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In Topic: PHD having issues with Jungle/Godcomp/RMD

28 January 2015 - 10:49 AM

Hey thanks all for the replies! Definitely made the right decision to post on this subforum instead of the matchup forum. Is BM really that useful? I tried it but I feel like being unable to abuse trap>asphx>trap is gimping me a little. Is there something I'm missing out on purging here? Survivals have purge too so whats the difference?

Thanks Nogahn for the lengthy reply as well, that is alot of positional tips to screw up RMD's opener. I never thought of that since I'm a hunter reroll. Usually I flare at a pillar and my pally stands in the middle but will still get sapped =/. Will definitely try out your flare positionings. VS feral/hunter though, I tend to stay close to my pally to eat any traps that go out, should i just leave him by himself and kite the feral away, then only try to disengage into a trap (pretty unreliable unless I get more practice on disengaging).