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#3905780 Divine Insight 5.4

Posted by Lilyi on 29 June 2013 - 07:40 AM

The divine insight change is obviously a significant buff to the talent, but people in this thread and elsewhere are making it out to be a lot bigger deal than it really is.
  • Divine Insight procs don't accelerate the Rapture cooldown, and don't reduce the mana cost of the shield you use the proc on. PW:S is one of the more expensive heals a priest has (better healing per mana than flash heal especially in inner will, but worse than many other priest heals), so it doesn't do a lot for your mana.
  • The Divine Insight shield still costs a global, and for that amount of casting time, PW:S is not leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of a priest's healing spells in terms of healing per second.
  • If you re-shield a target that already has a shield, the shields are not combined; you either replace the weaker/partially consumed shield, or you get a 'more powerful spell is active' error. You can't just stack 500k PW:S's on the enemy team's kill target. This limits the frequency that you can use up divine insight procs on the same target, which can result in wasting partial shields by overwriting them, or getting CC'd while waiting for an old shield to break and having your proc expire while not in control of your character. A skillful player will be able to use the vast majority of their procs without much waste, but it's not a given. Also, if you delay using a proc significantly (due to CC, positioning, or by choice), there may be insufficient time for that shield to fully break before weakened soul falls off the target or you get another proc from the next penance cast. This can dramatically reduce the value of the talent.
  • If multiple targets are taking damage, the value of the talent diminishes significantly; you could just cast a shield on another target instead of re-shielding the same target (as an aside, this is the biggest reason the talent is so weak in PvE). Also, when dealing with spread pressure, it's usually less likely that the previous shields will break as quickly on a given target, which can result in problems using the proc as mentioned above (overwriting partial shields, for example).
On average, this buff results in 3 additional "weakened-soulless" shields every 45 seconds, assuming penance is always cast immediately on cooldown. The biggest benefit in PvP is probably just the fact that you'll be casting instant spells for those 3 additional GCDs, making you a bit more mobile and less vulnerable to interruption. It's also an additional 12 seconds of Body and Soul sprint time on the target of the shields every 45+s.
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#3902942 Shadow Trinkets

Posted by Lilyi on 21 June 2013 - 08:34 AM

Breath of the Hydra from Megaera and Cha-ye's from Dark Animus are both good if you want RPPM proc trinkets. They can proc at the same time, and if you join arena fast and can delay the opener a bit, they're extremely likely to both proc together when you first start to cast, giving you a huge amount of Int (the anti-proc-RNG RPPM system resets itself when you zone, so entering arena ASAP is important).

If you don't like RPPM, heroic Light of the Cosmos from Elegon in MSV is still very good and is above 496 (15% chance to proc, 40s duration in PvP, 45s ICD, takes ~8s to proc usually which means it has ~75% up-time if you cast continuously). The dominance offensive/operation shieldwall trinket is good if you want an on-use trinket. I recommend proc trinkets since their procs are stronger and due to the double duration 50% effect change on PvE trinkets in PvP, they have very high up-time.

The tyrannical trinkets all suck becasue they have a bunch of passive pvp power, which is severely under budget.

Keep in mind that ToT LFR trinkets are just as good as normal/heroic ones in pvp due to the ilvl downscaling. If you don't raid or care about PvE, you can also get Mogu Runes of Fate and coin for the trinket you want in ToT LFR up to 3x per week (in LFR you can re-coin the same boss multple time in the same week by re-running it), which makes them pretty easy to obtain, especially with the anti-bad-luck-streak system for bonus rolls. Obviously if you PvE you probably want to save your coins for normal or heroic boss kills.
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#3902913 shadow priest dmg reduction gone

Posted by Lilyi on 21 June 2013 - 06:25 AM

Latest PTR patch notes: http://us.battle.net..._11_2013#priest

Official Blizzard Quote:

Shadowform' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/10158897/54_PTR_Now_Live-6_11_2013#priest']Shadowform now increases the Priest's armor by 60%, but no longer reduces all damage taken by 15%.

Armor formula for level 86+:

DamageReduction = TargetArmor / (TargetArmor + 4037.5*AttackerLevel - 317117.5)

Armor in full Tyrannical gear and Inner Fire: 27086
Armor in full Tyrannical gear, Inner Fire, and new Shadowform: 43337.6

old shadowform spell and bleed mitigation: 15%

old shadowform physical mitigation: 46.3908%

new shadowform spell and bleed mitigation: 0%

new shadowform physical mitigation: 48.3705%

physical mitigation increase for new shadowform: 3.6929%

TL;DR: In PvP, shadow priests will take ~3.7% less direct physical damage, 15% more bleed damage, and 15% more spell damage with the current version of shadowform on PTR.
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#3835358 They are considering to buff disc

Posted by Lilyi on 15 January 2013 - 09:57 AM

Holy Paladins basically do everything Disc does better and I can't see any number changes fixing that. I think new abilities or minor reworks are needed to make Disc okay.

Also, unless Disc gets an instant heal, the number of interrupts in the game is too high for it to be playable. Even Paladins capable of bombing 100k+ instants are having trouble keeping targets up.

Warriors are especially bad offenders, as well as Rogues with 8(?) second Kidney Shot.

I think you're trying to make too many direct comparisons between paladins and priests. Paladins aren't just better disc priests. You're underestimating the value of absorbs (ability to prepare for future incoming damage) and priests' ability to avoid CC (i.e. phantasm/guise/glyphed death maybe now that some glyphs are baseline/glyphed penance to channel out of LOS or range once the cast starts). Priest CC is also on different diminishing return groups, which makes a big difference for a lot of comps.

The most recent 5.2 changes are big and I could see them making disc completely viable again, depending on what the exact numbers end up being. Keep in mind that:
* Penance will heal for more
* Shields will be cheaper
* Flash heal spam will be more sustainable w/ the new 4pc bonus (-50% flash heal cost during sshell), although you will lose some burst throughput from the old 4pc (penance buff should offset this, depending on numbers)
* More flash heal sustainability allows you to shield more often due to the Strength of Soul passive
* Divine insight might actually be a strong talent without just OOMing you twice as fast

One of my biggest problems with disc's overall design is how weak atonement is in pvp. This means that archangel also isn't very useable; disc does need a healing throughput cooldown, which archangel was supposed to provide. Archangel/Evangelism is pretty well designed, so it's a shame that it gets sidelined in pvp. I'd like to see the -50% self-healing penalty go away (seems like an outdated design; monk eminence healing doesn't do this, for example), and the amount healed ignore the enemy target's resilience (i.e. if you nuke for 1000, resil reduces that to 500 dmg, the atonement heal is still 1000).
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#3835353 5.2 Priest Changes

Posted by Lilyi on 15 January 2013 - 09:40 AM

JK spirit shell undispellable and with mastery your flah heals create like 100k shields?

No. In 5.2: Spirit Shell no longer benefits from Mastery, and now properly includes the benefits of Divine Aegis and critical effect chance.

Spirit shell flash heal will heal for the same as non-spirit shell flash heal, on average. With the current 5.2 changes, SShell will just change the affected heals into absorbs, and will also be a significant mana efficiency cooldown if you use flash heal during it.
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Posted by Lilyi on 08 November 2012 - 07:54 AM

More importantly, you can do this with the exalted tillers Master Plow item on your farm. If you have ~170-200% movespeed you can plow 2 rows of dirt at a time (don't go too fast though - nitro boost 270% makes the plow pulses skip dirt piles).
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