fear that he couldn't break (bubble and trinket were down) the warlock would either 1) drain my priest while I DPSd the pet or 2) Health funnel his pet.  By the time DRs for the pally was up, he would come around and holy shock the pet and one FoL would screw our strat over.  

A quick armory revealed that the warlock had VST.  Should we have just burned the pally the whole time the best that we could have while CCing the warlock?

Que dodge like pros?

Bro, you ain't going to kill the pet with the paladin having sacrafice on the pet. Esspecially with Shadow aura and VST with it. You could have full dots on the pet with CoE searing pain spam and have your priest smite spam the pet and while the paladin is in a full fear but other then that, It ain't going to die from you alone. I have over 220 mp/5 with my Libram proc and wisdom up so obviously I'm most likely going to outmana your priest. Your best tactic would be just killing me, I mean come on... I HAVE ONE GLADIATOR PIECE ON and like 100 resilence when I played you. But srsly don't queue dodge, your one of my favorite teams to play against.

Though I'm not going to teach you how to kill a paladin in 100 resilence and 9k hp because I don't want to give you an advantage but I'll say you were alot better the first game we played in our matches.

Also were 2300+ now, kay thanks